Cubs fire 6 scouts

Cubs fire 6 scouts
Richie Zisk

According to Bruce Miles, the Cubs have fired 6 scouts today.  Two from the amateur ranks and 4 pro scouts.

There are as follows:

Southeast Crosschecker: Charlie Aliano

Midwest Area Scout: Rick Schroeder.

Pro scouts: Richie Zisk, Joe Housey, Tom Shafer, Tom Bourque

What's especially interesting here is that the Cubs last two first round picks, Javier Baez and Albert Almora, have both been from Florida.  Dan Vogelbach, last year's 2nd pick was also from there and Duane Underwood was from the southeast region (Georgia).  One thing to note is that Tim Wilken is from Florida and does much of the scouting there.

The pro scouting staff, however, is where we'll see the most changes as 4 pro scouts were dismissed from new Pro Scouting Director Joe Boehringer's staff, the most recognizable name is Richie Zisk, who played with the White Sox in 1977 and hit 30 HRs.

Was told that many of these scouts were very old school and in some cases, not very proficient at using a computer.

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  • Sully adds, "The Cubs are in the process of hiring a new farm director, with three candidates under consideration, including player decelopment coordinator Alex Suarez and field coordinator Brandon Hyde.",0,2590514.story

  • In reply to CubsML:

    Thanks. Looks like they're hiring from within, so someone in the fold is doing something right!

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    In reply to John Arguello:

    Do you know if Suarez and Hyde were brought in by Theo or are they holdovers?
    I respect the way Theo's re-tooling this whole thing. Didn't come in to clean house, instead using time to complete hands-on evaluation of all personnel. He'll have this whole org. built his way be 2013.

  • In reply to AdolphoPhillips66:

    Hyde just came from the Marlins this year and Suarez has been with the Cubs the whole time, I believe.

  • I hope they hire from within until they need a new perspective.

  • In reply to emartinezjr:

    Looks like it might be a mixture of both.

  • I just hope I get a 2nd interview.

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    In reply to lokeey:

    Have you spent a FULL year in AAA yet? ;)

  • In reply to lokeey:


  • I like what they are doing bending the scouting talent that was already there and bring in new talent. The Player development part is what I would like to see them do a pretty big overhaul on.

  • Strange.... they haven't called me yet and I already have a short list of Jacksonville & North FL prospects they need to look at.

  • Off topic - the Padres have placed Edinson Volquez on revocable waivers. I know they don't likely intend to move him, but if I were the Cubs, I'd claim him. They have very little money committed to next year's team and he's an arb eligible guy with no long term commitment. If they were to get him and it doesn't work out, he can simply be non tendered. If he rediscovers some magic, he's another asset from nowhere. Thoughts?

  • In reply to Eddie:

    His home/road splits scare me.

  • In reply to Eddie:

    Umm, didn't SD just trade for this guy? Wasn't he recently the Reds opening day starter? Doesn't he throw a mid 90's fastball, along with a plus change, and breaking pitches too? He seems to be injury plagued, and inconsistent, but he's gotta be better than rolling out another AAA "finese" pitcher.

    There's some interesting/intriguing options available right now. Arizona placed Joe Saunders on waivers too. Milwaukee released Wolf.

    Oakland is likely to be active since Colon got suspended.

  • In reply to Eddie:

    I like that idea better than the Randy Wolf idea. Gamble on a good arm, he's had a couple of years now to heal. Why not? Still throws 93-94, is on the right side of 30. I'd do it.

  • Dust off your resume, John.

  • In reply to Carne Harris:

    haha! pay me to watch baseball? Sign me up!

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Dream gig, for sure.

  • I read this with a sigh. It's kind of sad, and I hope there's a place for "baseball men" in baseball still.
    I would hate to lose people who can recognize a pro prospect when they see one, even if as a scout they might struggle with a computer. It's a gift to be able to judge talent, but lots of people can work a spreadsheet.
    That said, I think that Player Development, not scouting per se, is where the Cubs have fallen badly in the past. Looking for much improvement there, with the "Cubs' Way".
    Best wishes to the guys who did their best, beating the bushes for the Cubs.

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    In reply to StillMissKennyHubbs:

    I'm almost 44 years old, and with the exception of the Dallas Green era, scouting, pro and amateur, and player development have been a disaster. This has little to do with computers. These guys weren't getting it done under the old regime either.

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    Well, I have a generation of dyed-in-the-wool blue on you, and I think there's a difference between scouting and player development. The Cubs have signed lots of promising guys who were left rudderless in their professional development, and they paid for it. Hope those days are over.
    I still believe the point that baseball and the Cubs will need people with "baseball eyes" on the field. And that this isn't just a cold, calculating numbers game.

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    In reply to StillMissKennyHubbs:

    I agree with you in part. Had the Cubs put in place a plan to successfully develop the players they were scouting and drafting, more would've turned out, but this franchise has typically been cheap in regards to both, and it has set them up for failure time and again.

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    John, as a live long Cubs fan I am glad to see some of these scouts get fired. Our farm system is awful and most of the players have little to no chance to help the big league team. It has been amazing to me how the Cubs can sign all these players and almost all of them suck. These scouts needed to be replaced and the entire farm system improved. Almost every other team has better talent and there is a reason for this. Every prospect we have right now has serious question marks behind them. Some of our most highly rated guys I have serious concerns about and I don't think we have a single can't miss prospect without injury player in the minor leagues. I have some hope for some of these guys, but that is about it. Other teams get player after player who has more potential and plays better than Cubs prospects. Honestly can you name one player who your are sure will be a good, not great, just good player in our farm system in the big leagues. I am sure I could find some serious concerns about that player. Good scouting has something to do with this. The Cubs have made error after error with their number one draft picks over the years. I know its not a perfect science, but Jackson and Vitters are pathetic. Simpson is a joke. Colvin was terrible and deserved to be traded after last years performance. I have no confidence in Wilkens ability after taking Simpson where he did when almost every other expert thought it was a mistake and they were right especially picking him where they did. The Cubs have to do something about this incompetence. It still burns me up when we traded Lou Brock for Ernie Broglio. I don't care who loses there job, I just wnat to see us competitive. I am 75 and don't know how much longer I will be around. I want a team to cheer for not a bunch of prospects who can't even hit above the Mendosa Line. Give some reason for hope please. I want to believe, but it is hard watching all these guys perform. Our pitching is disgusting right now. I think a few of these guys might be a good fifth starter type and that is about it. Marmol is another joke. He is hard to hit sometimes, but his control drives me crazy. We must find someone more consistent than him. We don't have much left to trade besides Garza and since he has been hurt nobody will take him unless we give him away. Our catching is questionable and we don't have one single catching prospect in our whole system who looks any better than a possible back up. We need to get a big league catcher in a trade or free agency in my opinion. What do you think? Can you see the light?

  • Still smoldering over Lou Brock !?....yet the Cubs DID sign Brock, it wasn't the scouting that failed. It was the after-signing talent development that failed, again and again......
    I wonder if this mini-purge had more to do with getting their kind of guys in, than getting rid of the "old guard". As John points out, they did make good signings from Florida and the Southeast, where many of the fired scouts were covering.
    We shall see about that aspect when the Cubs announce who is succeeding them.
    In the meantime, I remember Richie Zisk as a damned good player. That photo of him shows the marks of a full baseball career.
    I still can have compassion for those who were let go. And hope that they are succeeded by people with more baseball talent than mere spreadsheet skills.

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