Cubs wheel and deal: Maholm, Johnson traded to the Braves for Arodys Vizcaino; Soto To Rangers

The Cubs made two trades with the bigger one being one that involved Paul Maholm and Reed Johnson going to the Braves for Arodys Vizcaino and Jaye Chapman.  Vizcaino is the prize here. Chapman is more than likely a middle reliever.

Here is what one American League scout had to say about Chapman,

He's a 4A up/down type with a really good changeup but a short FB and fringy control.

The main piece was a big risk on a potential #2 starter for the Cubs.  The problem is the RHP Arodys Vizcaino has been injury prone, having gone through TJ surgery recently.  When healthy Vizcaino has a 93-95 mph fastball that touches 97.  He also throws a sharp breaking curve that gives him a second out pitch.  His changeup is solid average.  So we're talking a 3 pitch pitcher who needs to gain better command to reach his ceiling.  If he doesn't make it as a starter, he could also make a good late inning power reliever.  Obviously, though, that's a last resort for the Cubs.

The same AL scout said this about Vizcaino,

"Vizcaino is a stud -- he will either be a middle of the rotation starter or a power reliever who could close. The Cubs got a special arm"

Here's what Hoyer had to say, courtesy of Jordan Bernfield of MiCubs,

 "We were aware Atlanta was in the market for a starting pitcher. That made the conversation a little bit easier. [laughs]"  Hoyer also said it was hard to trade Maholm since he was under control for another year, but for that value they had to do it.

On Vizcaino: "We had a chance to get a 21-year old who while injured right now has a really bring future. To be able to turn 2 guys, 1 with a yr & opt & another guy who's a FA into a guy like Viz is a chance we need 2 take right now."

And the Cubs have dealt C Geovany Soto to the Rangers for RHP Jacob Brigham.  Brigham has a live arm, has hit as high as 97 but works in 92-93 range, hard curve, and a developing change.  May end up in the bullpen.  The 24 year old is 5-5 with a 4.28 ERA in AA this year.  Heres an interview with Brigham from our friends at Chasing the Dream.  Here's another story that tells you about what kind of mental makeup this kid has.  Brigham is also a TJ survivor.

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    Brigham's at AA or AAA?

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  •  The Cubs are getting two minor league pitchers in the deal,'s Jerry Crasnick tweets. Mike Minor, Randall Delgado, Julio Teheran and Sean Gilmartin aren't in the trade.

  • In reply to Chicago Cubs Fan 24:

    Thanks, also heard Sprull isn't in the deal.

  • Let's hope by 4 pm tomorrow more pitchers are added to our
    stable of pitching prospects. A hitter or two would also be nice.

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    Our stable of pitching prospects is more like a couple of hobby horses. We need "waves and waves".

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    Waves come in sequence, not all at once. Try to be patient and see what treasure floats ashore.

  • If Dempster is traded it's either to the Dodgers or the Nationals. My gut says the Nats since the Dodgers are being asses right now , plus Dempster knows the Cubs don't want him so why stay?

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    In reply to Steve Flores:

    Or maybe to the Reds?

  • Gotta love John and Tom.... Sources say players will get traded and sure enough it gets done. Absolutely outstanding...

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    Hopefully for Maholm the Cubs get somebody that might be able to pitch like him some day.

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    Having a hard time seeing the Braves getting both Maholm and Reed with all those names theoretically out of the picture... unless Vizcaino is part of it.

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    wow good guess. hopefully TJ surgery has fixed his injury woes. highly rated arm.

  • has the details on both trades. Jackson evidently will join the Cubs. No additional names were added to the trades for any of the parties involved.

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    Brigham is an excellent return for Soto. Way better than we had a reason to expect.

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    shocking for a guy batting 200 and making 3+mm.

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  • Love taking the risk on Vizcaino...a year ago he was untouchable in trade talks.

    This trade is all about the upside. If Vizcaino comes back healthy, he’s pretty easily the #1 SP prospect in the Cubs system. Nice return for two guys who didn’t figure into the future plans.

    If he doesn’t come back healthy, the long-term plan really wasn’t impacted much.

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    Love this as well. Great upside play.

  • Cubs got Jaye chapman from braves And Arodys VIzcaino also from braves

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    Vizcainois a high risk/high reward type, but you have to love that upside if he can stay a starter.

  • love both trades Vizcaino could be a beast loved him for along time now and to have him in our system is AWESOME lets hope he gets healthy

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    Have a hard time seeing LA get away without giving us something of quality for Dempster. I know Vizcainos is hurt, but his ceiling is very high.

  • Very nice

    I like the vizcaino move a lot, boom or bust but the boom potential is awesome in compensation for Maholm and a fourth outfielder type

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    The word out of Cincinnati, via 1530 ESPNR, is that the Cubs and Reds are talking. Exactly about whom is not clear. They say their sources in the Red FO aren't naming names. Knobler reported earlier that it was Garza, but the local guys think it might be DeJesus.

  • We eating any of the contract for Johnson, Maholm, or Soto?

    Love these three arms we're getting back. Vizcaino has huge upside and having Tommy John doesn't mean much anymore if Strasburg's any indication. I think Chapman will surprise everyone with how good he becomes and Brigham could be a solid rotation guy.

  • In reply to Carne Harris:

    Looks like a flyer on a potential stud and a couple of reliable relievers with solid control. Re-shaping this team.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    MLBTR reporting that the Reds and Jays are really going after Garza too.

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    I'm not to familiar with the reds prospects especially after dealing most for latos. Any idea who cubs would get from reds for garza? I love hearing the jays are interested!

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    In reply to Joshnk24:

    Corcino, Cingrani, Sulbaran and Stephenson are the pitchers you need to know with regards to Garza. All four are better than anything we might get from the Dodgers for Dempster. Also, Henry Rodriguez is a taller and more advanced version of Torreyes. He can play both 3rd and 2nd. He just got promoted to AAA. I haven't gotten down to Louisville to see him yet.

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    Thanks for the info! I'm going to look into those players

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    Yep! Those are 4 names to keep your eye on.

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    In reply to John Arguello:

    John, isn't Cingrani from New Lennox?

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    Why yes he is. So was Carmen Pignatello. Remember him?

  • In reply to Carne Harris:

    Cubs reportedly sent cash, no word on how much.

  • In reply to TulaneCubs:

    Be curious to see how much of Soto's contract they ate.

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    Great trades...and great speculation biut no on has mentioned Marmol..I bet he goes too

  • In reply to Luigi Ziccarelli:

    My source yesterday mentioned Marmol, though the thought more likely he'll be be a waiver trade.

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    As well as the Rangers.

    Looks to me like the Cubs got themselves a potential #2 type starter or a very solid end of the bullpen guy in Vizcainos (high risk/reward), a likely ML middle reliever in Chapman and a relative unknown in Bingham.

    Go on and gut the entire roster FO. Bring home the prospects!

  • In reply to Dave Sampsell:

    Rebuild, rebuild, rebuild! Amazing. And the two biggest chips have not been traded yet.

  • John or Tom, what in-system moves do you see coming soon? Welington and Jackson are the logical call-ups for Geo and Reed, but they'll need to replace Maholm as well. It gets even more complicated if Baker, Soriano, DeJesus, Dempster, or Garza go as well.

    I could see Cardenas or DeWitt (if he's still around) for Baker, and Sappelt (Adduci?) for DeJesus, but I am a little fuzzy on who else is MLB-ready other than Coleman (who I am in no hurry to see).

    Thanks for considering this, and I hope you (or another contributor) can shed some light on this. Thanks!

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    In reply to gocubsgo25:

    I think Sappelt gets called up before Jackson. With the way our front office handles top prospects, I'd be SHOCKED if they brought up Brett right now.

  • In reply to Hans Larson:

    I would think Sappelt too. He replaces Reed perfectly.

  • In reply to gocubsgo25:

    Thanks, trying to keep up! Castillo definitely is coming up. I'd really like to see them give Brooks Raley a shot to replace Maholm, personally. Definitely Cardenas, maybe Sappelt to replace Johnson.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    I've liked what I've heard about Raley, and would like to see what he can do. If some of the reports are true (Garza highly likely to be traded, Dempster probably will get moved), the Cubs will have three spots in the rotation to fill. I think Coleman will be one of those, maybe Raley and Lopez?

    It's hard to imagine us keeping the same pace we've been on since Rizzo's call-up, but maybe that pays off with better draft position.

  • Did anyone see Chris volstad giving out hugs by any chance?

  • In reply to Joshnk24:

    LOL...not that I'm aware of.

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  • In reply to Cubswin4harry:

    He came and hugged my kid goodnight. It's all a bit surreal.

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    Vizcaino rated Braves #2 prospect coming into 2012...ahead of Delgado!
    TJ surgery isn't really an issue anymore as it seems majority come back even better than before. Way to go Theo/Jed!!

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    Wow, the local guys in Cincinnati are now saying the Reds rejected a proposal from the Cubs earlier tonight that would have sent Garza to the Reds for Billy Hamilton, Cingrani and Sulbaran. They're saying the two sides are still talking.

    I can see how it would be hard for the Reds to trade Hamilton. That would be like the Rangers trading Profar. It just probably isn't going to happen, but if you are the Cubs, you gotta ask.

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    Would Hamilton instantly take over for Barney and be cubs lead off hitter?

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    In reply to Joshnk24:

    Hamilton isn't coming to the Cubs, except in my wet dreams, but if he were, he would go to Tennessee. He just got promoted to AA, and our FO would want him to get at least 500 AB in AAA before calling him up.

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    In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    it seems you have lots of wet dreams, ha ha! That's ok, keep them coming, maybe fantasy turns into reality!

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    That would be a heck of a deal. Wow.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Cubs FO gotta convince Reds they need to go all in. Offer Garza and Dejesus for what Michael said up there. What do you think John?

  • In reply to drew:

    I'd do it.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    if i were the cubs i would ask the red for sulbaran cingrani rodriguez i would be happy with that and it seem pretty fair

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    Toronto is in Seattle tonight.The word is that Travis Snider has been pulled from the game, and he was seen shaking hands and hugging his team mates. Implications for the Cubs?

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    Snider was traded to pirates

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    In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    Never mind, he's been traded to the Pirates for Brad Lincoln.

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    It seemed possible at the time. But as you and jshnk24 noted, he went to Pittsburgh.

  • So will these guys pull all nighters or is it safe for me to put away my Refresh button?

  • "Vizcaino (entered the 2012 season ranked by Baseball America as the 40th-best prospect in MLB)... 21-year-old posted a 3.06 ERA with 9.3 K/9 and 2.6 BB/9 in 97 innings for three Braves affiliates as he made his way through Atlanta's minor league system in 2011." Sounds like he at least had decent control before.

    I gotta say: trying to watch the game, the Olympics and refreshing every screen has certainly honed my ability to multi-task today.

  • In reply to Dan Bradley:

    Ha! Me too, between watching the Cubs, twittering, writing blogs, and sending out emails. I didn't think I was capable. I think sooner or later the adrenalin rush will be over and I'm going to collapse.

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    I think that this site and bleacher nation are the best cubs talk any where and I would rather read what john and brett from bn say over Carrie muskutt and kapman anyday of the week. Go cubs and let's rebuild

  • In reply to Kent Kellett:

    I have to second that, big-time. Also, I appreciate the readers and comments posted here. It doesn't take too much looking onto team facebook posts and their responses to see a lot of fans that have no clue what direction the team is going in, or how to actually rebuild a team. There are actually people out there ALREADY saying that it is a shame to get rid of players like Johnson, Soto, and Maholm who are just coming into their prime, or that they were upset that Johnson and SOTO were traded when it should be Castro, etc. This place is an oasis for Cubs fans who are in the know or wish to be in the know of what is going on.

  • In reply to TheSinisterUrge:

    Thanks Sinister Urge. Appreciate the kind words!

  • In reply to Kent Kellett:

    Thanks Kent!

  • John,

    Any chance that the Cubs could get either Olt or d'Arnaud as the centerpiece in a deal for Garza?

  • In reply to supercapo:

    Better chance for Olt, I think. The fact that D'Arnaud is a stud prospect and is a catcher makes him nearly untouchable.

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    And is it true they r bring Jackson up??

  • In reply to Colman Conneely:

    Not completely known. Different rumors flying around.

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    Watch for the cubs to try to get mike olt In a garza to the rangers trade..

  • In reply to Colman Conneely:

    Oh, they'll try. Tom seems to think Jays, though.

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    In reply to John Arguello:

    Why the Jays though? That trade of Snider was strange to me? I don't know whether they are sellers or buyers. Much rather have a trade with a team that knows it's certainty.

  • In reply to Lou Sofianos:

    We know for one thing that the Cubs have been scouting the Jays heavily.

    The Jays want Garza for the 2013 control and the draft pick. They believe they will contend next year.

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    Let's just ge these deals done, the Reds, Rangers and Blue Jays all have good prospects to be had...

  • In reply to Luigi Ziccarelli:

    Rangers look like they're out, but agree that all 3 teams have good prospects to trade.

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    So was Jackson or sappelt brought up? Heard they pulled Jackson

  • In reply to Colman Conneely:

    Don't know yet. Some say he was called up, Cubs deny it. Others think he was actually traded.

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    I wish we could get olt man him and rizzo would be stought.. the jays have a lot to offer

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    One of my buddies says Jackson was involved in trade talks with dodgers.. I was like ???

  • My hope is that Garza goes to the Jays or Reds, and they get some good pitching prospects. Then they can offer Soriano or LaHair with Dempster to the Dodgers, at that point the Cubs would take one or two lower level pitching prospects for him.

  • Talk of Soriano and Marmol being traded makes sense as well, but both can be traded in August, as if either is claimed, they may just let them go and once they clear waivers, and the clock is ticking towards the end of August, desperate teams overpay players.

  • The next 9 hours will be very exciting watching a FO that has a plan and sticks to its guns execute more moves. It is amazing to me how many Cub fans have complained about the new FO. Given lemons and broken eggs, all you can do is make lemonade and scrambled eggs.

    I expect Dempster to be traded, and maybe not even to the Dodgers. Mitch Williams on MLBN stated that Dempster has played this well. He knows he had veto power and wanted to go to the Dodgers. But, in the end, all players want to win, and he will want that opportunity and will accept a trade to a contender, if they are unable to make it work with the Dodgers.

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    So after hearing of the Soto trade for Jacob Brigham I gave an old teammate of mine, who plays in the Rangers AA system, a call and asked him about Brigham. He immediately said the cubs got a steal in this trade, the fact they got any more than a bag of sunflower seeds for Soto is great but also to watch out for Brigham.

    He said if he ever figures out the changeup and tightens up the curve we're looking at a potential #3 who can flash a #2 but if not at the very least will be a very very good late inning reliever with 2 Plus pitches. He ends by sayin Jacob is coming here with something to prove and will be up sooner rather than later. that's a lot of value to get for a guy like Soto.

  • In reply to Marcel Jenkins:

    Cool news. Thanks, Marcel.

  • That's what I hope as well, If the Dodgers continue to stonewall the Cubs in gving up anything of any value , the Cubs should turn to a team like the Nationals. The Cubs should then go to Dempster and tell him that they tried and tried with the Dodgers but could not make it happen and it's either a team like the Nats or nothing. I believe Dempster will accept that , IMO. Trading Soriano and Marmol after tommorow makes sense and is probably easier for someone like Soriano. As for Soriano, what is his deal anyway? If the rumor is true and he blocked a trade to the Giants, what is his problem? If I were the Cubs and I can't get rid of him by August , I would cut him after the season. You never want to cut anybody but at this point he seems to be impossible to trade , few teams are willing to take him and he blocks those trades to teams that do want him, so I say cut him after the season.

  • Ugh! I felt like I got hit in the gut when I heard Maholm was traded. I was really hoping MLB ready guys would be part of the deal. Oh well. Can't win 'em all.

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    In reply to lokeey:

    We won this trade ten-fold. To be able to turn a couple or short term assets you picked up for nothing into a potential #2 stud prospect who just last year was an untouchable top
    50 guy is simply incredible. The guy will be what? 24 when this team is ready to compete
    and could be here for the next 10 years maybe more.

    Don't get me wrong, we all loved Maholm but I doubt there's a single soul on this blog that wouldn't make this deal.

    This is the goal of the front office. Turn short term parts into long term impact assets. If we got this for Maholm can anyone imagine what we would have gotten for Lilly had Theo n co been here?????

  • I think Vizcaino makes so much sense. Theo/Jed's prime objective has been to acquire high upside(#3SP or higher) SP talent. If the medicals on Vizcaino are good, what's the rush? Wonder if they can still squeeze Webster or Reed out of LA? Mkt isn't currently teeming with quality SP at reasonable prices. The impact guys POSSIBLY out there have high price tags: Lee, J Johnson, Garza, etc.

  • They would have on already, had Dempser not blocked the trade for Delgado. At this point, the Cubs are not being picky , which is logical.

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    These deals seem so much more thought out than the one's Hendry used to pull @ the deadline...I'm thinking if we could deal Demp to the D'Backs or Giants it would really screw LA over, which they frankly deserve at this point and get us some solid kids back...That would suck if Soriano did turn down a potential SF deal, that team's pitching can carry them like it did 2 years ago, easily!!!

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    Several national sources say the Dodgers are still low-balling the Cubs as of this morning. These same sources say the Dodgers are convinced that they are the Cubs only choice for Dempster, but keep in mind that several Chicago sources seemed to think that Dempster would approve a trade to a team other than the Dodgers at the last minute if the Dodgers don't ante up.

    Several national sources have also chimed in on Garza this morning. The consensus seems to be that it will be the Blue Jays or the Reds. The Rangers interest seems to have tailed off because the Cubs aren't backing off their demand for Mike Olt.

    I'm personally rooting for the Reds here. The Reds pitching prospects are almost as good as the Blue Jays in terms of upside, and they're closer to the show, which means their less likely to not reach that potential. I would rank them as follows.

    Stephenson is the furthest away, but he is probably a #2 with a chance to be a #1. His fastball sits low to mid 90's, but he has the ability to reach back and get upper 90's when he needs it. The other night, in his first Low-A game with Dayton of the MWL, he hit triple digits in his last inning. His curve-ball and chantge-up are potentially plus pitches. His mechanics are clean, and his command seems to be there. Because of his potential, I have a hard time seeing the Reds dealing him.

    Cingrani, a New Lennox native, throws hard for left-hander. His fastball sits 93 to 95, and his change-up is a plus pitch. His tall frame allows for good downward movement through the zone. His slider is a work in progress. His delivery has a lot of moving parts, but it allows him to be very deceptive. Still, scouts say his mechanics are a lot better now than they were in his junior year at Rice, and it is showing in the results. The Reds just promoted him to AA Pensacola of the Southern League. His ceiling is that of a #2. At worst, he is probably a late inning reliever.

    It's hard for me to decided between Corcino and Sulbaran. Sulbaran has the better body at 6-2/200. Corcino is 5-10/200. Both pitchers profile as #3's for the upsided and dominant relievers as the bottom side. Corcino has the better results so far, and he often draws comparisons to Johnny Cueto because of his size and stuff. Both sit low to mid 90's, though Sulbaran's fastball has more sink. Corcino throws a slider and a change-up. Sulbaran throws a curve-ball and a change-up. Neither always repeats their delivery like they should, and both throw across their bodies more than you'd like, more so with Sulbaran and less so with Corcino. Corcino has the better command and control at this point.

    A hitter I think the Cubs would be interested in is the recently promoted to AAA Henry Rodriguez. H-Rod is a 22 yo, 5-10/150 switch hitting infielder who, like Ronald Torreyes, has no problems making contact. He doesn't walk a lot, but then he doesn't strike out a lot either. He also has surprising pop for someone who only weighs 150lbs. He plays mostly second base, but he has also seen quite a bit of time at third and some time at short. His defense has been his biggest knock, but he has made tremendous strides in 2012. He runs the bases well, but he doesn't steal a lot. He is available, namely because he is blocked at every position he plays.

    If the Cubs dealt Garza to the Reds, I think, realistically, they'd get a choice between Cingrani and Stephenson and then Corcino and Sulbaran. I could easily see Rodriguez being thrown into this deal.

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    Michael, the Diamondbacks are looking for a front line starter as well.I'm not too familiar with their prospects but the system is vastly improved over the last 3 years under Kevin Towers...Rosenthal said their looking for a big time pitcher..would Garza fit the bill? It would certainly prompt LA to up the ante on Dempster at that point

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    In reply to Luigi Ziccarelli:

    Yes, Arizona has the arms the Cubs would want. They're an interesting team right now. They're 3.5 GB in the NLWD, but 6.5 GB in the NLWC. Their offense is 4th in the NL in runs scored, and it's 9th in the NL in ERA. Their system is pitching heavy and highly regarded by anyone and everyone whose opinion really matters. Garza, just as with the Blue Jays, would make a lot of sense for the D'backs as a move that would help them both now and next year. It's a move I could see Kevin Towers making.

    Pitchers of interest:

    1. Trevor Baurer, RHSP, Reno of the PCL
    2. Archie Bradley, RHSP, South Bend of the MWL
    3. Tyler Skaggs, LHSP, Reno of the PCL
    4. Dave Holmberg, LHSP, Mobile of the SL
    5. Pat Corbin, LHSP, Reno of the PCL
    6. Anthony Meo, RHSP, Visalia of CL

    Hitters of interest:

    1. Matt Davidson, 3b-1b, R/R, Mobile of the SL
    2. A.J. Pollock, Of, R/R, Reno of the PCL

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    Kap just posted on FB he'll have a solid" update on Dem coming within minutes!!! Hopefully going anywhere but LA

  • fb_avatar

    In a heartbeat, but Theo wants arms...

  • fb_avatar

    Per Kap, the Rangers and Yankees have gotten into the Demp mix and he may approve a deal to either...Hopefully the Cubs get beter offers than the Dodgers hav been giving..SCREW NED!!!!!

  • In reply to Luigi Ziccarelli:

    This!! good stuff .

  • In reply to Luigi Ziccarelli:

    Would do my heart good to see the Dodgers left out, they just want to play games..sure seems there would be more viable options out there, assuming of course the main cog is on board and ok's 'em. Got a feeling in the end all is going to work out in Theo/Jeds favor one way or the other.

  • I would have to demand Hamilton , Reds are in the division and need to pay premium dollar , Hamilton and Stephenson or no dice, Syndergaard must headline any Jays deal imo .

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Bryan Craven:

    Even if you have to include DeJesus in the deal to get them their top of the order guy for this push..I agree Hamilton plus an real good couple of arms and you got try at least, even if they say no first

  • In reply to Luigi Ziccarelli:

    i cant see facing Garza for the next however many years in a Reds jersey without getting Hamilton and Stephanson . I would take the jays offer first if they say no to sending those 2 in a deal. just me. FO isnt going to settle. Solid return on every deal so far . Only deal that has been a stinker was the Colvin deal and what did the Cubs really give up , a flier deal. No decent assets have been traded without very nice retum , I really trust this FO .

  • I would laugh if the Cubs screw over the Dodgers, serves them right! Ned Coletti is overmatched as a GM, IMO.

  • New post up everyone. I'm on 3 hours sleep! Started if off with that juicy Kaplan article.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Wat to go John, you can sleep after the deadline my friend, with visions of new prospects dancing in your head.

  • In reply to daddyo:

    eerrr! way that is!

  • fb_avatar

    Any chance the Cubs would be interested in Upton from Arizona in a Garza deal?

  • No chance on that Ray. That's not the direction they're headed in right now. Garza, if traded, probably goes to Reds or Jays.

  • fb_avatar

    I'd love for the D'Backs to get a starter and then leave LA without Demp, Garza, or anyone which is what they deserve....

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