Nothin shakin on Shakedown Street. Giants 5 Cubs 2

Nothin shakin on Shakedown Street. Giants 5 Cubs 2

Perhaps it was a good night’s sleep. Or a fine Friday dinner at one of Chicago’s fine restaurants. Or maybe the absence of all those weird Iowa football fans had the Giants more at ease. Whatever the reason, the National League West leaders showed up more prepared today, and Justin Germano et al. weren’t up for the challenge. A 4-run first inning was all Timmy Smoke would need. Despite a 2 run David Dejesus homer, the Giants cruised to a 5-2 win. All right, let’s open up and Say "ahh" and get it over with as quick as we can.




The rule against any good pitcher is to get to him early. Get to him before he settles into a groove and starts to dictate the at-bats. Now that shouldn’t apply to Justin Germano because he’s not that good a pitcher. But that’s what happened. When Germano has gotten hit, it’s because his pitches have been a little too hittable. (57 strikes of 93 pitches sort of lends to this.) What made it hurt was that all the action in the 1st was with two outs. Kung Fu Panda- hit, Buster Posey- Hit, A walk to Under Pants, Hector Sanchez and then the X factor, Xavier Nady, with the deathblow double.  Germano seems ticketed for a swing man- spot starter- Iowa-back to bullpen kind of year next year. But if he wants to maximize, he’s got to learn to get some hitters to chase. It was nice and surprising to see Michael Bowden come in and pitch 2 2/3 scoreless innings of relief. It wasn’t surprising at all to see Manny Corpas slog through the last inning.




I suppose we should throw an attaboy to Kim Dejesus’s husband for providing the only offense for the Cubs today. But let’s hype his defense.  Top of the 5th, Buster Posey hits a dying quail down the right field line. Dejesus absolutely busts it, covers maybe 40 feet and slides and gets his glove down just in time to snatch the ball before it hits the chalk.  In the middle of a dead game, in the last month of a dead season, with EVERYONE thinking about next year, this guy plays like it like it’s game 163. Indicative of anything for the future? Probably not. As a baseball fan something completely awesome to witness? You bet your ass.




The game had a very dead feeling. I suppose it’s understandable. What with the kind of blah
weather and a 4-0 lead before you sat down. But coming off 2 wins and kids supposedly providing "energy" from Iowa, I thought we’d see a little more fight in the dog today. I saw Anthony Rizzo’s quotes in the paper that there’s kind of a team goal to not hit 100 losses this year. Granted, it’s demented and sad that avoiding 100 losses is the mark, but it is a goal. And it’s nice to see some players using this September to push themselves. So this one feeling over really early made me want to kick a rock and say "shucks!" . Hopefully that doesn’t continue.


You know it’s not much of a game when Isaac doesn’t even show up. Was kind of rooting for the rain delay there. As a Lincecum fan, I’m glad I didn’t get to see his 15th loss, although he has been pitching like he’s been snatched and replaced by a pod almost all year. (Crazy prediction: Lincecum has a resurgence in his career…. with the Cubs in 2014.) I guess it’s going to rain now. And to make it pour: Matt Cain tomorrow.


One more Saturday night!




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  • attaboy Adam!... I like the Timmy resurgence call in Cubby Blue! I've thought myself only for 2013. (That whole "buy low" thing Theo/Jed love). That play by Kim's hubby also jumped out at me. Made me wanna kiss her for that kind hustle play. Not that I needed an reason.

    On a side note, Rashad Jennings has asked me to explore trading him where he's likely to get some playing time. So if you want to try to salvage your fantasy team before your season is a total loss..... let me know.

  • ha ha.

    Yeah, I was up for showing Mrs. DeJesus my pleasure as well... sadly. Still, only ray of sunshine that game.

    Rashad Jennings is Banta fodder. Yeah, he'll get touches his the 1st game, but they'll be screaming to get their MoJo back and he'll be catching splinters. Besides you should hold on to him. What with mcFadden's mandatory week 3 injury and Matt Forte not finding the endzone with Google maps. But we'll save this trash talk for our league web page.

  • Believe it or not, it took like the fiftieth reference to "Kim DeJesus's husband" for me to actually google image her.

    I'll see you all later.

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