I almost forgot fellow babies....Boo-ger!!!! Reds 5 Cubs 4

I almost forgot fellow babies....Boo-ger!!!! Reds 5 Cubs 4

Apologies for not posting a second game wrap last night. But social duties called and by the time I was ready to say something, both John and Tom had posted and carried the conversation in another direction. Will try to fold some thoughts from last night into today’s wrap.

The Cubs showed a lot of fight today. They battled the Reds and came back from tow deficits- 1-0 and 4-1 to tie the game at 4. The Cubs even showed some fight to win the game when Brett Jackson doubled off of Alroldis Chapman, who Dusty Baker pitches everyday whether there’s a save situation or not. Ahh Dusty. However Jackson’s aggressive base running proved costly when he attempted to steal 3rd and was thrown out easily. Shawn Camp came in and threw two pitches. Xavier Paul tripled the first into right field. The next one was deep enough to center by Ryan Hannigan to score him. And before you can say “Huh?” and “What?” the Reds were celebrating a 5-4 win. That’s another 3 out of 4 loss series to the Reds. But for some reason, I’m seeing some good things. Let’s sleep now in the fire…


So Chris Volstad tried to end his 23 game starts–without-a-win streak today and instead extended it to 24. If you follow a lot of Cub fans on Twitter, as I do, all patience has been lost. But if you didn’t mind Jeff Samardzija’s outing, which he gave up 4 runs in 5 innings, which I did. And you were actually slightly encouraged by Brooks Raley’s performance, as I was, then how much can we kill Volstad for allowing 4 runs in 6 innings. Once again, Volstad was done in by “One bad inning”-the 4th. Volstad allowed 4 hits and 3 runs. I still want to see a better “attack plan” I see what Raley is trying to do- keep the ball down, sparingly use the fastball to keep the batter’s off balance. Change location. Volstad just appears to throw whatever the catcher calls. But for an underperforming pitcher against this Reds lineup…you take it. But the bar is at “Quality start’ next week against the Rox.


Seems like forever since we’ve seen young Cub relievers in a meaningful situation. But there was Jeff Beliveau facing Jay Bruce and Todd Frazier with a runner on and the game tied in the 8th. The result was a sweet strikeout of Bruce and a harmless fly out by Frazier. More please.


Dale Sveum has pushed a lot of buttons and tried different things of late. Valbuena hitting 1st, then 3rd, playing 2nd and 3rd. Castro cleaning up, etc. He’s also set the base running meter back to aggressive. And while some of it has backfired- Soriano and Jackson were both thrown out- it’s a great move to keep this team involved and to keep the effort level, which has been there all season, running high.

Well I think I’ve seen enough of the Reds for a while. That’s a really nice lineup and Jocketty has done a great job making that pitching staff Dusty proof. And Dusty really hasn’t over used anyone. (Although if Cueto is pitching his 110th pitch while the Reds are leading game 1 6-1 I will not be surprised.). The Cubs now face a team more stuck in the swamp in the Milwaukee Brewers. Patrick Mooney tweeted that Chris Rusin is being considered for a start Tuesday. I’m all for it. How these kids play, and more importantly, how these kids are COACHED, these last 6 weeks will still make this a very interesting watch.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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  • So I feel like Volstad has gone from terrible to more lately simply being not very good. Can we call this progress...? I guess there's no reason to anoint him as having anything special whatsoever at this point, but perhaps it's not too late to make him serviceable.

  • In reply to mosconml:

    It's not even that bad.... he'd be out of that bad inning, but for two cluckers that the shift actually worked against... sometimes hitters just hit good pitches and three of those hits were either crapshoot luck... hits off the end of the bat... a soft grounder shot past the shifted infield and the low pitch that the pitcher got a hold of. I don't think he ever lost his composer out there

  • I don't know what to make of Volstad. All I know is he hasn't been a good starting pitcher. I would say relief but there's really not a role there for him either. And since there isn't someone in the minors really deserving of a call up, the best thing might be to trot him out there 5 more times, see if they can get him a win, and address him in the offseason. Best to think short term on him before even addressing long term possibilities.

  • fb_avatar

    I didn't see Sveum's post game presser, but I wonder if Sveum called for Jackson to try and steal.

  • Yeah, the game was on WGN so I didn't catch the post game presser either. But either he gave the green light or he gave the team a message to be more aggressive because you can see it on the field. My guess is Sveum called for it because if he was mad about Jackson attempting to steal 3rd a beat reporter would have tweeted out a quote about it.

  • Some Barney luv in the paper of record:

  • In reply to h vaughn:

    Nice! Barney's starting to get some national recognition, picking up momentum for the Gold Glove.

  • That was a cool article. It wasn't that long ago that many baseball "experts" were laughing at Cub fans for liking Darwin Barney as a future player for the Cubs. Thanks for sharing...

  • Sweet article vaughn... thanks for sharing!

  • Jocketty's biggest challenge is building a roster deep enough to keep it Dusty-proof!!

    STL made a huge mistake letting LaRussa shove Jocketty out the door. (Course it's possible Jocketty simply had had enough). John/Tom ... thoughts?

    Cincy has been on the rise since he hooked up with them.

  • Hey Felzz, Thanks for the recap. I missed the game as I was skidding through the same deluge that postponed the Daytona Cubs' game.
    BTW, in that picture, you bear a close resemblance to the handsome and witty Dr. Johnny Fever. Quite a coincidence, with the Cubs in Cincinnati.......

  • Very Clever SMKH....

    In retrospect I probably shouldn't have gone with a Dr. Johnny Fever picture and a Dr. Johnny Fever headline. But I have to remind myself that the first episode of WXRP is over 30 years ago. So I figured the picture might help sell the headline. Cincinatti is a tough one for references. Afghan Wigs are from Cincy, but they weren't that popular. So when KRP hit my mind I just ran with it.

    I doubt I'm going Laverne and Shirley this week for Milwaukee, but we'll see....

  • In reply to felzz:

    Laverne and Shirley......Is it true that when the Cubs are in Milwaukee, Len and Bob morph into Lenny and Squiggy?

  • In reply to felzz:

    Used to love "WKRP". Haven't even seen a rerun in a long time.

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