Almora, Candelario have big hits to rally Boise and tie series 1-1

Jeimer Candelario (2 for 4, walk, run scored, 2 RBI) seems to have a knack for that clutch hit and none have been bigger than yesterday's 2-out, 9th inning triple to drive in Gioskar Amaya and Stephen Bruno to give Boise the lead.  After a heart breaking loss yesterday, it was a must-win game for the Hawks as they trailed the best of 3 series 1-0.  It shows the kind of character these kids have to be able to bounce back and rally late in the game when they were on the brink of elimination.

Candelario's game-winner were set up an inning earlier with another 2-out clutch triple.  That one was by Albert Almora (3 for 5, double, triple, 2 runs, 2 RBI), who ended up scoring on a wild pitch to tie the game 4-4.

Boise jumped out to an early lead in the 3rd 2-0 on a 2-run HR by Gioskar Amaya, but like all season (including yesterday's playof opener), they had trouble holding the lead.  Yakima tied it up in the bottom of the inning with 2 runs off starter Tayler Scott.  It was Scott's only trouble spot of the day as he pitched 4 solid innings, striking out 4 and walking just one -- but unfortunately that one walk helped lead to the two runs.

The Hawks regained the lead in the 5th when Trey Martin (3 for 4, 2 runs, 1 RBI) doubled and scored on a single by Stephen Bruno (3 for 5, double, RBI, run), but once again they could not hold the lead.  Yakima came right back in the bottom of the inning to take a 4-3 lead to set up the late inning heroics of Almora and Candelario.

After Calendario's hit, however, the Hawks made sure that Yakima wasn't going to come back this time.  They went on to have a 7-run inning, all with two outs, to win the game 11-5.  Tyler Bremer got the win with 3 innings of solid relief, giving up just one meaningless run in the bottom of the 9th.

It was great to see most of the Cubs big prospects come up big today in such a pressure situation.  It wasn't about doing it with older players, with the exception of Stephen Bruno and winning pitcher Tyler Bremer, all the stars today were 19 or younger. You can't help but think this kind of experience will help them down the road.



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  • John, I like what I hear/see about this Boise team. If the Cubs organization is truly changing everything within the organization and doing things the Cubs way, it starts at these lower levels. They sound like they're a fun bunch to watch and you got to love the heart and desire of this team.

    I heard it was a bit of a sloppy game early on. A couple of errors by Candelario, missed assignments, botched bunt attempts, pick-offs, etc... So they obviously still have a lot of work to do. But maybe, just maybe some of that "red-assness" Felz called for in the MLB dugout exists on this team. I can't wait to see the bulk of these guys in Daytona & TN (play @ Jax) so I can go watch them play.

    P.S. Thanks again for this. After last night's beating in DC, I was really looking forward to this re-cap this morning.

  • In reply to HoosierDaddy:

    No problem! I'll have tomorrow's game up early in the morning. Had a long weekend and I crashed right after the game. It was a bit sloppy earlyon but they're kids...literally. And they pulled it together late. Lots of time to get better too. Candelario's defense is probably never going to be a plus, so his bat will have to be his ticket.

    You'll get to see them two years in a row...lucky you. I'm hoping to get that chance next year, especially if they come to Kane County as expected.

  • Remember, guys like Vitters and Jackson were hitting well in the lower leagues at one time.

    Time will tell.

  • I was glad to see Candy got that big hit. He's had an up & down season, but hitting in the clutch says a lot.

    Any idea where Scott got the pitching know-how in South Africa? I'll bet he rockets up the prospect list with good coaching.

    Off the subject - what happened to Kevin Goldstein? Why is he off of twitter? Is he working for the Astros? If so, there's hope for you, especially if you do a longer form piece on Theo's first year. (hint)

  • It is great to see players in the Cubs' organization getting to the playoffs and winning. Hope these players get used to it happening a lot. If I could have a crazy wish for Boise it would be to see Danny Vbomb hitting the bus again to win the last game.

    Also many thanks to all who contributed to post all the insightful information and opinions on this board. I enjoyed reading it all.

  • john, this is off subject but I was watching the game last night and len and bob were going on about bryce harper and how good he is. But I look at his numbers and they are not impressive, I know he is only 19 but he is just getting to much press for me. I can see mike trout getting the attention he has the numbers. For example Tim Kurkjian says that harper did not have the numbers for the all star game but he still wanted harper in because of the story. I know someone will bring up lahair and I think he did not have an all star year. They talk about his hustle but they don't talk about what kind of numbers he is putting up. I think the media hyped him up so much that now it is no turning back. Don't get me wrong I think he could be good someday but please let him earn his praise first. Sorry I couldn't bring this up some other time but I don't have a twitter account.

  • Who knows, maybe for one part of the organization, this can be "the year".

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