Cubs roster shuffle: Hinshaw, Rusin in; Beliveau, Cardenas out. Garza done.

Cubs roster shuffle: Hinshaw, Rusin in; Beliveau, Cardenas out. Garza done.
Chris Rusin

Just a quick update here...

As many of you know, 26 year old LHP Chris Rusin will make his MLB debut tonight when he makes the start vs. the Brewers.  Expect a finesse lefty with a good change, a fringe average fastball (for a lefty), and for his success to depend very much on where he locates.  Specifically that should be lower in the zone.  When he's on, he'll keep hitters off balance and the ball in the park, profiling as a 5th starter.

As we mentioned 2 days ago, the Cubs also picked up a different sort of lefty, RP Alex Hinshaw who throws a low 90s fastball than has reached the mid 90s,  a good slider, and excellent strikeout rates.  Hinshaw's issue has been throwing strikes, but he has swing and miss stuff.

To make room the Cubs have optioned LHP Jeff Beliveau and 2B Adrian Cardenas to Iowa.  Despite a 3.18 ERA, Beliveau hasn't been that sharp, walking 7 batters in 11.1 innings and giving up a couple of long HRs yesterday.  Cardenas has struggled to find playing time with the big league team.

The Cubs officially stuck a fork in Matt Garza's 2012 season by placing him on the 60 day disabled list.  The move was needed to make room for Chris Rusin, who was not on the 40 man roster.

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  • Never before seen a guy who does the "inverted W" with his wrists instead of his elbows...funky.

  • OT - John I'm sure you'll write a piece about Starlin's contract when it gets finished. I'm wondering if you can peg what he would have made through 4 years of arbitration (assuming his production stays at current level or better). I'm thinking it would have been 6 ish, 8ish, and then 12 ish for the last two years. But I've now forgotten how they determine Arb values.

  • In reply to Cubswin4harry:

    I will. I've got a few things planned and trying to get to them all, but a piece on Castro's contract, when it becomes official is definitely on the docket.

    As for Arb values, too unpredictable, probably best just to go with average increases for all of baseball to get a general idea.

  • Since Garza never did pitch again this year and he has 1 year
    left on his contract what kind of trade value does his have?
    If his trade value will not give the Cubs the prospects they want
    how much would a new long term contract be for?

  • In reply to emartinezjr:

    Trade value would be at an all-time low. Could pitch in winter ball, but I doubt they'll do that. Best hope for those who want to trade him is if he comes back strong in the spring.

  • What can we get for Garza?......

    If Garza refuses a Cubs i year offer and goes free agency...a draft pick in 2014 draft.

    If Garza pitches well and gets traded in July, one or two prospects ready to step in to help the Cubs for years to come. Look for Braves, Rangers, Yankees, Angels, Dodgers as the usual trade teams going after Garza.

    Garza would want a contract somewhere around $16-18 million for 5 or 6 years. Not in the Cubs budget. Garza has to show he is healthy in 2013 to get that big payday during free agency.

    2013 is a write off year.......2014 Cubs could make some noise if Soler is around....2015 Cubs should be in playoff mode.

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    Spring training trade would be possible if he shows he's healthy. Alternative is to get the pick, but that's a low return for someone of Garza's value.

  • I don't blame Theo/Jed for trying to get the best trade for Garza,
    but I will always remember the big "what-if" trade

  • In reply to emartinezjr:

    Given the history of how the prospects traded for a top SP have turned out, it's very likely the Cubs wouldn't have anyone who would have been as good as Garza is now.

  • I am about to say sometime that wont be very popular. I have always thought that trading for Garza was a mistake. It didnt make sense to me then and now, but they could have made a 3 way trade. That worked for all parties. If I remember correctly the rangers offdered up Holland and others. They also offered the Cubs Chris Davis and O'Day for the Catcher. If the Cubs offered up Lee and others and got back Holland and a at least 3 more good prospects from Texas.

    My thought was the Cubs got Holland, Chris Davis, O'day and Neil Ramirez.

    Rays got Hak Ju Lee, Chrinco (sp), McNutt, and 2 prospect from the rangers.

    The ranger got Garza and a PTBNL from the rays.

    There is a win win win trade for all parties. And Hendry could have easily done it.

  • In reply to WickitCub:

    That deal was Hendry making one last ditch effort to win. Agreed it was ill-advised given the state of the team. Would have liked to have Holland right now...and Archer too.

  • Don't mean to disrespect Garza but his reputation continues. Head case. Now, an "injury" no one's ever heard of. Maybe there are reasons the Cubs are his 3rd team. It might be time to sell. Low or not.

  • C'mon now, Ray. Garza's never had a significant injury before this year and he rarely misses a start. Now he gets injured once and now you want to question his character because of that?

    I"ve heard of the injury. A Twins pitcher had it earlier and I think there was one other pitcher this year. At any rate, it doesn't matter whether it's a commonly known injury, the Cubs doctors are the ones who diagnosed it and it's legit.

  • Hate to see Beliveau go, despite those homers the other day. Hopefully he makes the club out of spring training next year.

    Also feel bad for Cardenas. You can just tell when Sveum doesn't like a player. Cardenas, Vitters, LaHair. Away goes the playing time. Too bad too. Cardenas hit well enough in Iowa to deserve more playing time than he got this stint.

  • In reply to Carne Harris:

    Yeah, I was wondering about Cardenas too. He's 24, batted .300+ with a full season in AAA. Why not more looks?... I realize he may have underwhelmed, but he's young and has a chance to be part of the long term solution here.... But Sveum continued to play Mather & Baker, etc...(sometimes at 2B). even when they weren't producing.

    Then again, you gotta tip your hat to Barney for stepping up and not losing his job to the rookie.

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