Cubs pick up LHP Alex Hinshaw off of waivers

Cubs pick up LHP Alex Hinshaw off of waivers

In a minor move today, the Cubs picked up LHRP Alex Hinshaw as they continue to look for quality arms.  Hinshaw has a 91-93 mph fastball and a good slider which he has used to strike out over 11 batters per 9 IP (10.38 career).  The reason the 29 year old was available, however, is a career walk rate that approaches 7 (6.84).

Arodys Vizcaino was moved to the 60 day DL in a move that was a mere formality to open a roster spot.  Players on the 60 day DL don't count against the 40 man roster and Vizcaino has already been out longer than that.  He's not expected to be ready until spring training of next season.

No word on when Hinshaw will join the Cubs.

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    So the Cubs picked up another bullpen arm that walks a ton of people? At least he will have no problems fitting in.

  • In reply to Demarrer:

    LOL! Good point :)

  • John -

    Different subject - do you think there's any chance we bring up the Rohan next month, seeing that Vitters is up?

  • In reply to SFToby:

    I'd be very surprised. Rohan is Rule 5 eligible so I think if the Cubs don't put him on the 40 man roster, he'll get a shot somewhere.

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    I wouldn't mind him going right into the bullpen. Sometimes a change of scenery works and some different coaching works for these guys.

    Justin Germano has been 10x better then I expected. I am even considering picking him up this week for 2 starts in fantasy! Faces Mark Rodgers in Milwaukee and the Rockies Chachin at Wrigley !

    If Vitters is struggling like this come September, I think they have no choice but to bring Rohan up and see what he's got!

    John, Is Bowden going to be coming up anytime soon? I could have swore he pitched for the Redsox last year? It's not like the overworked bullpen couldn't use some fresh arms.

  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    He's already up and he's been pitching well. Pitched today in fact, 1.1 scoreless innings.

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    In reply to John Arguello:

    Nice. I haven't watched a Cubs game since I believe Friday.

    Wow, it's been a long time (years) since I haven't seen at least a couple of innings of 3 straight Cubs games.

    Lets hope we can win the next two series. IMO, very possible

    Monday Germano vs Rogers
    Tues ????? vs Estrada
    Wed Wood vs Gallardo

    Friday Samardija vs Pomeranz
    Sat Volstad vs Alex White ( Calling for Volstad to show some intensity and w some run support, get his first W !)
    Sund Germano vs Chacin ( Rockies get there defacto Ace back from DL,)

    We will get to see how this 4 man 75 pitch count rotation works in person!

    For that Game 2 start in Milwaukee, are we going to see Coleman? I am not sure whose on the 40 man and eligible to make that start, but I really wouldn't mind seeing Horacio Ramirez get a shot but I would really like Chris Rusin get his shot or even a little Searle/Jay Jackson combo.

    I dunno, silly or not, I just want to see some new or at least different guys get a chance.

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