The air show returns. Cubs 5 Rox 3

The Cubs came back to town after going on a 1-6 road trip, took on the very unfortunate Colorado Rockies and immediately outdrew the White Sox-Yankees crowd. They also played a baseball game in which the Cubs held an opponent, came from behind, and nailed down a win. It’s true. Saw it happen. With the Rockies ahead 3-0, Alfonso Soriano, perhaps the Cubs MVP, literally got the offense started with a solo homerun in the 5th inning. It was the Cubs first hit of the game. Wellington Castillo and Brett Jackson, who we’ll talk about later, tied it up with solo home runs themselves. In the 8th, a Luis Valbuena double, a Joe Mather single (It’s true, saw it happen.), and some hilariously entertaining, Mike Quade-esque defense by the Rockies would make it 5-3. And Carlos Marmol, in the unfamiliar position of actually getting a save, would nail it down for the north side 9. Let’s head out on the highway and look for some adventure.




Jeff Samrdzija started out a little too straight, a little inconsistent, and a tad hittable, giving up runs in each of the first three innings. But, like a true front of the line starter, regained his composure and shut the Rockies down, giving up only two hits the remaining four innings. Final line for Shark- 7 IP. 6 h, 3R, 2ER, 2W and 7 K. Samardzija has already talked about next spring training. Which leads me to believe the big shutdown is on the horizon. My guess, and it’s just a guess- the next game Shark wins, is the last game he pitches. Russell, Camp, and Marmol- AKA “the usual” held it down and locked it up for the Cubs.




Two Possible pieces of the future stepped up today.


Wellington Castillo- Beef appears to have taken that “progress” step that we’d like to see in the other kids. The two biggest features that shined today: his power with the bat, and his arm behind the plate.  That throw out of DJ Lemahieu had a “Not today, not ever.” kind of quickness to it. He definitely needs to work on framing pitches and other aspects of his game, but Beef appears to be on his way to something we don’t have to worry about.


Brett Jackson- OK, ridiculously small sample size, but Brett Jackson ties up this eventual victory with a HR. The win before that, against the Reds, Jackson got his first HR. The win before that, against the Astros, Jackson went 2-4 with 2 RBI. Yes, between those wins were a ton of L’s and K’s. And the numbers are, and probably will be, fairly gruesome. But visually, strides have been made between today’s #7 and the one that flailed away in LA. And that “ I get hits, we win games” mentality has to be a positive for Jackson, and everybody else going forward. Straw grasped.




Jim Tracey’s Dodgers went flush, his Pirates got the gong and the hook, and now I present the 2012 Colorado Rockies. While it’s nice to see Lemahieu and Colvin shining under a fresh start, the defense and this new 75 pitch limit on his starters, allowing all kinds of hitting opportunities for opponents, will bring this Rockies team and most likely Jim Tracey’s pro managing career, to a thud-like finish. To those dreaming of the 2nd pick in the draft, the Caldwellian Clan as I like to call them, these Rockies are not going to give it up without a fight.



Yay! A win. The wraps get a little giddier when the Cubs win. But I’m cool with that. As Tom Petty says “if there’s some sunshine baby, I’m gonna get out in it.”  And who knows when the next one comes. Hopefully tomorrow, when Brooks Raley goes up against Alex White.







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  • Thought Colorado's 8th inning defense resembled something I saw too much of last season.

  • Now it looks like Beckett's pulling a "Dempster".

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    Loving. This. Have fun over the barrel, Ned.

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    We have a secret weapon for the #2 pick, though. His last name is Volstad.

  • Big trade might happen....Boston Gonzalez, Beckett, Cawford and lots of money to Dodgers for Looney, and boat load of prospects.

    Desperate teams make foolish trades........L.A. GM Ned Colletti is one of them.....his job is on the line if the Dodgers don;t make the playoffs.

    Good Luck to Mark Grace when he enters the Betty Ford clinic for drunks...Grace, arrested for the second time for DUI in Arizona......he threw away his tv baseball announcing career now with FOX and local Arizona sports network with his second DUI arrest...........lets hope Gracie does not kill someone on the road while drunk..........My name is Mark Grace, and I am an alcoholic.

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    If what you say is true -- In all seriousness, I hope that Grace finds the help he needs on the road to recovery.

  • Didn't Dean Wormer tell Grace that Fat, Drunk, & Stupid is no way to go through life?

  • More gift wins like today and the 3rd pick will be ours. Too
    much is at stake to get the 4th pick instead.

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    In reply to emartinezjr:

    Hopefully -- for multiple reasons -- Shark is shut down. That will help with #2. We're still 2 wins behind the Rockies.

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    I'm happy for all of that our Cubs got the win, but know this. If we lose the number two overall pick in 2013 because this series,I'm going to buy a cat just so I can kick the crap out of it.

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    In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    No trade clauses bite the Cubs even a year after Hendry is fired. So Cubs.

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    C'mon Caldwell....

    We know darn well you're buying that cat regardless of what draft pick the Cubs get.....

  • In reply to felzz:

    I'm wondering when Caldwell will be posting the magic numbers. We will need one for the combination of Cubs losses and Astros wins needed for the Cubs to secure the first overall selection, and then we'll need another magic number for the combination of Cubs losses and Rockies wins needed for the Cubs to select before Colorado....and another for Cubs versus Twins and Indians and Padres and, this could get confusing.

  • I hope the Boston deal is made. I miss the very big trades like
    in the old days. Even though this trade includes too many
    prospects than trades in the old days. I hope this starts a

  • That's too bad about Grace. He was an awful announcer but you don't like to see things like that happen... He was a good Cub who didn't live up to the expectations of some. Anyway, I hope he finds the help he needs.

    I'm still trying to make heads or tails of this mega trade. I guess the Dodgers are willing to take on the flotsam of Beckett and the deteriorating Carl Crawford for a stud like Gonzalez. But man that's a lot of money to just take on. And Boston gets....mediocre Alan Webster? And this Wubby De la Rosa. Did his name even come up during the Dempster talks? It's almost like they invented him. I don't know. A fresh start for Boston....? Like I said, I'm still trying to make sense of it all....hopefully Arguello can shed some light into who this nubby, or Wubby, or whoever he is... But I know the Dodgers prospects aren't all that great to begin with.

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    In reply to felzz:

    Rubby De la Rosa is a legit pitcher w a HUGE upside. He showed flashes last year. He def passes the "eye" test in regards to his + fastball and secondary pitches. He is just coming off TJ surgery and has just returned from AAA. He would be a good bullpen arm for a competitor down the stretch and a possible as he builds his arm strength up in the off season, a competent starter for 2013.

    Redsox are being very smart by realizing they have to cut ties w a stud in AGONE in order to rid themselves of couple of Theo's few mistakes of CC and Beckett. I like the move for them. There farm system is decent and with all that money, they can retool this offseason.

    Dodgers on the other hand are nuts! I think w Billingsly getting hurt tonight, this trade will def go through. For some reason the Dodgers are hell bent on winning the WS this year. What a great ownership group for the fans!! Not sure it's the smartest thing as a business by taking on 250 million for 3 players, but who cares, it's not my money!!

    Jacoby Ellsbury is rumored to be on waivers on well, but I believe to get him you will prob have to take Jon Lester and his contract. I think both of them would really look good in Cubbie blue. If Theo can find a way to bring either of them over here, I will be convinced like a whole lot of others that they are trying to field a better team next year.

    Jacoby Ellsbury is obviously the real value here, and I believe 2013 is his last year, and either Boston doesn't want to sign him long term, or because Scott Boras is his agent, they don't want to pay what he will be asking for.

    Either way, the Cubs have plenty of money and if Ellsbury can show he can even be 85% of his 2011 season, we should extend him and have our leadoff hitter for a long time. He's been groomed the "theo way" since he came to the club, so what's better to teach the "theo" way then to bring a player in his prime to teach the others. Or if he doesn't want to do that, he can take all the whitesox games, and show video of the Greek God of Walks at bats before and after games to them. I prefer getting a player in here to lead by example then the video esp white sox video, but that's just me !!

  • Thanks for the post Jim,

    Yeah the Dodgers are really in drunken frat boy mode. I know they have lots of money to spend with the new ownership, but is this how you want to spend it? Maybe they thought Agone was better than any FA next year ( Certainly Hamilton in LA would raise some flags.) But Crawford and CC definitely trend downward...

    Phil Rogers was thinking about Jon Lester and Jacoby Elsbury too. It's interesting but I don't see them working out a trade. And Lucchino ( who might be every bit responsible for those awful contracts as Theo was) isn't going to help Theo out. But with the Cubs having payroll flexibility and either one of Lester or Elsbury being tradeable assets at next year's deadline, I suppose....

  • In reply to felzz:

    Nice post, felzz. I can see Beckett with better numbers in LA, not so much for Gonzalez and Crawford, and Punto is nothing special. Plus, LA picks up 258 million in salary. Ouch! Still don't see them making the post-season this year.

  • First, Amen with Felzz on Grace, and to him getting the help he needs to turn it over.

    Second, LA needs Punto as backup infielder since Hairston went down for the season, and their other IF guys are more AAAA-level.
    I wonder what kind of clubhouse chemistry the Dodgers will have now. So many LA fans hate how laid back Don Mattingly seems to be, but that may be the best kind of chef for this mess of scrambled eggs in LA.
    I still bet they lose out the the Giants......

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    In reply to StillMissKennyHubbs:

    Add Adrian to that lineup, and Beckett instead of Fat Joe. ( assuming Bills isn't hurt too bad) along w Ted Lilly coming back soon.

    I take my chances w Kemp/Victorino/Ethier/Hanley/Agone/Ellis brothers over Buster/Pablo/Pagan/Pence/Pill?/Crawford?

    Yes, Giants rotation is better, but not that much better.

    I also like the Dodgers pen a little better

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    In reply to felzz:

    I just want them to do something. I know they wont sign Hamilton to take some pressure off Rizzo and Castro, so why not trade for some help,

    I just have a hard time thinking you can do the whole team prospects in this market. Too many reporters/media w no patience.

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