Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon. Cubs 7 Astros 2

So what do you do when your favorite baseball team passes out face first n their food the way the Cubs did last night? Well, you just mosey on down to Clark and Addison and give that team your money is what. Well, that’s what I did at least. Not the Cubs, but I bought a ticket off the street for $10 and had myself a time. Day baseball, like live music, is just proof that life is good, and when you get a chance to see it, you should. And behind “Boom Boom” Dejesus’s 2 home runs, the Cubs put a thumpin on the Houston pitching duo of Bud and Dickey. (Bud and Dickey in the morning on K-Hick, Houston’s classic rock!!!!!) Toss in some kids figuring some stuff out and a pitcher quickly outgrowing his minor league transaction status, and the final result is a 7-2 Cubs victory. I got the brains, you got the looks, let’s make lots of money….


There’s been some talk, probably due to the lack of anything else, about whether Justin Germano might make a good back-of-the-rotation starter for next year. Well so far, why wouldn’t he? What impresses you right off the bat about Germano is just how low maintenance he is. Sound in his delivery, Comfortable with his stuff, never tries to out do it, doesn’t really rattle, and has an idea of what he wants to do. Classic no-frills pitching. Which is what you want from a no. 5. You know who pitched the 7th, followed by you know who in the 8th. And for some reason you know who came in to close even though the game was out of reach. The last you know who cleared waivers today, which is interesting.


Haven’t done kid updates in awhile. Mostly because they haven’t done much. But today, there were lots to like.

Brett Jackson- Everybody exhale. That’s how Brett has managed to become a top prospect despite striking out a lot. A smoking triple and a nice double. And some nice wheels to boot. His first step defensively is kind of river dance, but he closes really well.

Josh Vitters- When’s the last time you said “sweet swing” to right-handed hitter? This kid’s got a sweet one. Pitch recognition is definitely on the to do list. But he did smoke a ball that knocked Bud Norris out of the game (unfortunately.) Both he and Jackson got caught looking and they’re not going to like what they see on video tomorrow. But still…progress.

Rizzo- Who was the tool that kept posting on Cubs Den and referred to Rizzo as “the Bust from San Diego”? Oh…. What impressed me was his defense. Footwork. Economy of effort. Hands. All ace. Really is the captain of that infield. Of course, it’s an infield of all rookies.


Must seem like a broken record with the praise for David Dejesus. But how can you not? 4-for-4 and 2 home runs. To make that kind of statement after last night’s game was awesome. And everyone followed suit. I know I appreciated it. Betting important people who run the Cubs did too.

So nice to wash that gray right out of my brain from last night and start to see the good again. Off day tomorrow, then it’s on to Cincy where we can all be grateful we don’t have to listen to the Brennamans.


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  • I don't think it's a bad idea to keep a couple of veterans on the team as the Cubs rebuild and DeJesus would be one of them I'd hold on to. He's not flashy, but he does seem to be a model of the types of ABs the front office is keen on and could be a model for young players to watch and learn from. He's also generally a good defender and smart base-runner. I'm with those who think he's worth more to the Cubs than anything they might get for him in a trade.

  • In reply to Pura Vida:

    Agree totally unless the Cubs are wowed with an offer from a desperate team like the Giants I don't see it. If the Cubs move Soriano and LaHair who are we left with next year in the outfield. He is a perfect fit for the next year or two until Sczur or someone else is pushing him for playing time.

  • In reply to Pura Vida:

    Agreed....DeJesus has more value long term as a mentor and short term as a defender in RF and steady LH bat, than he would have as trade bait. I'd love for the Cubs to have a David DeJesus and a Reed Johnson as their 4th and 5th OF'ers when their starting OF is composed of the likes of Soler, Almora, and Jackson (yes I know Johnson may be past his usefulness by that time....hopefully DeJesus won't be....but my point is that the Cubs would do well to have that quality of depth on their bench).

  • the cubs are now 12-1 when im at the games but i thought bett jackson couldve gone for the inside park home run not the triple. Dejesus looked awfully good today with two shots and castro showed us his power but he has to get ready sooner before the ball is hit on defense.
    Rizzo looked like he wasnt even swinging very hard but the ball went far and on his last at bat he smashed the ball but the pitcher some how caught it

  • flezz i got a ticket one row up from the cubs dugout for 40 and the face value was 90

  • Nice score.

    I was looking for the lowest possible deal I could find. I couldn't help these were all ticket "brokers" when I was really just looking for a guy who wanted to unload his ticket. It was first row of the upper deck reserved. A really nice seat. But it made me a target of all the desperate beer vendors.

  • Hey Felzz, doesn't the keyboard flow when we see good things to write about?
    I followed David Dejesus in his early seasons with the Royals, and he is a pro. (I felt this before yesterday's game, too.) He has the same good eye, steady swing, and "game presence" as he did then. A good guy to keep around for many reasons.
    And thanks for the Kinks reference in the headline:" the the summertime...."

  • You're absolutely right SMKH,

    I had to edit this one like crazy. The voyage is simply more un when you know you're headed in the right direction.

    Dejesus always knd of struck me as a Johnny Damon type. Of course, the KC- Oakland path helped. And Dejesus' arm is better. But early in his KC days I thought he was going to be something really worthwhile. Hopefully he still will be.

    Yeah, the Kinks are just awesome. I actually was gonna go Cream or O'Brother Where art thou ( Keep on the sunny side of life.) But as I was waiting at the Southport station I started humming that Kinks song and was like "Duh!!!!!!! Of course you're using that song....."

  • Can't go wrong with that repertoire. Keep in mind the end song in "Life of Brian" too....

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