Showdown in the Shire! Taller Midgets 5 Smaller midgets 1.

Showdown in the Shire! Taller Midgets 5 Smaller midgets 1.

The Cubs managed to stop laughing and shaking their heads at Dave Sappelt’s ridiculous base running last night long enough to put the smack down on the short bus collection of baseball players known as the Houston Astros 5-1. The Cubs got on the board early tonight when Wellington Castillo singled home Darwin Barney. And Travis Wood would keep the Astros bats silent most of the night. Then Sori does what Sori been doing this year which is flat out work- A home run in the top of the 5th inning. A leaping catch against the left field wall to start a double play in the bottom of the fifth, and an ice the game for good RBI single in the 7th (he was actually safe going for second but the ump was in a food coma and called him out.). He would double again before being lifted for Tony Campana. The win gave the Cubs a 5-5-road trip. Which considering they lost the first four is definitely not too shabby. Let’s go back where we started, here we go round again.




There’s nothing Travis Wood can do in these final starts to prevent labeling his 2012 season inconsistent. But even inconsistent pitchers should be able to keep their foot on the back of a team like the Astros. And Travis Wood did. 7 2/3 innings of 4 hit ball. The only run he allowed was actually scored off of reliever Shawn Camp, who played in the mud for a few hitters before finally ending the inning. Marmol came in and was Marmol-ish for the 9th. I can’t take away Travis’ performance because 71 strikes out of 108 pitches are great. And again, he had a nice difference between his fastball and his breaking pitch, which is essential. But everyone has looked good against this group. So asterisks pretty much outnumbered people tonight at Minute Maid Park.




If anyone deserved to be on Picking-splinters-out-of-their-butt duty it was Dave Sappelt, whose base running boner (If I ever use the term TOOTBLAN, please feel free to tazer me in the sac….) was all the talk of Cub hating sports talk radio today. But Sveum did the right thing, which was calling him out in the press and then run him right back out there. I’m sure a meeting took place in between. And Sappelt responded, going 3-for-3 with a walk to boot. Sappelt looks like he might be a good 4th outfielder and it was nice seeing Sveum use the vinegar and the honey in the proper doses.




My God, do the Astros take their sweet time during these games. Pitching visits to the mound, 7 different pitchers used, stepping out of the batters box, every little move in the book. It’s seizure inducing tedious. It’s almost like going to a birthday party for the kid you never liked and he would make you play all these games and see all these movies because he never has friends over and wants to feel good for a day. The Astros are that kid.  The day off will feel shorter than this game.


During the game, I thought about what Minute Maid Park would look like without the hill. I also thought about how cool it would have been to see Albert Pujols historic game 6 blast in the 2005 NLCS (It was 2005 right?). I thought about almost everything except this game… However, pulling yourself up after being knocked down in the dirt the way the Cubs were in Washington is a good thing. Once again, it will be interesting to see if the Cubs can build off of it coming home, as their record in games after a day off is atrocious. But for now, I’ll take the W’s .


BEAR DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!


Box Score.




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  • As much as I hate the term TOOTBLAN, let's at least recognize the fact that there needs to be more terminology and focus on baserunning in baseball instruction these days. The era of advanced statistics has done nothing to aid this cause, either.

  • In reply to elusivekarp:

    Agreed. Baserunning stats are still in the rudimentary stage. I don't think it's properly valued.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Totally agree. Base running metrics could use a serious uphrase. They will not, however, include 8 letter acronyms or the word nincompoop....

  • I have mixed feelings about seeing the Cub play so well. The
    5th pick will not get them the player they really need.

  • In reply to emartinezjr:

    1st or 5th, whoever the Cubs pick will have talent. It's up to that player and the Cubs player development system to try to take that talent and turn it into a productive Major Leaguer.

  • True, but there is a big difference in the draft pool money.
    Also how much can be spent of your 1st pick.

  • "It’s almost like going to a birthday party for the kid you never liked and he would make you play all these games"

    Hey, at least there is a nice pinata there for the Cubs to beat on.
    After 27 whacks delicious W-shaped candy falls out.

  • With the way Wood & Sappelt looked last night, we got pretty good value from Marshall.

    Campana on the base path last night proves those stats are ridiculously under valued by statisticians. How do you measure stats that force defensive errors? How do you measure stats that force the pitcher to throw balls because he can't focus exclusively on the strike zone? IDK... But one thing is for sure, we need this kid to improve his shortcomings so he makes our 25 man next spring as a 5th OF'r. He'd make a nice weapon off the bench...

    btw Felz, excellent recap. One of the funniest by far. Theriot would be so proud.....

  • fb_avatar

    That's "little people" felzz, little people! :)

  • Another instance of 9 Darby McGills in the Astros lineup.

  • Off subject. Just read where the owners of the Red Sox are shopping the team. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

  • As long as they use the profits from the sale to buy a striker or two for Liverpool than I'm all for it.

    Honestly, after seeing that joker Frank McCourt get 2 BILLION dollars for the Dodgers, when he was neck deep in debt and could have been lowballed, why wouldn't you at least see what you could get if you were John Henry, Hal Steinbrenner, Tom Ricketts even....

  • It is the time of the season to ask us "will this Cub player be around in 2013?"

    Beliveau ....minors
    Cabrera.......yes...could take over for Marmol
    L Castillo.........minors
    Chapman.....will be on Iowa express
    Corpas.........will ask for too much $...No
    Germano......minors season trade
    Rusin............has a real shot for #5 slot
    Mateo........reminds me of the A. Guzman saga
    Parker......minors up in May

    W. Castillo....yes
    Clevenger.....will compete with Recker
    Valbuena.......I doubt it chip chip chip
    Sappelt.........pushing Campana out
    Stewart........yes due to Vitters

    Marmol will be the big name mover this winter.......many low end signings and minor league pick ups for Jed & Theo......Garza will be the big trade name next July.....if Volstad gets it together, and Woods throws well, Cubs could be a 500 team in doubt Soriano is MVP for the Cubs this year.

  • Don't underestimate Dale's man-crush for Mather.... he will likely be back, because the other 29 teams know what he really is.

  • Comparing Grace to Rizzo in the their first year....

    Grace 134 games 296/371/403 7 HR 57 RBI
    Rizzo 69 games 293/346/464 12 HR 34 RBI

    Rizzo still can build on those numbers with a few weeks left......

    There is a good chance that James Russell could lead this team in wins this year......right now Samardzija and Maholm are tied at 9 wins each......

    Ryan Dempster is 6-1 since he was traded to the Rangers......

    Dodgers are 18-20 since the trade dead line....

    Maybe Ryan can get a 3 year deal for about $35 million from his Dodger buddy Ned?...then again, Ned might be gone if L.A. does not get into the playoffs.

    Good chance a division series celebration will happen at Wrigley next week with Dusty on the field.

    If the Braves choke away another season, Fredi Gonzalez will be out.

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    In reply to CubsTalk:

    Yes, it is looking like using Allen Webster to get Dempster would have been a better idea.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    I hope they really regret it. Not only did they have to wind up trading more talent but they took on tons of salary.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to John Arguello:

    You've been really consistent on this point -- and I find myself coming over to your way of thinking.

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    Nice to see the Dodgers fading. Now if somebody could just pass the freaking Cardinals.

  • When do instructional league begin in Arizona ?

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