Dead bird. Gonna put it on you... Cubs 5 Cards 4

Darwin Barney hit a two strike, two out home run in the bottom of the ninth…. I’ll give you a second, those words aren’t typed every day…if ever…. to tie the Cardinals at 4-4 and Kim Dejesus’ husband would knock in the winner for a 5-4 Cubs win.  It was a great ending for a day that started out poorly. The Cardinals opened up a 2 run lead early on starting pitcher Chris Volstad. Then it started to rain. This was particularly displeasing to the Cardinal fans, who have a strict policy of never standing under any form of running water ever. (I know, I know. I said starting today I wouldn’t take crack shots at the opponent. I didn’t say what time today however…). But the Cubs would battle back. A Darwin Barney RBI single followed by an Alfonso Soriano RBI double would tie it in the third. Alfonso Soriano is one RBI behind Ryan BrauHGHn for the NL lead. Something named Pete Kozma would steal home for the red birds in the 4th and would ad an insurance run in the 8th before Barney’s heroics. I like black and white. You like black and white? Let’s run runaway…




Chris Volstad took the mound and brought the rain with him. It would not surprise me if all the rain in the Chicago area localized right above Volsatd’s head. Volstad started the game with a 37 pitch, 23 minute first inning, sucking the life out of everything. He would throw 116 pitches to get through 5 innings. Fifth straight game Volstad failed to get through 6. Still, after the game, Sveum praised Volstad for battling. 5 IP, 6H, 3ER, 3BB and 0K do qualify under “battling” I suppose.  It was a Socolovich-Bowden-Russel-Camp-Marmol-Cabrera martini to complete the game. And it was a good one as it only allowed one run.




Up and down game for David Dejesus. He seems to have fit perfectly into Fukedome’s fielding shoes, as he’s an exemplary right fielder and a “meh” centerfielder. First play of the game saw a hit to centerfield that Dejesus clearly misplayed. And in general his defense appears to be more tentative in CF. I’m sure it’s a line of sight thing as his eye must be trained to seeing the ball come off the bat from right field. But moving forward, while Dejesus can play center it would behoove Epstoyer if the 4th outfielder can play center as well. On the plus side, 4-for-6 with the game winning RBI rocks. Thank you very much sir.




Walk off wins are just awesome. Anti Cubs people such as EVERYONE on the Score will laugh and point and joke about how “Cub fans think they just won World Series…” But you’re allowed to enjoy them. Because they have to include good bullpen pitching, a high compete level, and key hitting- three things the Cubs can always use more of. It helped that Wellington Castillo, who got the initial hit, Dave Sappelt- who sacrificed him over, and Brett Jackson-who pinch ran and scored the winning run were all involved in the win. If they can get two or three of these in this next week, and get that “So this is what you have to do” idea in their head going forward, that’s gotta be a good thing.

I do love starting the weekend off on a good note. It’s always fun to beat the Cardinals. Especially on days when Chris Carpenter pitches, although for his first game back he looked pretty good and will probably be a very effective (and annoying) factor for them in October. Travis Wood tries to keep it going against Adam Wainright, who throws the killer off speed stuff that should send many Cubs back to the dugout. But we got one. Which gives some optimism for tomorrow. To the start of a great weekend.


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  • I did not hear this myself but a friend said that Mike Shannon had made an early observation that the Cubs "look like they are already beaten". If true, I hope someone offered to buy him an order of Crow.

  • In reply to Hubbs16:

    I'll take an Old Crow please.

  • hey john i heard that bob said when volstad is at his best he is a decent number 5. What do you make of that?

  • In reply to kingpro98:

    I think he has the raw stuff to be a 3 but the rest of his game isn't that good. I'll be very happy if he becomes a 4 or reliable 5 right now.

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    In reply to kingpro98:

    Cubs have a decision to make on Volstad; do they tender him a contract in the $3 mil-ish range, or let him go?

    CON: He isn't real good, and do we want another year of his inconsistency?

    PRO: $3 mil isn't much in today's market, and what else is out there?

    I think we probably bring him back since the risk is pretty low

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    In reply to Zonk:

    The other con is that he takes up a 40-man slot. There are enough marginal prospects we need to protect this year that that is a not-insignificant cost.

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    Barney just continues to show why he must be included when we talk about the future. His improvement defensively is well documented and is deserving of a gold glove (although it will be difficult to supplant Phillips), but his clutch hits and off-the-charts makeup is not easily replaced.
    For me, he is just the kind of winner the team needs and is the perfect compliment for Castro up the middle.
    I just hope all the people who overlook him when discussing the long term plan can see now why the Cubs need to keep him.
    Shannon is nothing more than a grunting drunk... and the reason I hit the mute button when he's on (along with Brennaman).

  • In reply to AdolphoPhillips66:

    I agree completely about Barney. I look for him to enter next season a better hitter. With Castro improving his D, this Cub infield defense can be something special, especially if we can get a 3rd baseman with an above average glove. It'll make our pitchers a lot better.

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    In reply to AdolphoPhillips66:

    Darwin Barney can def be a part of this team long term and I believe he could be a starter on a pennant winning team.

    The problem is for this to happen, he has to be surrounded w a lot of good offensive players or a rotation filled w 3-4 aces !!

    So if Jedstein can go get us some real offensive players and a starter or two, Darwin Barney could be here to stay.

    Personally I think if we had a typical leadoff hitter, ( +speed and high OBP) Barney would be a great #2 hitter. He has a pretty decent eye and is def willing to give himself up for the team!

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    In reply to AdolphoPhillips66:

    Home/road splits:
    Home: .320 / .373 / .464 / .837
    Away: .215 / .255 / .277 / .532

    At Wrigley, he is the best second baseman in the NL, and possibly only behind Cano in all of baseball.

    On the road, not.

    Some of it is dumb luck, but the differentials are really bizarre. It's hard to explain exactly what the problem is, but its a big part of the reason the Cubs stink on the road.

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    1st the Pirates and now the Cardinals.......I love it

    How many times in the 2000's did those two teams beat us in almost must win games for us in late September which were meaningless for them!!

    Glad we could pay them back w some interest.

    How sweet would a sweep be?

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    In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    Right on, Jimbo!

  • I hope SL miss the playoffs by 1 game. Porque mi dios.

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    On of the most entertaining recaps yet. Never get tired of St. Louis fan joke. Has anyone ever been on the red line or walking down Addison when they're in town? Bunch of slobs....

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    In reply to Marcel Jenkins:

    My favorite part of yesterday's game was the dumbfounded look on Holliday's ugly face when Barney's ball went into the bleachers. I'd still like to see Holliday get drilled by one of the Cubs' pitchers for that dirty slide on Castro last year.

  • As to Barney, I live in Ohio and watched the reds series with their announcers. They did a defensive comparison of Barney and Phillips? It was absolutely ridiculous ! They did the comparison without mentioning one actual statistic and decided Phillips should win because he is more creative? Has better range? And has previously won a gold glove? I don't know if I ever heard a more homer analysis, and I grew up listening to Harry Carey. If Barney doesn't win it this year he'll never win one.

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    In reply to ddbennett34:

    I know how Brennaman & Brantley work their games. I have to watch them on MLB Extra Innings and I have to mute the tv before I smash it!
    Brennaman constantly mis-speaks with his ignorance on anything Cubs. I don't think it was a cordial departure from the Cubs booth.
    Barney is 3rd in assists-Phillips 5th, DB 1st in put-outs-BP 6th, DB 1st in games played and fielding %.
    Reputation is what earns gold gloves so DB may have to run his streak into next year to open some eyes.

  • If they hang on to Volstad, they should really consider moving him to the bullpen.

  • In reply to lokeey:

    Yeah, I think we need two SP's, three if we trade Garza, to go with Shark & Wood. Volstad would be best served in a RP role or 6th starter right now.

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