I see red. Reds 6 Cubs 5

I see red. Reds 6 Cubs 5

A rare David Dejesus miscue led to the go ahead run in the 10th inning to give the Reds a 6-5 victory. The victory came at the expense of a very nice Cubs comeback, who not only battled starting pitcher Mike Leake, a swirling 30 mph wind, but their own stupidity. Down 5-1 in the 6th Anthony Rizzo would single. Alfonso Soriano would absolutely hammer a pitch so center cut and so juicy, Mike Leake was immediately hired by Gene and Georgetti’s after the inning.  A Castro single and a Luis Valbuena double later and the Cubs were down 5-4. Then Luis Valbuena’s brain would dribble out his ear as he hopelessly stood off of second base while Tony Phillips ran up behind him and tagged him out. The Cubs would eventually tie it up on a bases loaded walk in the 8th. Let’s put the women and Children to bed and go looking for dinner.




I for one kind of admired Chris Rusin’s night tonight, even though it was far from his best. Consider three things. One, he didn’t have any command tonight (Dale would say as much in the post-game.). Two, he caught no breaks- he got BABIP’ed, there was some wonky fielding, and that crazy wind. And 3) He doesn’t have the experience or the stuff to take on a team as talented as the Reds with the wind blowing out. Votto, Bruce, Phillips and co. knew what they could do and not do with Rusin’s pitches and until he loads up on “craft” and “guile”, the expectations have to be very low. So yeah- 5 IP, 10H, 5ER, 2BB, 2K not really that good. But for a kid with little experience, little stuff going against one of the better hitting teams in the NL… That they were in shouting distance of the Reds when he left…I’ll take it.. Rusin is going to be doing the corn shuttle from Iowa to Chicago if he isn’t made into a reliever, so all things considered I think it was a passable performance.




The pen was just awesome tonight, 6 innings of 1 unearned run ball. In fact, they’ve been fairly good this past week. I have no idea how many of the Cabrera, Bowden, Chapman clan are going to be in the pen next year. Somewhere between none of them and all. (I’m sure that helped.) But those that do go to Iowa can come and help in a pinch, and this experience has been really good for them. Here’s a stat that blew my mind today: The Cubs, this year’s God-awful, drive a spork into your knee Cubs that may end up with one of the worst records in CUBS HISTORY, is 12 games over .500 when they get a quality start. That’s insane. I say overpay pitchers on one or two year deals, let these kids get a taste of winning in their mouths, trade the pitchers off for some prospects and this team takes a quantum leap in their rebuild. But that’s me.




Man was that play by Luis Valbuena dumb. Dumb-diggity-dumb-diggity-dumb. And afterward Sveum seemed pissed in his presser, saying Valbuena “fell asleep” and cut his answer short. Doesn’t he just have to sit tomorrow? I mean how do you reward that?


This one had a gut punch feel to it. Maybe I should be glad I still feel something even after a season like this. But this one was right there and would have been a nice win. Especially since tomorrow features maybe the best pitcher in the NL starting for the Reds (Johnny Cueto) and possibly the worst pitcher in the NL starting for us (Jason Berken). I’ve seen crazier things happen. Hey Arguello, don’t hog the Scotch.




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  • I agree, Felzz - "let these kids get a taste of winning in their mouths ... and this team takes a quantum leap in their rebuild."

    Nothing begets winning like winning.

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    In reply to CubsFanInNorway:

    Of course we need to spend some money on pitching. Your are right on the money Felzz !!

    Cubs need to add 1 long term starter and grav 1-2 stop gaps this offseason via trade or free agency. Then do it again the next offseason and again the next. I really doubt these young guys won't be able to contribute 175+ innings for a couple of years and that's assuming a few from the group in AZL/A/High A are here to start 2015

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    Cubs showed some real fight today battling all the way back. This bullpen was really really impressive tonight.

    I don't even mind he didn't succeed, but I just wish Wellington Castillo cut that swing down w the winning run on 3rd w just 1 out. Seemed like he was swinging for a walkoff bomb when a fly ball (wind was howling out, so he wouldn't have needed to kill it) or a well placed ground ball wins the game. Then Brett Jackson goes down looking w the game in the balance. Brenly really gave it to him on the air, so we don't need to stress on it. Although his 50% k rate is getting pretty scary. His BA/OBP/SLUG line is starting to remind me of Rob Deer! LOL

    Although I really do believe w a clean slate next year, we are going to see a much improved Brett Jackson.

  • I'd like to see the Cubs salvage the final game in the series today.

  • I would like to see that happen too. But Cueto vs. Berken....yeesh.

    That Castillo at-bat was maddening. And Brenly was right on it. He didn't need to do that much. What was needed most was contact. And he took these huge power swings. You don't want to compare him to one of the best hitters in the league, but in the same situation Joey Votto willed his ball to the open hole away from the shift. It was a marvelous piece of hitting. Castillo has to take a better approach there.

  • In reply to felzz:

    Man, do the Reds have an ugly lineup today! Yikes.

  • Computer issues today....

    Agree on Rusin. He didn't get hit all that hard. Tough conditions, bad luck, and some sloppy defense didn't help him.

    Also, Bowden is quietly doing a good job since he's been demoted

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    yay I can finally comment! Hey John the last few days I havnt been able to comment on my computer. I log in fine and it says I'm logged in but when I go to comment it says I'm not. Any tech support around here? I need my cubs den fix and wanna get in on these great conversations lately.

    -from my phone.

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    Are you enabling cookies?

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    Can't help with the cookies but I do have some English butter toffee.

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    Just checked my settings and it says I am. wierd

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    I wish I knew. I'll forward that on to Chicago Now.

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    Question: Dale Sveum seemed like he was irratated with the Valbuena being stupid tagged out at second play, but just let it slide. Now this is where I get angry. If that was Starlin Castro the entire situation would be different. Starlin would be threatened with a benching, and his entire mental focus would be called into question. Once again we see that for some reason, people like to pick on Starlin Castro.

  • Yay! Fixed my computer!!

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