Say hello to Friar Duck! Padres 2 Cubs 0

The new generation Cubs took the field at Jurassic Petco Park. And it had all the easiness of watching Bambi trying to ice skate. A fourth inning hiccup by the starting pitcher was all the Padres got, but it was all they needed as they cruised to a 2-0 win. Years from now, when (hopefully) Rizzo, Vitters, Castro, Castillo and Jackson are all awesome major league caliber veterans, we can look back at these games and laugh. But for now, we watch, we shrug, we do some shots of something brown and we carry on. To the Lab to dissect:


Travis Wood, now the second longest tenured starting pitcher on the Cubs staff, backed up his latest so-so outing with an OK one. 6 innings 5 hits, 2 earned runs, 3 walks, 3 K’s. By definition a quality start. The fourth inning is what did him in. The first three innings were scoreless and Travis had thrown more balls than strikes. In the fourth he threw 12 strikes and two balls, and gave up four straight hits and the two runs. All four hits were off his cutter. So I guess we know which pitch gets attention in the side session. Corpas and Marmol were fine in relief. Yay I guess.


Brett Jackson led off today and showed why it took so long for him to make it to the majors this season. Jackson got the golden sombrero. 0 for 4. All strikeouts. I think he went to 0-2 counts on all of them too (I’m sure of the first three…). But this is just a starting point. Dale wants to be Lord Sidious and take over young Jackson’s training here. So fine. On the plus side, I do like the way Jackson moves back on the ball in center field. He covers a lot of ground.


The Cubs offense has just been a total Gong show lately. I understand Vitters and Jackson “getting their feet wet” and all, but that leaves 7 other spots. And outside Wellington Castillo, nobody else seemed to have a clue. It’ll be interesting to see how long the Castro at the 5 hole lasts. Me? I hope it ends tomorrow.

So this new look Cubs thing did not get out of the gate quickly. And this might be a harbinger of things to come. But it was nice seeing not having to wait five or six at bats to see a player you really want to see. And I’m willing to watch these first steps much more than the old retreaded paths of old players now traded. Brooks Raley starts tomorrow and hopefully he pulls a John Karonka, who went 8 innings of 2 hit ball in his debut. Of course, it would be even better if he then didn’t turn into another John Karonka.

Till tomorrow.


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    One of the most boring games.. I give a lot of respect to Adrian Gonzalez and what he did in that park.. The place is enormous..

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    I really hope Josh Vitters gets a hit soon.

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    I also really hope that Starlin Castro gets out of this slump soon, its been going on for about a month too long.

  • I'm hoping a four strikeout day does for Jackson what last year did for Rizzo - convince him he needs to tweak what people have been telling him to tweak for awhile but he's resisted because of minor league success. Don't know if it will though, dude's been striking out for awhile. Maybe they can show him video of Mark Reynolds' ab's as a sort of Blood on the Highway Driver's Ed scare tactic.

    Good game by Wood. Hitting the corners most innings instead of center cutting the bastards. Nice to see only a 2 run game with Beef Wellington behind the plate too. Ever since BB melvined him on national television about not knowing how to frame pitches, I've had a bad feeling about his catcher's ERA.

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    One game closer to the #2 overall pick in 2013. :)

  • Felzz I'm enjoying your game recaps quite a bit. It's not easy to make a game like last night's fun to read about, but you did it. Well done.

  • Thank you Baseballet. That's very nice of you. It is tough when the team plays like this, but I always believed Cubs fans were a different and better breed because they had a sense of humor about it all while still believing. Granted, that's a stones throw from the "lovable loser" tag which I loathe. But Cub fans were always more fun to be around than say Red Sox fans and still are if you ask me. And with the long term goals being very long term, I try and enjoy whatever short term jewels are possible.

    That was a longer answer than I originally planned. The short answer is thank you. Much appreciated.

  • In reply to felzz:

    Nice job on the recap, I'm sorry you had to watch the game. LOL

  • Thanks Manny.

    Same time tonight. Might have to play the Ron Burgandy reference. Get it out of the way. We all know it's coming...,

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