Will Cubs attract a national analyst to replace Brenly?

Will Cubs attract a national analyst to replace Brenly?

There were rumblings about Bob Brenly leaving the Cubs booth for the opportunity to replace Mark Grace in Arizona.  However, it seemed recently that his return to the Cubs booth was imminent.

Did the negotiations break down or did Brenly just feel more comfortable going back out west?

Either way the Cubs have some big shoes to fill. Brenly is considered to rank among the top of analysts in the game. I do have to agree with John and say his constant complaints about certain Cubs players and players of today in general became stale. Overall, he was still an easy listen along with his partner Len Kasper.

I would love to see the Cubs pair a fresh new face with Kasper. Someone who could keep up with him in regards to some of the new school statistical analysis and just a different style in general.

Could a guy like ESPN analyst and former Cub Doug Glanville make sense?

You still have to figure the Cubs may look for the Cubs connection no matter how strong it is. There has been plenty of speculation that Kerry Wood could pop into the broadcast picture in the near future. I could picture Wood breaking into the radio side first to get his feet wet, but I still could see it working on some levels. Wood seems affable enough and pitchers usually make for good analysis.

I talked with a former color analyst and now national studio guy last night regarding the Cubs gig.

He thinks very highly of the job but questions why a national guy like Glanville, Rick Sutcliffe, or Dan Plesac would leave a highly paid national gig that has much less work and travel involved then working for a team, even if it is the Cubs. The industry has changed and the team gigs aren’t as attractive as they once were.

He did however think Plesac and Todd Hollandsworth should be highly considered.

When it comes to Steve Stone or Mark Grace they have to be long shots for sure. Stone made it clear he wants to stay loyal to Jerry Reinsdorf even if he has to continue working with “Hawkey Woo Woo”.

Grace on the other hand would be a great fit if it were not for his recent legal issues. They wouldn’t seem a deal breaker for a guy in the business to have drinking issues (there have been legendary ones) however it seems he may be just too hot to touch right now. ]

It’s too bad; he would make a nice choice.

Overall, I don’t think the Cubs will get this wrong. I will continue to bring more info on the story as things develop.


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  • Team guys leave for national gigs, but if for some unknown reason the Cubs could grab Plesac or Glanville do it. Most likely the available candidates will be someone new, upwardly mobile, or recycled. The Cubs best option may be to bring in the kid for on job training.

  • Most local jobs don't pay anywhere near as much as the Cubs job does. Glanville is not making all that much in his current role. He should be our top choice. Grace isn't anywhere near as good as Glanville

  • Supposedly Sutcliffe is interested in it.,0,1520392.story
    I think many ex-players miss the road life, deep down and it might be easier than one might think to get someone like Glanville. (I still want Murray)

  • I've see Glanville and I like his style. Also being drafted by the Cubs
    should help.

  • Didn't think about the angle of national guys not wanting to come here because of the increased travel.

    I'm sticking with my guy Glanville. He loves Chicago, the mystique of the Cubs and Wrigley, he already lives here...and I just like having a smart guy in the booth. But...there's a lot of good choices and I'm sure the Cubs will get someone good. They'll have to as there are some big shoes to fill. As much as I was critical of Brenly, he was excellent in his role and paired well with Kasper.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    John, I love you and respect your opinion but I don't agree about Glanville. Yes, he was drafted by the Cubs but he really is more of a east coast and Philly guy. That flavor definitely came through in his book. Plus, I have heard his analysis many times and I just don't see that he's anything special. I listen to Bob or Stoney and frequently learn something new or at least look at something old in a different light. I listen to Glanville and usually have to doublecheck to figure out if he really said anything at all.

  • In reply to Boogens:

    Thanks Boogens and no problem, opinions are always going to differ on these things and it means that no matter who they pick, there will be some fans who will be disappointed. I like Glanville's unique perspective but I have to admit most of what I know about him is from stuff he's written. I really don't know if he'll translate to the booth, but if he can, I think he would be an excellent addition. I guess WGN will decide if he can through auditions. No doubt Stone and Brenly know there stuff, though, but neither will be in the Cubs booth next year.

    He also left Philly and willingly moved to Chicago for no other reason than he just likes it here. He may not have been born here, but he's become a Chicago guy...Here's a link to a video on Glanville. as he talks about his days as a Cub and his recent move back to the city.

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    Since when did drinking problems stop a Cubs commentator?

  • In reply to Michael McDaniel:

    This is an excellent point.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Different era....not the "Harry Era" anymore....DUI is a serious matter. Grace could be facing serious prison time this time around. Cubs will not be looking at people who have drinking issues. Especially with all the bars around Wrigley.

    Grace needs to clean up his act before he can move on with his career in broadcasting.

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    I'm sure it will be taken under consideration. I was just joking. I will have to say though that there are times when I think more than a few announcers sound like they've already had a beer or three.

  • I agree that Glanville is an interesting choice for the following reasons: 1) He probably has a fresh perspective of the organization, whcih is most likely a bit more objective based upon his national work; 2) He has an interesting background and is a smart guy, and 3) He is younger and could grow into the job.

    I don't like listening to Grace do games, I think his act would get old real fast with alot of cheesie baseball sayings. Sutcliffe may be better, but not by all that much. Hollandsworth seems to work hard, and is knowledgable. Based upon the CSN pregame work, he seems to be an unabashed homer though and I don't want that either. No idea if Wood would be any good, but also don't mind waiting 5 years to find out.

    I was suspect on Moreland, just not crazy about him joining Pat (who is phenomenal) but he is growing on me. He knows the game, knows the college game, and his southern accent isn't all that bad.

    Just my opinion, remember the product on the field will likely not be pretty next year either so it's an important hire.

  • In reply to JC 2012:

    I also like the fact that he is young and could grow into the job
    with our very young future players.

  • Something's not Kosher in the State of Denmark in regard to Brenly's departure. It might be interesting to know what.

  • The fact Grace is a drunk shouldn't take him out of consideration. The fact he is a terrible announcer should.

  • Maybe Brenly wants a national level job and doesn't want to sign a new team contract until he has a chance to test that market.

  • Grace may be doing some jail time in Arizona before he's eligible for any kind of job.

    Glanville would be my first choice. Karros second. Hollandsworth third.

  • Grace may be doing some jail time before he's eligible for any sort of outside employment.

    My choices: 1. Glanville, 2. Karros, 3. Hollandsworth

  • Grace is a terrible announcer and Plesac is a nice guy but his goofball act is annoying. Out of all the suggestions I think Karros is probably the best broadcaster as well as the best fit with Len Kasper.

    I could see Glanville or Sutcliffe working out as well.

  • Random as it may seem, Karros was one of my favorite players on the '03 Cubs, the first team I really loved (yes, yes, I'm showing my youth, I know). So I'd be ecstatic if he was Len Kasper's new partner.

    I like Glanville, but Hollandsworth is the only thing that makes that ridiculously long CSN Cubs pre-game show worthwhile. So I've got mixed feelings on Holly.

  • I rank Glanville as my first choice, then Plesac and Karros. The rest is just meh for me.

  • I think you would want to hire someone with experience as a color guy, not just a studio talking head, it is a different sort of gig than that. You want someone you want to spend every afternoon or evening at the game with, not someone you're barely paying attention to on some pregame show. If they can get get sutcliffe that would be great, but maybe Grace should get the gig. What if they ranked the candidates by having them sing the 7'th inning stretch? It'd be Grace in a walk away wouldn't it? Wrigley could use a little livening up, a tv personality that actually has one. Put Gracie in the Bleachers with a fishing net and see what happens.

  • I cannot believe ANYBODY would want hollandsworth! Have you EVER heard him? Terrible, constantly wrong, you will NEVER learn a thing from him unless there's something you didn't already know about HIS career.

    If we want the best for cubs fans, mark grant is it. Padres color guy- felzz first mentioned him & i couldn't agree more.

    Harry carray was a fun show in the booth, brought so much flavor to the booth- & we've missed that & we as cubs fans need it. NOT people TRYING to be funny, but characters. Harry didn't TRY to be funny, he was just a character. Grant is the same way. He's just a special, different kind of person. But he also is a smart man.

    I loved kasper/brenly, but the only thing i DIDN'T really love was how they TRIED to be funny sometimes. I always get the sense Len is trying to make the broadcast more humorous- he's absolutely right, but i'd rather have grant taking that pressure off len so len can just react to him. That would add a great layer to kasper's calling. He could keep the pace moving instead of slowing to explain something he hopes bob would laugh at or react to.

    Any thoughts on grant, john?

  • I was very disappointed when the job came open years ago that John Ciambi was not hired. Great announcer, great voice, great analyst, and as far as I know, available. Hiring an ex-jock is mostly tiresome and adds little to my enjoyment of the game. Few pull it off well outside of Uecker. Hope the Cubs get it right this time.

  • Karros would be a solid choice too. I haven't heard enough of some of these guys to give a real opinion but I've heard Karros and Glanville enough to be on board. That being said if Sut is interested I can't see how it's not his.

  • I love reading this stuff, so many names and opinions with merit. Who will make the decision? Is it Ricketts money? It will interesting to see who actually wants the gig.

  • I think it would be a consensus kind of thing between Ricketts, Wally, Crane, and Vorwald, etc but Ricketts gets to make the call.

  • This may be thinking outside the box a little bit, but how about someone like Mark DeRosa? Not looking good for him being picked up by anyone in the off season and he may be looking to stay in baseball in some capacity. As I remember, he always seemed to be well spoken when he was here, and does have Chicago ties, as well as having been well-liked in his time here. Just a thought...

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