I'm tired of these #$%&##$?!$%!!! snakes! D-backs 8 Cubs 2

I'm tired of these #$%&##$?!$%!!! snakes! D-backs 8 Cubs 2

With two strikes on him and two outs in the bottom of the ninth, Alfonso Soriano hit a booming 430-foot homerun to centerfield. Sadly it would only pull the Cubs to within six runs. Even sadder, it was the only good thing that happened in a lopsided 8-2 demolishing at the hands of the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Diamondbacks jumped on starter Justin Germano early, a familiar theme during this road trip (month… season….), and never looked back. And the battered, inexperienced Cubs folded up shop early.  Let’s go down to the bottom…




So Justin Germano’s punching bag fill in routine comes to a close, maybe with his worst start. 10 hits leading to 7 earned runs in 4 and one-third innings. Ouch babe. Exit stage left. The good news is he got paid while he was here and he’ll probably move on to another team or a minor league system somewhere else. He is a “good soldier” with a nice curve so I wouldn’t be shocked if he finds a role in a bullpen for a year or two. But it most likely won’t be here. Castillo-Beliveau-Dolis were the mop up trio and they pitched well…. For the fifth to last game of the season when you’re 40 games out.




The Cubs were as toothless at the plate as they’ve ever been tonight. Which is saying something when you consider all the awful series- San Diego, Milwaukee, Washington, etc. etc. And while there were bits and flashes of improvement, do you see any growth as a hitting team from the day Rudy Jaramillo was let go to today? I, for one, do not. Now maybe James Rowson’s job was to hold fort. But I suspect Dave Magadan or someone Dave Magadan-ish is going to be an early hire in the off-season.




Luis Valbuena continues to impress Cubs management with his slightly less than mediocre play. I don’t mean to pick on Luis V, he is what he is. But after stranding the bases loaded twice last night, what was the thinking behind not only moving him to second base, but moving him up in the order as well? I guess hitting second lessened the chances of him getting at bat with the bases loaded. But it wouldn’t have killed anyone to give Cardenas the start. It certainly couldn’t have been worse.


Last road game of the year tomorrow. I smiled writing that last line. Chris Rusin makes his final start of the year against Josh Collmenter. I don’t see anyway they don’t perfect this O’fer the west coast. The tries are bald, the engine is overheated and the radio only gets in Christian rock as the Cubs team struggles to get the last couple of miles. Usually this is when the Cubs pull a win out for no particular reason. But I’m feeling pretty strong about this one. Here’s hoping I’m wrong.


One last Saturday night.


Box score.


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    Too bad these guys won't reach their goal of avoiding 100 losses, but it was an unrealistic goal anyway. When you're missing 80% of your rotation and are forced to run SP's out there like the Cubs are every game, they're lucky to win one in five. (a fact lost on Az. announcers as they discussed at length how bad the Cubs are defensively.)
    The off-season should be more fun than the season we just witnessed.
    I keep hearing Magadan's name he available now or do they have to hire him away from someone?

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    In reply to AdolphoPhillips66:

    Magadan is Boston's hitting coach. Given the amount of speculation, I would assume his contract is either up or he can get out. It seems clear that Theo Epstein likes and respects him quite a bit. Having said that, Rowson has the Castro turnaround on his resume.

  • If the Rockies lose their last 4 games and tie the Cubs for the
    2nd pick what is the tie breaker.

  • The poorer record in 2011 (meaning the Cubs at #2 and the Rockies at #3) if they finish with identical records. Any Cubs' loss or Rockies' win would clinch the second pick.

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    “Sometimes when you have a losing season like this, they blame somebody, but I think he’s the wrong guy to blame. He did the best he can. He talked to the young guys, he talked to the veteran guys. We don’t have anything negative to say. He’s a great manager so far in his first year. He’s smart enough and he knows what he has to do. It’s not his fault. Our record is because we have a young team and not a very good team, but it’s not his fault.” ~ Alfonso Soriano on Dale Sveum

    I don't think Sveum is in any danger of losing his job, but it's an interesting quote, and I'm glad he said it.

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    Mike, he was dealt a crap hand for sure and everyone knows it...He won't be judged on performance till the Cubs get better players and the kids have matured a bit..

  • I agree that Sveum shouldn't be judged until he gets good players. However, I absolutely think he should re-evaluate some of his decisions/philosophies. Specifically, I'd like to see him rely a little less on the all right-handed lineup... especially if the players you are putting out there are inferior to the lefties you are sitting. (Just to be clear--I understand bench players have to play... I'm just saying it shouldn't be as apparently written in stone as Sveum has had it).

    And while Sveum has mostly had very little to use through the season, I hope the trend of overusing specific relievers doesn't continue... especially if they are young. For instance, using Camp the way he did was fine, but I'm a little more weary about how much he used Russell. Maybe I'm just having flashbacks of Dusty...

    Finally, I'd like to see Sveum continue to emphasis strong fundamental play during spring training with a specific focus on baserunning. Some of the decisions this year have been bad, bad, bad. The (temporary) losing I can put up with, but all the bone-headed plays just make me despair.

  • Is it possible that Terry Francona is awaiting a call from Theo next season?......

    Cubs had 100 loss season before......and that is when they had guys named Banks, Santo and Williams on their team.......

    If you think it was bad this season, just think how the Cubs won't have the Astros to beat up on next year........

    I wonder a team like the Rays are kicking themselves after not going after Alfonso Soriano before July deadline?...........

    I wonder if Soriano will be kicking himself if the Giants win the World Series this year?......

    Our pitching goes beyond the phrase "It Sucks"..........

    I sure hope MNF will show plenty of Cowboys cheerleaders close up.

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    Dale Sveum will be here awhile. He's not getting judged on wins and losses this year.

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