Madder Red. Reds 3 Cubs 1.

Despite starting at an actual real starting time, and despite a much better opponent, and despite the fact that it was 20 degrees colder, tonight’s 3-1 loss was very similar to yesterday’s 3-0 finale to the Pirates. One bad inning by the starting pitcher in which all the runs were scored, the Cubs inept ability to generate anything resembling offense, Darwin Barney being the sole offensive highlight, and the crowd in general wanting the game to be over as soon as possible, all the makings of your run of the mill Cubs death march game to 103 losses. Easy peazy, let’s make it Japaneezy.




Part of me is surprised that Justin Germano’s stats look as scary as they do because I think he’s been somewhat OK. But he seems to be out of his element as a starter. Tonight’s game was a perfect example. Through the first five innings Germano had the Reds under control. Then the 6th inning rolls around and 3 straight walks.  Thus his 5 IP, 3H, 3ER, 5W, 3K line looks a lot more mediocre than it really was. Germano doesn’t have the stuff to be a starter. So kudos to him for taking the ball every 5th day but if Germano comes back, he’s a bullpen guy. Corpas came on to make sure the three runs scored, and then he was followed by impressive innings from Cabrera and Chapman.




So, last time Jaye Chapman pitched, he managed to strand a runner on 3rd with 0 outs. It was really nice pitching. So when Germano loads the bases with no outs he brings in…Corpas? It’s why I always laugh when people scream that they want to see the kids so that they “can see what we have.” This was a perfect opportunity to see what we have and we have a journeyman reliever giving up a double to Ryan Hanigan. I guess it shows they’re not looking to “see” anything in September, which is a good thing. But Corpas came in and I knew I’d be leaving the park after the inning.




Kind of sad seeing Darwin barney have 4 of the Cubs 6 hits these past two games. Not in Barney’s case. Good for DB. He hits better we don’t have to kick the old “Does his defense justify his offense” debate which has gotten a lot of miles this year. But Homer Bailey should be hit harder than he was. Same with Correia last night. And this offensiveless offense was something I thought usually happened on the road.


So I suffered my first loss at Wrigley tonight, and I might have caught a cold too. Hopefully it’s not a cold like the Cubs bats. Tomorrow Chris Rusin takes the hill against Mike Leake, who is hittable and who the Cubs have hit before. But as the 100 losses becomes visible from the road, the Cubs appear to be more resigned to it than digging in their heels to prevent it. Till Tomorrow.



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  • The last thing the Cubs need to worry about going into next season is Darwin Barney. Who cares if he doesn't slug when this team has several more important problems?
    Of current Cubs with a minimum of 15 games played, Barney ranks seventh in OPS, ahead of BJ, Mather, and our triple threat at third base in Vittles, Valbuena and Stewie.
    Once we solve those deficiencies, then maybe we can start harping on our gold glove second baseman.

  • I'm with you BB. I'm a Barney fan. My point should have been, or at least was meant to be more about when he's getting 2/3rds of your team's hits, you really have some issues. But I got sidetracked by the constant barney debate that seems to go on.

  • In reply to felzz:

    Totally agree with your post. I was echoing your comments about the constant Barney debate, as if he's one of the Cubs' main problem spots. It doesn't make sense to fret over his OPS when our right fielder and third baseman aren't supplying any power. If we had decent offensive production from our power positions we wouldn't need to worry about Barney not slugging.

  • In reply to felzz:

    Perhaps to cool the debate a bit: from the MLB site:
    " Darwin Barney has gone 51 straight plate appearances, dating back to Sept. 5, without a strikeout. It's the longest current streak in the Majors."

    Perhaps a jinx, but certainly a measure of good at-bats.

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    In reply to felzz:

    Can we agree that he's in a middle ground? He's not a problem in the sense that third base is, but he's also not a Castro or Rizzo level anchor. There's no reason we can't win with him playing second and hitting eighth but, if the opportunity comes up, there are also upgrades out there. Some of them, potentially, in our own system.

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    Giants beat the Rockies, but we're still a half a game ahead of them in the reverse standings.

  • Every time I see Vitters come up to bat, I put bets down for him to strikeout.

  • This was vintage Sveum playing his Lefty/righty match-ups despite what common sense says.... Vitters had no business facing Sean Marshall. The kid looks like Michael Jordan trying to hit a curve-ball and Sveum sends him out there to face one of the best breaking balls in MLB, solely because he hits RH..... The kid was so nervous about the secondary stuff that when he gets a 90mph FB at the knees.... he watches it in awe for a K. Hopefully, Sveum knows what he is doing and I'm the idiot for not understanding it....

    Germano kept them guessing and he frustrated the Reds early on. Then it was like they realized that he wasn't going to throw a 88mph FB (does he even throw that hard?) over the plate, so they just sat back and waited on a change-up/breaking ball to catch part of the plate.... You could literally see the Reds salivating at his pitches the 2nd/3rd time through. I think it scared him a bit too, because all of a sudden, he couldn't get an out. I think you're right, at best Germano is a RP who can get you to the 7th inning when your SP doesn't make it out of the 4th......

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