My mind's racing from chasing Pirates. Bucs 3 Cubs 0

My mind's racing from chasing Pirates. Bucs 3 Cubs 0

The Cubs obligated the Pirates in more ways than one last night at Wrigley Field last night. The first instance was waiting out an obscene 3 ½ hour rain delay so that the pirates, still on the fringes of a Wild Card chase, can get the game in. the second was flailing away in novice lumberjack fashion at every pitch en route to a 3-0 defeat to keep the Pirates faint playoff hopes alive. Three runs in the third off of Travis Wood would be all the offense the 200 determined but questionable souls who stuck around would see. There’s not much to this one, so get the dustpan and the broom….




Not one of Travis Wood’s better games although he did register a season high 9 strikeouts. Unfortunately, those strikeouts came at the expense of 116 pitches in 5 and 2/3 innings. That’s just too damn many. 4 hits and 3 runs in those 5.2. Bowden, Corpas and Dolis did yeoman’s work to keep the Pirates at bay.




While Darwin barney’s two hits were nice, they were the only hits the cubs would have. So why talk about the Cubs offense? Instead let’s look toward young Pirate outfielder Starling Marte, who knocked in 2 runs while scoring the third. When we first saw Marte last week he looked Kermit like green-committing several errors in the field, skittish at the plate. Tonight (this morning) he looked like Willie Wilson incarnate. While he and Brett Jackson have different skills, they’re both talented but flawed prospects that were disappointing in the minors before being called up. It will be interesting to see how playing on a playoff contender vs. playing for the Cubs helps or hinders each players development.




Man what an odd game- the lateness, the 200 people in the stands. The odd tweets on Twitter from bored, tired press people who had been gorging on press box food too long. Len Kasper inviting all the fans over to Brenly’s house after the game before singing the stretch. It reeked of oddness. Of course, staying up till one in the morning through a pitching change in a totally meaningless game that only one team appeared to care about will do that. It reminds me of that old set-up on a blind date line “Not pretty, but a hell of a personality.


So yeah, the best part of the game from a Cubs perspective was the rain. But that’s it for the Pirates this season. Feels like we’ve been playing them for a month. Dusty’s troupe is in town. Homer Bailey vs Justin Germano. See you in like 6 hours.



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  • "I'll take the Cubs for 200, Felzz....."

    Also noted: The Pale Hosers didn't have many more fans than that, for a playoff-caliber game yesterday.

  • Still can't believe Detroit is playing as poorly as they are.

  • That is surprising. Leyland usually doesn't let his team's sluff like this. usually e cracks the whip when he feels urgency. Not his best work this year. After this 3 game series with the mighty elephants of East Bay, their schedule gets really easy. But in their malaise, I don't see it.

  • In reply to felzz:

    Wonder how their owner feels with all the money they have invested in their roster.

  • He probably feels like he can't take it with him. Still.

  • Perfect example of a team with a lot of good individual players but doesn't play up to their talent level. Seems a lot has to do with defense. Fewest double plays and most unearned runs (or close to it at least). Those things add up I guess. They keep give other teams extra outs.

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    In reply to John Arguello:

    Their offseason is going to be very interesting. They really can't blow it up and start over and, yet, where do they go from here?

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Gotta believe Leyland stays and they try to tighten the D' somehow.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    The difference in yesterday's TIgers loss to the Pale Hosers was a botched double play. Infield defense has killed them all year long, as many predicted.
    Another example of why not to dump Barney for a bigger bat at 2B.

  • Cubs minor league all star game at Wrigley in 2013 sounds great!

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