Ho!!! Johnny Cueto!!! Reds 5 Cubs 3

Ho!!! Johnny Cueto!!! Reds 5 Cubs 3

The Cubs sent their de-facto “ace out against the Reds and their true ace this afternoon in the first of two games against the Central division leading Red legs. But Samardzija made one more mistake than Johnny Cueto and Todd Frazier, who the Cubs are turning into Mickey Mantle, made them pay, and the Cubs wound up losing 5-3. The Cubs simply weren’t going to beat Johnny Cueto today. He was amazing. The two pieces of good news were Alfonso Soriano getting his 1000th RBI, and Castro and the Cubs agreeing to a 7 year, 60 million dollar deal. After that…well, let’s get ugly.


Sammy pitched pretty well. But he was done in by the home run. Part of it is the bandbox design of Great American Ballpark. Part of that is the great Reds Lineup. And part of that is the dork in section 411, Row O, seat 25. (Hi Caldwell…). The Frazier homerun was actually a good pitch inside. But Frazier adjusted and got it into one of the many jet streams in that park. All four runs were homers and Shark did strikeout 5 in his 5 innings. Sammy has now pitched 144 innings. That’s a career high. Probably 3 or 4 more starts. Beliveau, Corpas, and Cabrera gave up one run in relief.


Game ended on a sour note for the Cubs. With runners on 1st and 2nd, Wellington Castillo hit a gork to left. But instead of just tearing ass, Castillo looked at the ball and wound up with only a single, leaving the tying run on first as opposed to scoring position. Granted, it was Chapman vs. Mather and the game probably would have had the same outcome. But a catcher on 2nd base causes the battery to change their signs; you only need a single, the pressure’s different for Chapman, there was room for more chaos. Travis Wood pinch ran for Castillo, in part I hope so that Dale could correct that gaffe right there and right then.


So this was a real slap in the face game for Josh Vitters. 0-4 with 2 K’s. Now it’s Cy young candidate #1 and maybe Cy Young candidate #2 but this was the first game where I thought #5 looked overmatched. I’m kinda cool with this. This might be the locking the kid in the playground with the school bully lesson that he needs. Yes they told him this in Iowa but he still managed to succeed without improving his eye. Maybe this kind of lesson is what he needs to Go down to Iowa next year and improve his pitch selection. This is a development tactic. Although, maybe a switch to 6th or 7th in the order?

So that happened. They weren’t beating Cueto today. He was outstanding. The only way he doesn’t win Cy Young is if Dusty forces Chapman into the equation, which of course is exactly what he’s doing. Tonight’s game is Raley and Redmond. No, that’s not a country and Western act. That’s the pitching match up. There might not be a wrap for that game as I’m off to see the Fire with bro. I’ll DVR the game and if there’s a story you might find it tomorrow morning. But most likely game 2 thoughts get folded tomorrow’s game wrap. Enjoy the night.

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  • I don't get to watch many games, but I managed to this afternoon/evening (together with a fine pale ale from an English microbrewery). It is nice to read that you think this was the first game Vitters looked overmatched, because he really DID look overmatched. Glad to know that his game today has not been the norm. I wondered why Sveum let Vitters play Game 1 against Cueto instead of Game 2 against Redmond, and I came to the same conclusion as you, Felzz - teaching moment (or moments, in this case). If I recall correctly, Sveum said that he might do some unconventional things simply to aid development and see how the youngsters respond to new situations. Playing Vitters against Cueto was probably one of them.

    Enjoy the football (soccer) match!

  • 7 years $60 mil for Castro?

  • In reply to Hubbs16:

    That is correct. I fully expect the Cubs to win at least 1 World Series with Castro at short between 2013 and 2016.

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    I applauded the decision to play Vitters against Cueto. I didn't think Sveum had it in him but today showed me our manager is 1000% on board with this rebuild. Last year no way does Vitters get in this game. Once again Kudos to Dale for sticking the kid in there and letting him take his lumps. Josh WILL remember this game and will be a better player for it. He'll learn that if he takes all those pitches he swung at he either gets a walk every time or the pitcher throws him something actually in the zone. Shark was more solid than the box score shows.

    Is it just me or is everyone else falling in love with Welington Castillo? aside from the mistake on his hit he has impressed me with his smooth, confident "I know I can play" demeanor. He can hit and is getting better defensively. Hes our catcher for the next few years...

  • Maybe this is obvious to everyone else, but I'm guessing Vitters and Jackson are at Iowa next year until midseason (same path that Rizzo took). Hopefully with somewhat the same results.

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    In reply to JayPea:


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    Why is it okay for Vitters to start against Cueto, but not against Redmond. Seems to me, it should've been the other way around.

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    In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    half development and half the kid needing a wake up call that he needs to change his approach a bit

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    I feel bad for Cardenas.....kid is such a good looking hitter but as long as Barney is a cub I don't think he'll ever get a chance

  • I trust what they're doing with Vitters & Jackson. What I don't understand is why is Mather still getting a start? I understand Sori needs a breather here and there.... but we have other options besides Mather, options that may be a part of this team next year and subsequent years.... Even if they only hit .213, they may learn from that... Mather has proven after 4 MLB seasons that he is always a going to be a .213 hitter. Thats what I don't get.

  • My apologies but I cannot read anything felzz writes.
    Attempts at humor are lost on me.
    Not at all entertaining and I've gotten to the point that as soon as I see his byline I exit the site.
    Great Site when John A does the writing - I'm not interested in reading anything Felzz has to write.
    Thanks anyways

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    In reply to Neeque:

    To each his own, but you will never find a better Cubs blog than this one, and as for your specific complaint, if I couldn't laugh about thiamin team, I'd cry.

    Felzzy, keep on keeping on. Don't change a thing.

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    In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    Not even "The Cubhouse?" ;-)

  • Booooo. "Felzzy" makes these recaps fun. Keep up the great work --that goes for all the great writers and contributors to this fine site!

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    Everybody beat me to it. Love these recaps felzz especially in a time where the games arent too entertaining themselves. I actually look forward to the recaps now. Only request I have is to link the box scores. That what I don't even have to touch the Tribune site lol

  • Thanks for defending my honor guys. But not necessary. I Wouldn't be doing my job well if I didn't piss someone off.

    Neeque, no worries. I'm sorry you don't like what I'm layin down. FYI, I almost alway post 45 minutes to one hour after the Cub game has ended. So that would be a great time to stay away. John and Tom still write 80-90% of the Blog so I would encourage you to keep reading. I know John A, a writer you like, would appreciate it too.

    Naturally a line up with Valbuena leading off and Joe Mather and Castro cleaning up goes bananas for 9 runs... Quick recap in the morning before Sunday's game.

    Oh and Marcel... I'm constantly learning new tricks on this Type pad. Once I figure out how to link box scores, I will.

  • I don't claim to get all the allusions, but I appreciate the effort and the energy Felz puts in.. Besides it is great to get a view of day to day goings on. It is a difficult job when a team is struggling: look what it's done to P Sullivan.

  • Neeque, I mostly agree with you, though not to the point where I can't read the summaries. But they do remind me too much of Rosenbottom in Tribune sports. Give me mostly facts (like John and Tom) and leave the humor to the comics page.

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