Game Recap: Fri July 27th. Cards 9 Cubs 6

Somewhere on a rooftop John Arguello sits with a scotch in one hand, a cigar in the other, and a cat-eating-canary sized grin on his face because he knows he doesn't have to write a wrap after a game like this. Yeesh. Well, let's pull the band aid off this sucker and get it over with.

Summary: The cardinals and 20,000 of their creepy, red clad fans invaded Wrigley field today and pretty much resumed where they left off last week. The Cubs battled back a couple of times but when you decide to get into a slug fest with a team that has better sluggers, you usually wind up the one getting slugged. And the Cubs did 9-6. Let's forgo the usual mound and at the plate itinerary and hit on other thoughts that went through my sun drenched mind...

-Rotting Wood?

Someone wake up George Clinton because Travis Wood is in a deep funk. 8 runs given up in 5 innings, including an inane 5 home runs. Dale Svuem would credit the Cardinals more than he would blame Travis but I sure as heck didn't see a lot of life on those pitches. Wood is 1-3 with an ERA cose to 9 in his last 4 games. Ouch babe. there's still a lot to like about T Wood going forward but as we pull the camera back on his entire season. the word promising is quickly turning into spotty.

-Won't Somebody please thin of the Children!!!!!

Cubs games these days are pretty much being divided into watching meaningful Cub players ( the 4 or 5 that could conceivably be on the 2014-15 pennant winner) and meaningless Cubs ( the 20 or so that won't be here come next winter or the winter after that...) So let's briefly hit on 3 meaningful Cubs: Anthony Rizzo's first home run was just sweet. Quick pitch recognition even quicker through the zone, turning on a Lance Lynn fastball and depositing it in the last row of the overpriced bleachers. Rizz doubled up by going opposite field to drive in a run in his next at bat. Starlin Castro went 3 for 4 including a triple. But the triple kind of made you scream. twice between 2nd and 3rd he looked at the ball instead of just putting his head down and heading to third. Yeah he got there and no harm done. But someone of his elite talent really should be met with a laser like focus. The standard for this kid should be Jeter. And Jeter would have never looked at the ball. Jeff Beliveau threw a perfect inning, striking out two. His control is such a relief after seeing Scott Maine. And he has stuff. Good things ahead we hope.

- I don't want a Holliday in the sun.

Matt Holliday launched a 674 foot home run off of Travis Wood i the 1st and I thought to myself "Hope that's not an omen of things to come" knowing full well that it was. Despite coming to bat only 5 times today, Holliday managed 12 hits with 17 RBI. It's disgusting how locked in he is against the Cubs.

-Anyone now the way to San Jose or 2B?

Anthony Rizzo was picked off. Luis Valbuena was thrownout trying to steal by about......47 feet. We already mentioned Castro's less than enthusiastic baserunning. Something Dale might want to touch on next meeting.

Well, good test for Shark to try and play "future stopper" tomorrow. If you see Arguello wandering around Wrigleyville get his butt back to Oak Park. Jae Hoon ha is injured. Matt Czurzererzerzzerr is called up to Double A trade rumors, someone interested in Soriano. oh and greater cicago is infested with Cardinal fans....

Back tomorrow.

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  • Can't wait for camp to start mid-Feb. What new players in camp

  • Nice job the recaps Felzz. I like the focus on the 3 or 4 players that will still be here in a few years. Thanks.

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    No knock on John/Tom but these recaps are simply hilarious and felzz should continue to do them. Very valid points in there and I actually laughed out loud at the Matt Szczur part. You were pretty close lol

  • In reply to Marcel Jenkins:

    That's why we got him here. Cracks us up too!

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    I started both Lynn and Wood in the CD2 FBL today. WTF WAS I THINKING?

  • Thank you very much. The good news is that I am scheduled to do the game recaps for the near future. John has asked me to sort of make it my own thing. So that's the plan. I'm gonna try and have some fun with it. Course it will help if the Cubs play better ball.

    And I'll just leave Matt Screzereurerzr to John.

  • In reply to felzz:

    I think that's what the faithful need especially with how bad some of these game are, have been, and will be. Thanks again.

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    The Angels have just traded for Zack Greinke.

  • Jean Segura and two AA pitchers included. Get it? AA pitchers included.......Because......You know.....AA batteries...........they're like....never included.

    Man Arguello really needs to get back home.

    Well this will end all the pie in the sky talk of the White Sox getting him. And maybe more teams have to consider offering fir value for Demp.

  • In reply to felzz:

    Agreed. The Cubs will only trade Dempster for fair value.

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    In reply to felzz:

    For the Sox to think they even had a chance at Grienke with the prospects in that system is insane, they'd have to give up multiple parts from the ML squad for a 2 month rental, I want some of what they were smoking.

  • In reply to Marcel Jenkins:

    " I want some of what they were smoking."

    That's probably the centerpiece of the deal....

  • In reply to felzz:

    Greinke and Garza are similar. Both have reputations as head cases, Greinke has slightly better career numbers but Garza is under contract through 2013 while Greinke can become a free agent after this offseason.

  • In reply to felzz:

    Great deal for the Brewers on a two month rental. Segura and Pena are a couple of high ceiling prospects...but high risk too. Could be stars or not make it out of AAA

  • fb_avatar

    The Brewers got a good haul for Grienke. Segura, Hellweg and Pena are among their best prosects according to BA, BP and MiLB.

  • Have to believe the Cubs can do better for Garza because of the extra season of control.

  • Latest Dempster rumor. To the Dodgers for Lindblom.

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    I can believe the Dodgers are offering a 25yo middle reliever for Dempster. What I refuse to believe is that the Cubs' FO would ever even remotely consider settling for that crappy offer. Jim Hendry would've, but not Theo and Jed.

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    I agree. I believe there's alot going on behind the scenes that only the Cubs' FO and whatever teams might be interested in Cub players know about.

  • i loved this by the way where is john?

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    Dempster for Lindblom is awful. He has closer potential, but that we would take that over a starting prospect seems ridiculous. I am beginning to hate the Dodgers.

  • Crasnick who originally reported the Dempster - Lindblom deal has gotten info from a 2nd source saying that those terms were unfounded and completely bogus rumor..

  • That's a darn good question. I do know he went to today's game with friends. My guess is he's either out to dinner with said friends or is plundered in examining Albert's Almora or looking at Rock's Shoulders. I'm sure we'll hear from him soon.

  • Red Sox lose again. Are they going to be sellers or buyers?

  • Great stuff. Game was awful. Hard to watch a game on the rootops, especially one ilke this one.

  • "Despite coming to bat only 5 times today, Holliday managed 12 hits with 17 RBI."

    Love that line. But in a couple of days these are going to feel like I'm locked in a cabin with Robin Williams and I'll be forced to mercy kill you with a shoe to get John back.

  • In reply to Carne Harris:

    I won't go sarcastic bastard after every game. I promise. I take feedback. And I sure as heck don't want to wind up as Robin Williams. At least Mork from Ork Robin Williams.

    There's enough over the top Cubs blogs out there. I'll add color but this will still and always be the John and Tom show.

  • In reply to felzz:

    That's fair enough. I just worry that with you being as funny as tits on a Chicago Bull that every recap will start to take on that feel instead of the feel of the actual game. But you say all the right things to the point that if I was a chick you'd be running hard with your head down on your way to third base, so I'll keep an open mind.

  • "I don't want a Holliday in the sun."

    Lovely Pistols reference. Very nice.

  • In reply to eaton53:

    Agreed. Nicely done.

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    MLBNR reports that the Cubs are making Garza's medicals available to all interested parties.

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    Sounds like they are still holding out hope to try and move him before the deadline.

  • So now that Dempster has decided that he will consider a trade to a contender not named the Dodgers, who ends up with him? Is any other team going to step up and make an offer or will it still come down to whether or not L.A. will make a reasonable offer?

  • In reply to supercapo:

    My money's on the Braves. I think the FO is talking to other teams too, they just run a tight ship so none of that shite leaks. If I was forced to pick a second team (maybe by gunpoint or threat of wrestling one a them Bob Barker Samoan womens), I'd go out on a limb and guess the White Sox. Dempster wouldn't have to leave the city for that and the White Sox were supposedly interested in Greinke. Their farm system sucks though so we might get more quantity than quality back.

  • Great article, felzz! The Szczur comment was priceless. Kind of like Brett Farv-er-er-er.

  • Felzzzzzz ... like I said before, the snark runs in the family. Wonderful stuff!!

    RizzOMG ... I noticed in the loss Wed. he was really squaring up the ball and wondered, to myself, if he might be ready to go on a tear. All 4 ABs yesterday were screamers.

    Didn't see the entire game so missed Castro's self-indulgent baserunning gaffe. Get Brenly some valium. He's gonna blow a gasket with too many more of these.

    One last - the Holliday reference was absolutely hysterical!! Course the pitch was out of the "wtf was he thinking" handbook.

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