RUH-ROH RORGE!!!! Cubs 7 Astro 1

The Houston Astros came to town to kick off three very winnable and quite possibly very un-watch able games tonight. Luckily, the Cubs insisted on playing some good ball. The Purple Evolutionist kicked things off with a two run homer in the 3rd. Ol graybeard Alfonso Soriano also launched a 2 run homer. Mix in some encouraging rookie play, a pitcher that wasn’t having any of it, and just a toothless opponent, and it adds up to a 7-1 Cubs victory. Breakdown, go ahead and give it to me…


Jeff Samardzija was Thor-like in the way he laid the hammer down on the Astros. Now granted, this is basically a glorified version of the Round Rock Express playing in Astros uniforms. But you play who you play. And it doesn’t hide the fact that when Sammy’s slider is on, he’s down right filthy. 7 innings, 1 run on 4 hits and 11 K’s. Yeah baby. The only slight negative, if you can even call it that, is some Zambrano-esque tendencies. The breaking of the bat over the knee, trying to hit a ball into the Budweiser building, and an occasional fastball that looked like he was trying to win the big bear on the Boardwalk. Unlike Z, however, Samardzija has a functioning brain and control of his emotions. Fellow bad hair Jeff Russell and Jeff Beliveau finished up, even though Svuem did have the “For sale” sign on Carlos Marmol and was going to bring him in before the Cubs blew it open in the 8th. Whatever. Speaking of Svuem….


Svuem seems to be sending some messages without actually saying them. First is the lineup, where Vitters was batting second (more on him later…) and Jackson 7th. I think Vitters will probably be used in several spots in the line-up these remaining 7 weeks. Jackson as well. And will “spot” him in situations where he can do little things to contribute. Sacrificing, seeing more fastballs, etc. The second was the aggressive nature of Castro stealing 3rd. might be a reach but that looked like a send. Just finding extra ways to constantly have Castro’s head in the game. It worked right? While some of Svuem’s decisions leave me a little puzzled. I see a guy who doesn’t see every game as Gettysburg. That’s good.


Vitters deserves some praise here. Yes, yes 0-4 is not exactly player of the game material. But a sacrifice, a run scored, an RBI, three hard hit balls and two good defensive plays. Supposedly Vitters is out there taking grounders way before and sometimes even after games. Hopefully he can build off of this game. Even if it’s infuriatingly in three or four games when he gets another start. Remember.

So winner winner chicken Dinner for the Cubs. I know Cubs Den Reader Caldwell will be having a midnight candle light Vigil for that #1 pick which is growing wings and flying to Houston as I type. There’s really nothing you can do about it. That team is a deep shade of awful. So getting right and putting some wins together should be the order of the day Tuesday and Wednesday. It’s a good way to end a Monday. Onwards.


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    Why did I know you were going to say something like that about me?

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    What is it with Cubs managers and Starlin Castro? Is he a bad person off the field or something? This is the second manager to publicly call Castro out about his abilities. The entire team is awful, yet Castro is the only person who ever gets criticized.

  • In reply to Demarrer:

    Well you have to admit Demarrer, ZCastro's development is crucial to the Cubs rebuild. Granted Maggoo (Quade) was rather poor about calling him out. But Svuem has been more measured. And he's done some great work with Castro in terms of his defense. His footwork has made marked improvement.

    I think Dale's been pretty good when it comes to Castro. I even commented after that game Friday that a benching might be in order. But he Svuem didn't do that. He talked to him. He spoke about it to the press. And he put him back in. And is driving home the same message: Great players are always playing the game the right way....

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    Lol I sure want that first overall pick to..

  • Love your recaps felzz. I still crack up everytime I think of Garza, Smardizja then Gethardja. As far as the number 1 pick it sure would be nice but I will gladly take number 2 or 3 vs the mess Houston has put themselves in. I believe we are at least 3 major building blocks up on Houston.

  • In reply to Holycow!78:

    Thanks Holycow.

    Yeah, "Garza Samardzija, then Gethithardzija" was a good one. Unfortunately, it lasted like 3 days... Now I'm not sure what we have....

  • In reply to felzz:


  • In reply to Holycow!78:


    Dempster did... again.
    So far, not so good.

  • not bad....

  • In reply to felzz:

    ck spelling on sveum, sir. e before u except after 2.

  • In reply to wastrel:

    Thank you. Noted and will do. Put all my effort into Spelling Samardzija and not Samardjiza that Dale Sveum fell through the cracks.

    Will absolutely happen again. But I'll try.

  • Kudos, felzz, for including both a Jetsons and a Wilco reference in the same game recap.

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    Not to mention a Pretenders reference, also.

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    Felzz, Havnt been able to comment much due to Facebook issues but these recaps have been great. And I like how you pointed out that Josh Vitters actually had a good game despite the o-4. Development is about more than just stats.

    And since we're talking about hilarious Felzz moments...."reports out of Wrigley confirming that at least 40% of the Cardinals fans showered last night" takes the cake.

    Hitharddija is up there are well LOL

  • In reply to Marcel Jenkins:

    CFIN, Boogens, and Marcel,

    Kind words. Thanks for all of them. Going old school Pretenders was definitely a punch in the arm and smile moment. I always wonder how big that band would have got had Farndon and Honeyman Scott not died. That first album was just ace.
    And you can't go wrong with Old school Wilco either. Jay Bennett obviously got under everyone's skin in that band. And he's nowhere near as good a guitarist as Nels Cline. But Wilco was alot more enjoyable a band when he was in it.

    But thanks again. Trying to keep the wraps interesting and entertaining. Even if the games themselves sometimes aren't.

  • I'm afraid the Cubs are going win 5 or 6 out of 6 from Houston
    and end up with the 5-6 pick.

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    In reply to emartinezjr:

    Worse than that -- we could conceivably win all 8 of the remaining games. At which point, well, drafting 7 or 8 would not be impossible. Hopefully Appel is still there whenever they draft, because they really need a high ceiling pitcher who is close to ready.

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    Here's hoping the Cubs get as far away from the 1st pick in next year's draft as possible.

  • And why?

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