Cubs Trade Dempster to the Rangers for 3B prospect Villanueva and RHP Hendricks

Cubs Trade Dempster to the Rangers for 3B prospect Villanueva and RHP Hendricks

Both players are at the Class A level...

Here's a quick scouting report...

  • Kyle Hendricks , 22, is a an advanced 4-5 pitch guy with a low 90s fastball, though some recent reports have it it in the high 80s.  He's also developed a good cutter and a solid change-up.  His best calling card, however, maybe his command of all of those pitches.  Hendricks is just 5-8 with a 2.82 ERA in low Class A, but the key numbers here are 15 walks and and 112Ks in 130.2 innings this season.  Based on his repertoire and command, he projects as a starter.  Here is some additional information on Hendricks here and here.
  • Christian Villanueva, 21, is a 3B who plays good defense and has a solid approach at the plate.  Some mixed opinion on his power potential but he has hit 10 HRs so far this year.  He hit 17 last season.  He's a good athlete with decent speed, but he won't be a basestealer.  Good instincts and very nice balanced swing.  He should hit for average, play good defense, and eventually draw more walks.  He should develop at least average power.  Solid all-around player and possibly a higher ceiling than any other player we've talked about for Dempster other than Randall Delgado.

Fangraphs was effusive about Villanueva's abilities on both offense and defense,

In batting practice, Villanueva consistently utilized quick, explosive hands and a level swing plane to pepper line drives to left-centerfield with a handful leaving the park each session. Additionally, he crushed a home run to left field off of what was admittedly a fringe average fastball at best in game action, but it was truly a “no doubter” which ricocheted off of the brick condominiums behind the Green Monster of Fluor Field.

Command of the strike zone is a key aspect of Villanueva’s game to monitor going forward. Strong contact skills are an asset, but when a young player expands the strike zone like Villanueva did, it will lead to poor contact on batted balls and higher strikeout rates. This is also the likely reason for a BABIP a touch low for his speed tool and low walk rates.

On defense, Villanueva...possesses lightning quick feet, soft hands and a strong throwing arm leaving little doubt as to whether Villanueva can stick at third base long term. In fact, Villanueva’s defensive skills and body control are so strong, second base seems like a viable option where his offensive skill set would be a better fit.

Here's video on Christian Villanueva from Scouting the Sally...

More details later but that's a quick rundown...

It is not as good a haul as Randall Delgado would have been, but the earlier acquisition of Arodys Vizcaino helps mitigate that loss.  It is a much better package than what the Dodgers offered considering that the only prospects really worth acquiring, Allen Webster, Zach Lee, and Chris Reed, were all off the table.

Overall, the haul was impressive over the past 2 days and I'll rank those prospects later on today.

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  • Rosenthal tweet: One of players going to #Cubs is a pitcher, one a position player. Both at Class A.

    Roman Mendez?

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    Hate to be Debbie Downer, but Delgado sure sounds like a very superior deal to these 2 kids.

  • In reply to Hal McCarty:

    If Delgado deal goes down though, we never would have acquired Vizcaino. I'd rather have Vizcaino and then get this package for Dempster than Delgado and whoever else we could get for Maholm/Johnson.

  • Not the $#&^ Dodgers.

  • In reply to eaton53:

    Yep,screw you and your lowball deal colletti

  • Good overview of Hendricks. No heat but command is great.

  • I hope we got Sardinas the SS . Same age as Profar and has the same tool set , ust hasnt progressed as fast.

  • Villanueva sounds pretty good to me -

  • In reply to draco:

    gah wrong link -

  • Maybe it is just me, but kind of bummed that Garza, Sori, DeJesus, Camp, etc didn't get traded.

  • In reply to cubbie steve:

    The Cubs can put anybody they didn't trade on waivers starting tomorrow and try to work out trades with any team that claims them.

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    All right 4 Cubs gone, Germano takes Maholm's place. CC will pitch for Ryan Dumpster, Castillo comes up for Soto. Cardenas was at Wrigley, is he #4 on the roster?

  • In reply to Hal McCarty:

    I have seen enough of Casey Coleman.
    Next, please! Even if it's Rodrigo!!!

  • In reply to eaton53:


    If your stomach is hurting now, better get some Extra Strength before Maholm's turn comes around and before Shark reaches his innings quota for the year!

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    I'm happy because the a) Rangers seem like a classy organization with a good farm system and b) it wasn't the damn Dodgers. :-)

  • 3B Christian Villanueva and RHP Kyle Hendricks according to BigLeague Stew......who the heck are these guys John????

  • Found a few notes from a mid-season review of Rangers prospects: (

    10) Christian Villanueva, 3B, Grade B-: Hitting .285/.356/.421 with 10 homers, 24 walks, 83 strikeouts in 375 at-bats in High-A, nine steals. He is playing very well defensively and the bat has potential. Often gets overlooked in the Rangers system and is blocked behind Olt, but if I were trading with the Rangers I would ask about this guy.

    - Right-hander Kyle Hendricks in High-A has shown tremendous command (112/15 K/BB),

  • RT @Evan_P_Grant: Sources: Rangers send 3B Christian Villanueva and RHP Kyle Hendricks to Cubs for Dempster.

  • Really glad dempster got traded, now to wait and see who we got

  • I hope it is high A ball

  • The trade I'm probably happiest about is the one that didn't happen.

  • From a Ranger press release from last month:

    Rangers Press Release

    07/16/2012 3:22 PM EST
    RHP Kyle Hendricks and 3B Mike Olt among winners of club's June Minor League Awards
    3B Christian Villanueva and RHP Ryan Rodebaugh also honored

    The Texas Rangers announced today the club’s minor league award winners for June. Right-hander Kyle Hendricks was named Pitcher of the Month, third baseman Mike Olt was named Player of the Month, third baseman Christian Villanueva was named Defender of the Month, and
    right-hander Ryan Rodebaugh was named Reliever of the Month.

  • i think its a good trade villanueava was rated number 8 propect in the rangers systems in BA and it sounds like he is a pretty good propect he'll be our new furture 3rd baseman like the deal we got something for dempster at least and it had to happen after the braves deal

  • I'm glad the Cubs told the Dodgers to kiss off for one and the Rangers have a much better, deeper system. As for Garza and Soriano, with Garza's injury I'm sure they were not getting the quality players they believe is fair for Garza, so they can wait until the off season. Soriano's contract is just too much for most people, I expect Soriano to be out on waivers in August and see if anyone bites.

  • Villaneuva probably ranks as a top 5 prospect in our system, so that's pretty good return for a 2-month rental of Dempster.

    We've got some crazy depth at third. Vitters, Lake, Villaneuva, Baez and Candelario could all end up there.

  • Here's a nice writeup for Kyle Hendricks:

  • In reply to DemonBerryhill:

    Thanks for the link.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    I like this trade. Former college pitcher with high-mid 80s cutter, great command and never walks anyone. Sounds vaguely familiar...

  • In reply to DemonBerryhill:

    very goood articles on the prospects we recieved good job

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    Both these guys were the rangers MLIB players of the month in June... Ehhhh wish we coulda got Delgado

  • OT: what is the world coming to when the pirates and yankees make a trade, and the pirates are the ones throwing in cash????

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    I'm fairly happy with both prospects the Cubs got. Hendricks has awesome command and Villaneuva plays great defense while posting some decent offensive numbers. If Garza finishes the season strong, maybe Epstein and Hoyer can get a good package of prospects in return for his services in the off-season.

  • So we got Vizcaino/Vllanueva/Brigham/Chapman/Hendricks for Maholm/Dempster/Soto/Johnson and didn't cave to the dodgers. I am totally fine with that, nice work imo

    Also good with garza not being traded, plenty of time to explore that in the offseason

  • Just added a video on Villanueva, check out that pretty swing...

  • Epstein and Hoyer were probably thinking the same thing. I'm sure the Jays will be one of the teams they talk with after the season.

  • Delgado would have been nice, but thing to keep in mind is that because that trade fell through, Cubs were able to turn around and trade Maholm and Johnson to Braves for Vizcaino and Chapman and then trade Dempster to the Rangers for Villanueva and Hendricks. May have gotten a player (Delgado) with a higher ceiling if original deal went through, but may not have gotten as many good prospects as we did this way (i.e. not clear if he we could have gotten as good of a deal for Maholm and Johnson as we did from the Braves).

  • In reply to LBJCubfan:

    Good points. I will say that I like Vizcaino's ceiling better than Delgado's, though -- but he's much higher risk, obviously.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Good catch John - that's what I meant to say, actually - that Delgado probably has a higher FLOOR than Vizcaino, while Vizcaino probably has a higher ceiling than Delgado. Taking all of that into account, I think Cubs fans have to feel pretty good about where the Cubs ended up.

  • Check out the guns on Villaneuva..

  • Another great job throughout all this, John. Also, your 'site was the first to come up with the names of the players the Cubs got from Texas. Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks Ray...I'll keep adding info as I acquire it.

  • Well Villenueva was the Rangers #9 prospect BAs pre 2012 and BA says He is the best Hickory Crawdad 3B since Jose Bautista in 2002 , ranked #100 prospect , Webster from LA was ranked 97 for comparison and We got Hendricks too . I like the trade .

  • Kevin Goldstein on 680AM in Chicago....

    I didn't catch all of it, but he said that he currently puts Vitters above Villanueva, but that could change down the road. Sounds like Villanueva doesn't excel at any one tool, but is pretty solid across the board.

  • Any chance Villanueva moves to second base for cubs? He seems to small to be a third baseman, plus the cubs are stacked at third.

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    It is not Delgado and the rumored unnamed prospect, but most experts thought the Braves were over-paying. It is far and away better than what the Dodgers were offering, and it's close to what I thought the Cubs would get a few weeks ago. So there is no real reason to be disappointed, especially in light of what the Cubs got for Maholm and Reed.

    Hendricks has got potential, and he surely would have made the Rangers Top 30 list for 2013. It will be interesting to see if he continues to succeed as he climbs, even though he doesn't have a great fastball.

    Christian Villanueva is Top 100 prospect with a whole lot of upside, and we really didn't have a third base prospect at Hi-A.

    All in all, I'm happy.

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    In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    BTW, I don't think we should be to disappointed about Garza still being a Cub. I think the injury probably turned a lot of teams off. I think that, if he remains healthy and pitches well the rest of the way, his value in December is likely to be very high. No one is out of the race in December. So there are more potential trade partners.

  • Excellent job, John, it has been great following the whole trade deadline with you. Your tweeter and the blog here, were the first site I checked anytime I wanted an update.

    If you were to re-rank the Cubs top prospects, now that the deadline were over, where do/would the recent acquisitions be ranked?
    Looking at the numbers for Hendricks, it looks like he could be a very good pitcher, even if he doesn't throw 100 mph. I haven't seen him pitch, but his control, his consistency, and his real lack of high end heat remind me a lot of a Greg Maddux type guy.

  • In reply to supercapo:

    Thanks supercapo! I really appreciate that. That sounds like a good article. I won't spoil it :) Maybe I'll have that up tonight.

  • Look for the Cubs to put Baker, Barney, Camp, DeJesus, Garza, LaHair, Marmol and Soriano on waivers in August to see if any team's interested in them.

  • Not sure about that list except for Soriano and maybe Marmol. None of the other guys clear waivers to get to the team you are trying to trade to.

  • In reply to Cubswin4harry:

    You might be right. Soriano probably wouldn't get claimed and Garza certainly would. The rest might.

  • I dont know about the rest of the group but I am very looks like the Dempster holdout really did a number on the Cubs....instead of getting the #2 prospect of the Braves (who was allready set to go to the majors) we end up with two guys who barely crack the top 15 of the Rangers (who are at least 2 years away).......Rangers come out of this smelling like roses....a topline starter at a fraction of the cost the Angels paid for Grienke

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    In reply to NIKOMAN:

    Nikoman, Villanueva is a top 10 prospect in any organization, and Hendricks hasn't been playing professional baseball long enough to be ranked. If both were in the Dodgers organization, Villanueva would have been their top position prospect going into 2012, and nothing he has done would change that for 2013. Hendricks would be among their top 10 prospects. That is how much better the Rangers system is versus the Dodgers system. It's also a prime example of what depth can do for you.

    What the Cubs got from the Rangers is equal to or great than what they might have gotten from the Dodgers, but the Dodgers would have to strip their system bare in order to make that trade. The Rangers don't. The Rangers are where the Cubs system is heading.

    I think you really need to step back from the ledge and think about things. This was a good trade for both teams. It helps the Rangers out now, and it has the potential to pay off for the Cubs in a few years.

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    it isn't ahorrible trade....a good consolation considering the position Demp put the Cubs FO in. However, there is no sugar coating this deal when we coud've had Delgado. Even Kaplan reported that his scout sources said this was not a good haul for the Cubs...that isn't to say it is horrible, but compared to what we all already know would've been....

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    In reply to cubbie steve:

    What would've been doesn't matter at this point. We don't know all of the details, and we probably never will. We don't know what would have happened if the Braves hadn't leaked the trade and just sat on it until the deadline. As critical of Dempster as I've been over the past week, the Braves are just as guilty here. In all likelihood, they deliberately leaked the trade to try and pressure Dempster. At that point, he probably told Epstein and Hoyer that there was no way he'd go to Atlanta after they tried to manipulate him like that, and if that's the case, I'm not sure I blame him.

    My issue with Dempster has never been that he has 10 and 5 rights, or that he actually used them. My issue was with his public comments in multiple interviews where he said one thing, only to do another, but in the end, he had the contractual right to do it. Also, in the end, he did keep his word.

    I don't believe Dempster ever told the Cubs front office that he wouldn't go anywhere besides the Dodgers. I think he told them that the Dodgers were his preference, and that he wouldn't accept a trade to another team "UNTIL" any chance to go to the Dodgers for a reasonable return had been exhausted. In the end, the Dodgers felt he wasn't worth the price, and he kept his word to waive his 10 and 5 rights and allow the Cubs to get the best possible return.

    I really don't blame Ned Coletti here either. He and Kasten were dealt a bad hand by the previous ownership. In the end, they felt they could not deal the only two or three decent starting pitching prospects they actually had because it would've left them with no depth. Had the roles been reversed, Epstein and Hoyer might have acted similarly, and we all know what Jim Hendry would've done were he on either side of that equation. So lets not go there.

    We might also think about how the Braves' leaking the trade could've worked out to the Cubs advantage. When the Dodgers saw what the Cubs were getting, they might have chosen to up their offer. Would any of us be complaining if they had? Not likely, because then everyone would have gotten what they wanted, but it didn't work out that way.

    What happened last week directly lead to Maholm and Reed going to the Braves for what might actually turn out to be better than Delgado, and again, I maintain that Cubs didn't exactly get crap from the Rangers. What they got was equivalent of better than what they were hoping to get from the Dodgers.

    As for what might have been with Delgado, there is no sense in crying over spilled milk. It is what it is.

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    I agree. The Cubs FO did a good job of playing the hand they were dealt in a very fluid situation.

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    In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    this is a good summary, nice job michael!

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    The deal is what it is. I can certainly be pissed that Delgado is not a Cub. I can also be concerned when Kaplan's sources ad Goldstein say the Rangers got the much better haul.

    That said, I realize that if Demp had ended up in ATL, Maholm doesn't end up there. That, however, doesn't mean Maholm wouldn't have went elsewhere. There is no point of playing "what if," but I reserve the right to form my own opinion, and I WILL form my opinion relatively....that is, there is no escaping knowing Demp was worth Delgado to ATL. I'm not saying it has to be part of your opinion of the value of the trade, but it is part of mine.

    As for Dempster, I'm not talking about him....just acknowledging that the front office was put in a difficult position by Demp's 10/5 rights & outspoken insistence of LA as his VERY STRONG PREFERENCE.

    I'm just not a sugar-coater. Sorry. Right now, I'm not a huge fan of the deal, but I understand it needed to be done, and that Theo & Jed got players they think will help.

    I'm just cautiosly, realistically optimistic.

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    In reply to cubbie steve:

    I think, given the cards this front office was dealt, they did the best they could. Garza got hurt, and Dempster wanted to be traded to a team that couldn't afford him without wiping out what little depth they had. In the end, they made the best deal they could.

    Don't get me wrong. Delgado would have been nice, but it could have been a lot worse. Jim Hendry would've taken the Dodgers really crappy offer, and think how pissed you'd be then. At least Villanueva and Hendricks have a chance to be big leaguers.

  • In reply to NIKOMAN:

    Well, Segura is the #55 or #67 rated prospect overall, depending on who you believe. The other two AA pitchers the Angels gave up werent ranked, but are closer to being MLB ready for sure. The Angels overpaid, IMO, but Segura was blocked, so they felt okay giving him up.

    The Cubs get a top 100 3B/2B prospect and an advanced A college arm, who looks pretty solid. Not as good of a return, but better than nothing, and better than what the Dodgers were apparently offering.

    I will add that the Maholm trade netted more than expected, so overall I think the trades evened out.

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    In reply to Cubswin4harry:

    Greinke is also in his prime and better than dempster so I would expect him to get a better haul

  • In reply to Gary Kueper:

    Greinke also has social anxiety disorder

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to NIKOMAN:

    I would have to disagree with you here. Yes we missed out on Delgado who is the Braves #2 prospect, but we got 4 high ceiling prospects for our future. If we make the Demp to Braves trade we would probably have not got as much in return for Maholm and Johnson. Also, maybe someone can help me here, but I think after looking at it the Texas Rangers system is far better than that of the Braves. The Rangers are good because they are deep and they have talent. Don't get me wrong the Braves have a very talented system to, but it seems like AL ball clubs have better farm systems than the NL.

  • fb_avatar

    Good riddance to Dumpster.

    Who would've thought we'd get a better return for Maholm?

    and two nobodies for Dempster.

  • Ooo, I like Kendricks. Good head on his shoulders. Greg Maddux type, outthinking the batter. He'll be a big leaguer if he stays healthy.

    Villaneuva not as sure about, but I can see him developing more power with a bigger leg kick. It's almost glaring how small it is right now, and how well the rest of his swing would go with a bigger one.

  • In reply to Carne Harris:

    You're kind of guy. I figured you'd like Hendricks. Insane peripherals this year.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    15 walks in 130 innings. Insanity.

  • In reply to Carne Harris:

    He better have a good head on his shoulders - he went to Dartmouth.

  • First off, I second what RRK said about you guys having prospects first. Scrambled to find it when news first broke and as usual came here to see it first. Keep up the great work. Second, off topic here, but I tend to think Soriano to Tigers has a chance to happen in August if (1) Tigers continue to flounder behind inferior White Sox and (2) Victor Martinez definitely looks like he won't make it back this year. What are your opinions John/Tom?

  • In reply to Teddy KGB:

    Still possible on Soriano. Thanks for the kind words. Prospects are one of our strengths, so was glad to get the names out and a quick report as well.

  • In the 3 trades did we get 2 great prospects and 3 fair prospects?
    What the chances that Garza is traded and clears waivers?

  • In reply to emartinezjr:

    Garza will probably be placed on waivers before August 31st. How many teams in the American League's reverse standings don't claim him is open to debate.

  • fb_avatar

    Garza will not be put on waivers. Almost Everybody gets put on waivers August 1 but I don't think he will. He might. He won't pass all the way through though. If a team claims him and can't resign him they get a draft pick if they offer him 12.5, and he won't resign on a rebuilding project, so why not claim him? If I was first in line I'd claim him. It's a free draft pick right? Unless I understand the process incorrectly. So the Cubs would have to pull him back, work on a likely bad trade offer by the claiming team, deide not to trade him, and couldn't pass him through again. So Garzas value lies in the following two scenarios.
    1. The Cubs resign him.
    2. They trade him in the offseason when there are no longer a vastly recessed number of buyers (read:ONE)

  • In reply to Michael Canter:

    Garza will be placed on waivers. The Cubs have nothing to lose. If a team claims him but doesn't want to trade for him, the Cubs simply pull him back.

  • In reply to emartinezjr:

    Zero I think.

  • In reply to Cubswin4harry:

    I could see KC, Minnesota, Seattle and Cleveland not putting in a claim.

  • fb_avatar

    This is why I appreciate cubs den and bleacher nation so much. Have you guys seen the comments over on the Tribune site??? The posts by cubs fans are simply terrible. Never seen so much fail in a thread, so many people who collectively have no clue what this team is trying to accomplish. It's sad.

  • In reply to Marcel Jenkins:

    Right on, Marcel. That's why I don't read the Tribune or go to their site any more. It is sad......The whole operation is full of dinosaurs.....

  • In reply to Marcel Jenkins:

    Just waiting for Rosen-whatever to pander to the ill-educated masses now.

  • Loved the Maholm trade yesterday for Vizcaino. Im kind of meh on the prospects today. Listened to Goldstein on the Score. The 3rd baseman doesn not exite me at all, not sure if he even projects as a starter and the pitcher was only a throw in. Would have went for a couple pitchers instead. With Vitter, Baez, etc. not sure we needed a non impact third baseman.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Behn Wilson:

    I think Villanueva's bat profiles very nicely at 2b. He's not going to beat out Baez as our future 3b.

  • In reply to Just Win:

    He sounds a lot more of a second baseman stature wise and his a lack of power, hes only like 160 pounds. I can live with the trade a lot better if he was a second baseman but I dont think he has the bat to be a quality major league starting thrid baseman.

  • I just want to say f Dempster! Cubs were looking for major league ready pitching prospects...Delgado and ended up with 2 class a players who are far from wrigley if they ever get there. As for vizcaino, the guy can't stay healthy. F Dempster!

  • In reply to Joshnk24:

    Dempster really killed the Cubs on this deal, they could have done so much better than this.

  • Kevin Goldstein was on WSCR and had some nice tings to say about Villanueva. "His best strength might be that he doesn't really have any serious weaknesses." Sounds good to me. During the interview, he was asked whether Villanueva was better than Vitters, and Goldstein said 'not now, but maybe in the future.'

    Still aggravated about Delgado, but the deadline certainly could have gone worse.

  • In reply to Eddie:

    Agreed. It was good under the circumstances. I'm anxious to hear what Law has to say. Both have great contacts, of course, but I like Law's detailed descriptions.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Its not just what Goldstein said, its how he said it. I listened to the interview and he was not very enthused about either player the Cubs got. Your right, I would like to hear what Law says, I value his opinion more than Goldstein. But Goldstein doesnt hold back and I like that, Law is more politically ocorrect. Im wondering if Cubs are projecting Villanueva more as a second baseman?

  • In reply to Eddie:

    i'm not sure that "His best strength might be that he doesn't really have any serious weaknesses" is a nice is almost like saying he doesn't have any actual strengths.

  • In reply to cubbie steve:

    Thats what I read into that too, that comment bummed me out.

  • In reply to Behn Wilson:

    Goldstein doesn't gush about any player that's not a top 10 prospect overall. It's kind of his MO. When you're a talent evaluator for Baseball Prospectus, you've seen 100 prospects fizzle for every one that hits it big. So you become pessimistic as a reflex. By the same token, for a front office or for fans of a team, it's still worth getting excited about a prospect's potential, because the more high-upside guys you have in the system, the better your chances that one of them hits it big. Personally, I don't ever let Goldstein, Sickels, Law et al kill my buzz.

  • If the Cubs trade someone who clears waiver and get a minor leaguer back does the minor leaguer have to clear waivers or is there any other trade impediment to getting a minor leagur back? And Cubs need to finda 4A pitcher from somehere like the guy they got from Boston for cash, they dont need a world beater but they need to throw someone better than Gary Coleman out there..

  • These guys really know how to turn short term assets into long term ones. I am going to love watching the Dodgers run Capuano and Harang out their every fifth day as they revert back to their normal form and get lit up.
    And if you need a reminder that you guys know as much or more than half the guys running ball clubs, how can Shawn Camp not be picked up by a contending team? The guy has been one of the best middle relievers in baseball this season, and it would not have taken much to aquire him.

  • I don’t remember exactly when he posted this, but here were the Top prospects in the offseason according to John (hope this cuts and pastes well…)
    1. Brett Jackson
    2. Javier Baez
    3. Matt Szczur
    4. Jeimer Candelario
    5. Reggie Golden
    6. Trey McNutt
    7. Ben Wells
    8. Josh Vitters -
    9. Rafael Dolis -
    10. Chris Carpenter
    11. Daniel Vogelbach
    Additions since then
    1. Anthony Rizzo
    2. Gerardo Concepcion
    3. Jorge Soler
    4. Albert Almora
    5. Duane Underwood
    6. Pierce Johnson
    7. Paul Blackburn
    8. Arodys Vizcaino
    9. Jacob Brigham
    10. Kyle Hendricks
    11. Christian Villanueva
    Of the 11 additions, 7 are pitchers. I’m beyond ecstatic with what these guys have done! Would have loved Delgado, but we all need to quit living in the what might have been. I wish Dempster well and am thankful for all of the good times he brought during his stay. He's not leaving like Sosa or Big "Bullpen" Z.

  • In reply to Break The Curse:

    There will be some big changes. Injures and disappointing years have taken their toll.

  • Soriano and Marmol will easily clear waivers (although the Cubs would be thrilled if somebody did claim them, since they'd have to assume their contracts). So they can negotiate with any of the 29 teams that might want them if the Cubs chip in enough money.

    Garza, Russell, Camp and Baker aren't going anywhere this season. Garza will be either extended or traded during the off-season (so his new team would get a compensation pick if he went elsewhere after the 2013 season).

  • In reply to cubsin:

    I could see Camp and/or Baker being traded before August 31st.

  • In reply to cubsin:

    it would be insane for a playoff team to pass on someone like Camp and Baker... Baker can play the whole infield well and is serviceable as an OF... very few guys like that

  • Watching the action during this deadline really underscores the value of a deep farm system. Texas got one of 2012's best pitchers for a No. 10 prospect and No. 25 prospect. The effect on the Rangers' prospect list is negligible. I hope by the time the Cubs are in contention, they've built a system that has this kind of depth, so that we can add All-Star rentals without shipping off our elite prospects.

    Not much point bitching about Delgado. Just a tough break. All things considered, we did pretty well to get what we did. With a little luck (and a lot of healing), 2013 could be a breakout year for a number of talented SP prospects who've been hampered by injuries. Counting the 2012 draft picks, we just have too many guys with top-of-rotation upside that one of them just has to pan out.

  • In reply to Taft:

    I couldn't agree more Taft.

  • 10 days ago the Cubs had 2 good pitchers to trade at the deadline
    now today I can't figure out what went wrong?

  • Per chicago tribune live John Danks done for the season, surgery scheduled for Monday. Think KW was upset at Danks for mentioning that Saturday and not doing the same as the Rangers say they did with Feliz, who's going to need TJ surgery that they supposedly knew about days ago?

  • I have to think Villenueva sits right about 10th in our system when the system is re-ranked . Hendricks 15-20 in our system . Good value for a rental . I was as hard on Dempster as anyone because Delgado was a real overpay but in the end He waived His 10/5 rights and the organization is better off going forward . Thanks for that .

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    John, I did some more research on Hendricks, and I would like to add to what you wrote. He is actually a 6 pitch pitcher. He throws a two seamer that sits upper 80's to induce ground balls. He also has a four seamer that sits low 90's, which he will use on occasion to climb the ladder. He recently added a cutter, and of course, he has the change, curve and slider you mentioned. It would seem that his command of all of his pitches is impressive, and that his sum may actually be more than the whole of his individual parts. He likes to work in and out and up and down. I read him as being very cerebral in a Greg Maddux like way.

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    In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    Also John, he weighed less than 170 lbs on a 6'2" frame when the Rangers drafted him out of Dartmouth. He is now 6'3" and up to 190 lbs. It's pretty obvious what the Rangers were thinking when they drafted him. He was a kid with excellent command and control who still had some projection left. Exactly the kind of college kid you like to find in the 8th round.

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    True, but he didn't throw any harder. He's a finesse guy all the way. Closer to guys like Jokisch than a guy like Vizcaino. I'm more excited about Villanueva.

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    In reply to John Arguello:

    You're right. He's definitely not a power pitcher, but he may ultimately end up being better than what he already have in the system.

    BTW, do you think they'll mess with Brigham's delivery? It's extremely over-handed. I wonder, if they dropped him down to a high-3/4's, would it help against left-handed hitters by giving him some deception and movement. His lefty/righty splits are extreme.

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    They might tinker with him, I really don't know. Gets hit more than he should, so maybe a few small adjustments might make a difference.

  • So.......did I miss anything while I was gone?

    Sorry to miss all the big action. I had fluid building up in my typing hands. Had to be held back. But I typed on flat ground this morning. And this afternoon I did some typing drills on a towel!!!! Arguello is limiting me to 800 words for tonight's wrap.

    I can't say anything that hasn't been said. I know if the Delgado trade went through we never would have got Vizcaino so there's no sense in saying whether Dempster "Screwed" the Cubs or not.

    As for the prospects, I'm still only ankle deep in watching prospects play. Sounds like we got a nice chunk of prospects who we won't really know about for two years. And that's how it should be. It sounds like the Cubs may actually start putting the "Build" into the rebuild.

    Lastly, I want to say that it was a total blast following the "Hugs of Death" on twitter last night. Once a guy got hugged, that's it! He's gone. I also found it to be a great time getting absolutely smashed while tweeting about the trade deadline. And I promise all Cub Den readers to get equally as smashed during next year's deadline as well. See you for the wrap!!!!!

  • In reply to felzz:

    Next year's deadline??? Cripes, man!
    It's LaHair of the Dawg Time... let's get smashed now!!

  • in the baseball america handbook they got villanueva rated as #8 in the rangers system and have him graded as a 60 high that would put him ahead of maples and even with jackson before he went to shit this year so just to give u a idea of what he can do and how highly rated he is for the people that say he dont look too good of a return

  • In reply to dakota cubs fan:

    I agree. Christian Villanueva was 150 lbs and skinny as a rail when Texas drafted him and when you're a kid running around all the time, training and playing baseball, it's hard to put on weight. As he gets older he'll fill in more and he'll be a power threat, although I think he might be one already. Seventeen homers isn't anything to sneeze at, no matter what level of pro ball. The fact that he plays plus defense and stole 32 bases last year tells me he's got the potential to be something special in 2 or 3 years. I read somewhere that Villanueva has a good chance to haunt Texas for years. Let's hope that turns out to be true.

  • On the Cubs website Jon Mayo updated his top 20 prospects with Vizcaino #3, Villanueva #6 and Hendricks was #17 or 18. Not bad considering the way things have gone the past week or so.

  • In reply to JeremyR:

    does that say more about Jed and Theo's negotiating skills....or about how bad the farm was?

  • and j. mayo had villanueva as the cubs 6th best and hendricks as our 15th and vizciano as our 3rd

  • Casey Casem is not a good pitcher.

  • Here is how I look at it. Dempster was an ok trade, Maholm was a very good trade and Soto its Soto wasnt going to get you much. But the most important thing is they laid foundations for Garza and Soriano for trades in the near future. I hate to tell you Cubs fans but next year maybe worse then this year. This is going to at about 4 yrs.

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    In reply to WickitCub:

    Yea, you are right Wick

    I was thinking at the beg of this season that we would get some big help from Vitters, Jackson, and Rizzo come 2013 and sign a couple of pitchers this winter and be about a 70-75 win team and then make some noise come 2014.

    Now looks like Vitters and Jackson can't even get called up this year on a pretty bad team so thinking of them making an impact next year is prob a pipe dream as well as the MGMT signing some quality arms.

    If they are waiting until we can put about a 80% farm raised team and be expecting it to realistically compete, then we are at least 4 years away. A little depressing after what was thought of a pretty good day for the organization.

  • done with Coleman, ok?

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    In reply to Mitterwald:

    Who is Coleman? I think I have trauma induced amnesia. The trauma being I had to watch whoever that was starting tonight.

  • Keith Law just tweeted this:

    keithlaw ‏@keithlaw

    Arodys Vizcaino. "@clvolckmann: @keithlaw who was the highest rated prospect dealt at the deadline?"

    Cubs got the best prospect, so says Keith Law.

  • i have a question why in the world did the rangers want soto if they have napoli?

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    Napoli has only started 55 games at catcher this year. He's also played 1b and DH. Yorvit Torrealba was getting the other half of starts at catcher and having a bad year so they rolled the dice Soto can regain his old form and give them some spark. They got him cheap, and the Cubs are paying most of his remaining salary.

  • We can spin it any way we want...if you look at the deal the Brewers and the Marlins got for their rental SP's.....the Cubs FO fell short...unless somene wants to debate with me that Turner and Segura werent superior trades

  • In reply to NIKOMAN:

    Maybe, but the Brewers had a superior pitcher to deal and the Marlins added a second good player in Omar Infante, though I think the Tigers overpaid. Jim Callis ranked Vizcaino right behind Turner and Segura. I think the Cubs did well, but they didn't knock it out of the park.

  • In reply to NIKOMAN:

    And Keith Law had Vizcaino rated above both Turner and Segura, by the way.

  • In reply to NIKOMAN:

    Greinke and Sanchez didn't have 10/5 rights or non-trade clauses. This made it much easier for the Brewers and Marlins to consider all their options. It allowed both teams to shop their pitchers in the open market and take the best deals out there.

    The Cubs were handcuffed by Dempster's "preference" to play for the Dodgers. Theo and Jed exhausted every avenue to make that trade happen. Once Dempster saw that the Dodgers weren't going to up their offer this afternoon, he consented to going to the Yankees and Rangers.

    Considering the Cubs had very few options compared to the Marlins and Brewers, they did VERY well.

  • In reply to NIKOMAN:

    I believe the Cubs could have gotten more, and perhaps Demp was worth more in relation to those two trades. However, I'm not quite out there far enough to actually expect to receive a Jacob Turner type for Ryan Dempster.....almost as good, but not Turner good. And as John said, throwing in that second player.....

    However, we nearly had Delgado, so I would expect something close to that, but I will not say the Cubs FO fell short, because the fact of the matter is, they made chicken salad out of chicken #%*!, and I respect them for that.....

    When it looked like all hope was lost and that Theo and Jed would either have to cave or listen to Dempster get booed for 2 1/2 months and collect their comp pick, they gave the Dodgers the finger, gave their lack of leverage the finger, and still got prospects. How good remains to be seen, but even the most hyped guys miss! Or they pitch a year or two and fall apart *cough* Mark Prior *cough*

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    In reply to cubbie steve:

    Some may disagree, but I think Villanueva actually compares well with Segura. Segura has a pretty decent chance of ending up at 2b due to fringe-avg SS tools. Villanueva looks like he would profile defensively quite well at 2b. Villanueva looks to have much better power, with slightly less speed. I think he's largely under appreciated in prospect circles.

    No, Villanueva is not as valuable as Turner, but the Tigers also plugged a major hole at 2nd base with that deal.

    All in all, I like the Demp trade more and more. I think Villanueva has significant upside at both 2nd or 3rd. I'd rate him ahead of Vitters right now.

  • i thought i would look at the propects that were rated in the pre season top 100 and mid seasons top 50 and it is impressive how much better we have gotten. rizzo- mlb, jackson, baez, soler, almora, vizcaino, szczur, villanueva

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    Anibal sanchez < Ryan Dempster

    Omar Infante = Darwin Barney

    If we would have traded w the Tigers, we would have beat that packaged easily and Jacob Turner would be a cub and in the rotation the rest of the year. Problem is, Dempster prob didn't want to go to the Tigers.

    Although I do really get where the poster who felt the Cubs fell a little short is coming from.

    I think they did okay, but we won't really know until a few years from now.

    I just where they really failed was not traded an OF. Yes, I know Soriano would be real hard to deal, but I find it real hard to believe they couldn't just give Lahair away like they did Soto and open up a spot for Brett Jackson . Give him almost 200 AB's so we will have some clue what we have in him, and what we can expect from him in the future and thus help the powers that be work on the plan this offseason.

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