Cubs Rumor Thread Deadline edition: Dodgers out on Dempster, mystery team in?

Cubs Rumor Thread Deadline edition: Dodgers out on Dempster, mystery team in?

Yesterday we saw three players get traded in Geovany Soto, Paul Maholm, and Reed Johnson with the Cubs acquiring RHPs Arodys Vizcaino, Jaye Chapman, and Jacob Brigham.  Get the details here.  Today Ryan Dempster should be traded and the Cubs are also working to move Matt Garza and Alfonso Soriano.  As we saw with Soto, however, anybody could be traded, so keep it here for quality information on the prospects the Cubs get in return...

1:32 PM: Need a cheat sheet for all the days trades.  Bullpen Brian has it for you here.

1:01 PM: It appears the Cubs were zoned in on Allen Webster and the Dodgers would not budge, so the Cubs have disengaged talks according to Tom Verducci of MLB Network (h/t Brett Bleacher Nation).  Cubs are now talking to two suitors, the Yankees and a "mystery team" on Dempster.  Two hours to go.  Hang on to your hats.

11:36 PM: Just got back from getting some coffee and find that a Ryan Dempster trade with the Dodgers seems imminent.  Jim Bowden tweets, "Dodgers getting dotting of i's and crossing of t's being worked on......"  The Cubs have been asking for Allen Webster, who's a great fit in my opinion, or possibly Chris Reed, who immediately would become their top LHP prospect.  Garrett Gould is also a possibility, though he's a step down from the other two, in my opinion.  He'd still probably be the Cubs 2nd best SP prospect after Vizcaino, however -  at least at the A ball level or higher.

10:50 PM: David Kaplan tweets the an NL scouts take on Arodyz Vizcaino, "If Vizcaino comes back to form after his surgery this deal could haunt the Braves. He is really good."

9:36 AM: The Cubs will get either a PTBNL or cash considerations in addition to RHP Jacob Brigham in the deal that sent Geo Soto to the Rangers.  It's likely contingent on performance/games played factors.

9:34 AM: Jayson Stark tweets that the Yankees have denied interest in Dempster.

9:16 AM: More good news on Cubs pitchers.  Tom hears that the Blue Jays believe Matt Garza is healthy and they will make a big push for him.  We have also heard from a different source that the Cubs have scouted the Jays organization heavily.

8:40 AM: The always informed David Kaplan has an excellent piece of news for us this morning.  There are three suitors for Dempster and it is expected that he will accept a deal to any of those three teams.  The other two teams involved are the Texas Rangers and the New York Yankees.  Both teams are looking for starters but are looking for something cheaper than the top guys on the market, such as Matt Garza.  We'd also heard in the past that the cost of RHPs Josh Johnson and James Shields were prohibitive.  All 3 teams have interesting pitching prospects to deal, so this obviously bears watching.  Kaplan writes that a source told him...

"However, with three teams seriously involved, it won't be cheap to acquire him even though it is potentially a three-month rental."
"Dempster has made it clear to Cubs management that he would like to play in Los Angeles but he also understands that Epstein and Hoyer have a job to do and he will not stand in their way if it means that the best deal is somewhere else," a source with knowledge of the discussions told me this morning. "He never told them he would only go to LA, he only said that he wanted time to make the best decision for him and his family and that is his right as a 10/5 [10 years in the majors, the lat five with your current team] man. Ryan is serious about wanting to win a World Series and he will approve a deal if it gives him that chance. People who have been critical of him about the Atlanta deal don't have all of the facts."

Good news indeed to start the morning!



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  • Based on that Kaplan update, Dempster blinked. But we've heard these promises of him not standing in the way of a deal. I'll believe it when I see it.

    Given this rumor, if Dempster leaves yet another team at the altar by blocking a trade, then I think he can expect a hostile home crowd when he takes the rubber for tonight's game.

  • I would say it is more the type of team being discussed rather Dempster blinking. The Yankees and the Rangers both have legitimate chances to win the series. The Braves are a long shot by comparison.

  • Any news on why Brett Jackson was pulled from his game last night? Is he injured or part of a trade?

  • In reply to supercapo:

    It's still unclear. I think we'll find out by tonight. Some think he may even be involved in a trade. Just a thought (pure speculation), but what if Cubs sent him along with Garza in order to get Gose back from Jays along with pitchers?

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Are your fingers going to hold up from all the typing you're going to do today, John?

  • Haha! I need coffee too! Trying to find some time to tear myself away from computer.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Hope your wife is working today ;)

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    She is. I'm able to fully obsess on the Cubs today!

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to John Arguello:

    Ha...I am half asleep after following this site and mlbtrade rumors late into the night. I read that as "I am able to be fully obese." lol

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    If you go to Starbuck's for coffee you won't run into Epstein today.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Jays just traded their LFer. Not giving up any top OF prospects. Especially not Gose. Marisnick probably.

  • Any time the Dodgers want to make a real offer, they can go right ahead.

  • I am not sure the Dodgers ever make a legitimate offer for Dempster. I think that they have been so used to low-balling the Cubs for so long that they think Theo and crew will give in and give them what they want for next to nothing. If I were the FO, I wouldn't answer the Dodgers calls until for at lest the next 4 hours, let them stew, see if they panic and up their offer dramatically.

    I am cheering for a bidding war between Texas and New York. Dempster could still fetch a very nice package with these two teams after him.

  • In reply to supercapo:

    They already got a high upside pitcher for Maholm, whom most consider to be the lesser pitcher, though he does have that extra year of control. Not sure what makes them think the Cubs will settle for third rate prospects on Dempster.

  • No kidding. They still think they can get him cheap.

  • I also saw Kaplan report that Jackson is starting this afternoon in Iowa. Might have been part of a deal being discussed last night? Maybe Cubs thought they had a chance to move Soriano or LaHair and would've called him up?

  • Paul Sullivan ‏@PWSullivan
    Since the Cubs are already paying part of Soto's salary w/ Texas, they'd get a refund on some if they don't choose PTBNL.

    Didn't know there was a second player in the Soto deal. Doesn't sound like any kind of serious prospect, but it's fun to speculate.

  • In reply to North Side Irish:

    That was just announced. I guess when the Cubs said that deal wasn't finished yesterday, that's what they meant.

  • I trull believe that some of this Demspter news is spin being filtered to help the Cubs leverage and Demspster's PR. Could have come from his side. That being said, Kap's info is some of the best, whether it was by design or not.

  • In reply to Tom Loxas:

    I am not a big one for Twitter, but I have been reading some of the posts there over the past day or two. I am surprised at how little questioning Kap takes. Since I don't live anywhere close to the Chicago area, I haven't really followed him before, (hadn't really heard much about him until a few months ago) but he seems to tell what he has heard and who cares if you don't like it. It is kind of refreshing, but surprising too, when you are used to a more calm and measured approach we are all used to.

  • fb_avatar

    Who needs the Dodgers? The Rangers 10th best prospects is as good or a better prospect than the Dodgers top 2, and the Yankees, though extremely hitter heavy, are still a better system overall. If Dempster brought back Gary Sanchez and Tyler Austin, I'd still be tickled to death.

    Dempster probably doesn't get you Mike Olt or Martin Perez from the Rangers, but you might get Cody Buckel and either Justin Grimm or Neil Ramirez. Luke Jackson is another name to look out for.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    If I'm Epstein and Hoyer, the only way the Dodgers are getting Dempster now is if Lee, Webster and Reed are coming back to the Cubs. Last week, Reed and either Lee or Webster could've gotten this deal done, but Coletti decided to be insulting with the offer of only a middle reliever. If I'm Dempster, I'm insulted that the Dodgers think that's all I'm worth.

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    Agree with you Michael about Dempster hopefully would see the Dodgers true colors about now. If they don't value him any more than that now, what'll they do for him at seasons end?, look to keep him a couple 3 more years with a new contract? I 'm thinking Coletti is showing him the door and looking for a new toy.

  • By the way, Kap said Jackson is still in AAA Iowa and will play tonight. Just a double switch, it seems.

  • fb_avatar

    hey, john, with regards to jackson, doesn't it seem as if they'd call him up soon regardless? unless the cubs get a better OF option in one of these trades, they may well need another OF soon as the chances of either soriano or dejesus or lahair getting traded seem pretty good. who knows, maybe more than one of them will be traded.

    speaking of lahair: does he have any value anymore? as much as his splits might have justified it, i feel like sveum really did him a developmental disservice early in the season by benching him every time versus lefties. he comes across as a soft spoken, wide-eyed kid who's maybe susceptible to having his confidence shaken, and sveum showed very little confidence in him much of the time. now he looks totally lost at the plate, like he's just up there timidly guessing. it's a shame.

  • In reply to Jack Collins:

    Very possible. I'm guessing September right now. They still have a full OF of Soriano, DeJesus, and LaHair as of this moment, though that could change.

    Makes more sense to call up a guy like Sappelt or Adduci, who are both guys who project as backups.

    I think LaHair's value has all but evaporated. The majors are tough. The advanced scouting is incredible and once they find your weaknesses, MLB pitchers unlike minor league guys, can exploit that weakness over and over again. LaHair hasn't been able to adjust yet. He needs to if he's going to keep his job.

  • In reply to Jack Collins:

    I've felt this way about LaHair for some time. Sveum has wrecked his confidence and I'd hoped he'd be traded to get out nfrom under him. LaHair could have been a wonderful story, but the way Seum treated him and the constant hearing that Rizzo would replace him probably did him in. I'm not knocking Rizzo, but anybody would bound to be affected by his looming presence and Sveum's treatment. Is there any chance he could be a throw-in on a Garza deal? Once he gets under a different manager he may be able to turn it around.

  • In reply to pricewriter:

    They were protecting LaHair. He couldn't hit AAA lefties, so there was no reason to expect he could hit major league lefties. We've already seen how RHPs have adjusted to him. LHPs would have eaten him up. I think it wasn't just Sveum. I'd be willing to bet the entire front office was on board with his part-time role.

    LaHair could be a throw-in, but I wouldn't go further than that right now.

  • What time do the Cubs report to Wrigley Field for a night game?

  • How much do the Dodgers even want Dempster? From the way they are low balling the Cubs it seems that he isn't a high priority. I know it is where Demp wants to be, but you would think if they aren't interested he would be eager to move on and consider other teams.

  • With news out now that the Tigers are looking for a middle of the order hitter, does Soriano make sense for them?

  • fb_avatar

    Names are being tossed around locally in Cincinnati this morning. It's a mix of speculation and rumor, but here is what is being discussed. A multi-player deal that has Garza, DeJesus and Camp going to the Reds for prospects and maybe a Reds major leaguer. No names as far as Reds prospects, but we can all guess. I think the Reds Major Leaguer would most likely be an outfielder, probably Chris Heisey. The Reds could then platoon Ludwick and DeJesus in left-field.

  • fb_avatar

    I know this is just wishful thinking, but if the rumors are true about Soriano turning down a trade SF, and following on the heels of the Dempster to Atlanta debacle, I hope and pray that Theo inc. never again sign a player to a deal longer than four years in length. The 10/5 rule is killing us, and the only way to avoid it in the future is to simply not give more than four years. Besides, what player has ever really maintained his level through a longer contract? Seems like they always turn it on in their contract year anyway, i.e. Dempster.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Double D:

    good idea in theory, the problem is that players are looking for longer deals (with more money) and in a free agent bidding situation, there's always a team that's willing to go more years in order to get the player.

  • 3 hrs. 22 minutes and counting

    Really glad to see the jays in on garza, lets see if AA is actually willing to make a dynamic deal

  • In reply to Andrew13:

    4 hrs I meant

  • If the Cubs trade Garza to the Jays, that would be great ..and will back for calling the Toronto GM a wuss. As for Dempster, he will be traded and hopefully not to the Dodgers. How is Ned going to explain that to the LA media that he got nobody? The spin will be that he overplayed his hand and outsmarted himself.

  • It won't be hard for Coletti to outsmart himself. He never seemed too bright. I see the Dodgers missing the playoffs whether or not they make a fair trade for Dempster.

  • Well, that "might" mean the Dodgers are out..maybe .

  • fb_avatar

    I don't know if this should tell us anything, but Allen Webster, who missed his scheduled start for the Chattanooga Lookouts last night, is scheduled to go tonight.

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    I don't know if that means anything. Dempster is scheduled to go tonight too.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Hard to believe any line-ups are written stone right about now.

  • Hearing on espn Victorino close to L.A., not that I mind xcept that would leave Soriano likely out of the imaginary "with Dempster " deal.

  • In reply to daddyo:

    Time to move from Coletti and his hacks as far as I'm concerned, why bail him out from his own incompetence now?!!

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to daddyo:

    I think, as long as Soriano continues to perform, there will be a market for him this winter.

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    Hear hear!, he's been a pleasent surprise, real trooper so to speak...won't hurt to hang with him the rest of the way out...good things may happen that aren't forseen right now value wise, you're right.

  • fb_avatar

    Phillies got Lindblom and Ethan Martin for Victorino.

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    Martin a nice pickup.

  • Per Jim Bowden ESPN, Dodgers Cubs finally close on a Dempster deal.

  • In reply to apalifer:

    If so lets see who blinked . If Reed , Webster or Lee arent in deal Dodgers win . imo . Gotta get one of those 3 . Gould not enough.

  • Wouldn't be surprised to see Pence go too.

  • per Bowden Dempster deal being finalized with Dodgers , Pence deal to Giants done pending physical .

  • In reply to Bryan Craven:

    Thanks Bryan, just updated.

  • fb_avatar

    He's heading to the giants according to John heyman

  • Who sinks to bottom of standings faster, Cubs or Phils?

  • Just watched MLB Trade Deadline on MLB Network and Webster appears to be the main piece of the deal, but Dodgers want more. It's possible they are looking for some prospects as well. Theo and Jed are trying to get this deal complete and are being creative as possible.

  • Baker and the one prospect mentioned was McNutt.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to lokeey:

    Id do demp baker and mcnutt for Webster, Gould, and a lesser high risk/high reward type prospect.

  • If this deal indeed does go down, Dempster had better give Theo&Jed their due for trying to "accomodate" to be fair+ value or I don't see them doing it....prospects also(they want) means it should be a good haul for the cubs.

  • With Teixeira's injury, any chance the Yankees come a-courtin' for LaHair?

  • fb_avatar

    Wow, I go mow the grass, and all this new stuff comes up.

    John, I hope the coffee is good. I posted something on your Facebook page.

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    Your grass is still growing this summer? Mine hardly is.

  • fb_avatar

    Rosenthal says the D'backs are having an "All Hands on Deck" meeting to discuss how best to counter the recent moves of the Giants and Dodgers.

  • Tweet from Doud Padilla

    Doug Padilla ‏@ESPNChiCubs

    Brett Jackson is playing for Iowa right now. IF/OF Cardenas, C Castillo and P Coleman are not.

  • I know I am a new poster, so I hate to make a request so soon. However, John, could you provide a prediction on where the new prospects will be assigned? I will be going to see the AA Smokies for 5 games in a week or so. I am interested in seeing if any new guys will be in Tenn.

  • In reply to AUBWDE:

    Ask away. I try to answer all questions -- though it's a little hard right now.

    Vizcaino is on the DL Chapman could be AAA or could even get the call depending on if the Cubs trade Russell or Camp. Brigham is probably AA, but if there are moves, he may get promoted to AAA.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    So, in other words, a little too early to know until we know the rest of the deals.

  • so where do we sit on the 40 man after all these deals? I see us at 38 right now, is that correct with 5 guys not counting on DL.

  • In reply to Bryan Craven:

    I think you're right. May save those spots for now.

  • I agree , if Dempster is traded to LA , he better give some big props to Theo and Jed . I am not hearing any Garza chatter, I'm not so sure he will be traded now .

  • Sappelt and Adduci in the line-up too

  • ...In Iowa. Sorry, I though I responded directly to SFToby

  • Buster Olney ‏@Buster_ESPN
    Diamondbacks working hard on something big, and a Garza/Upton framework makes sense for both Cubs and Diamondbacks.

    Cubs on his No Trade List, but there are alway$ way$ to $solve that i$$ue.

  • In reply to North Side Irish:

    way to be subtle ;)

  • In reply to North Side Irish:

    "12:46pm: The Diamondbacks are not currently discussing a deal with the Cubs involving Upton and Garza, reports's Steve Gilbert"

  • Buster Olney ‏@Buster_ESPN

    Diamondbacks working hard on something big, and a Garza/Upton framework makes sense for both Cubs and Diamondbacks.

  • In reply to Joe Pepitone:

    Hey fellas, I just heard on the Wally Phillips show that the Yanks might trade Joe Pepitone to us for the stretch drive.
    Cards announcer Jack Buck said it would be "unfair" to pick up good players in the middle of the season.

  • JIM BOWDEN ‏@JimBowdenESPNxm
    Justin Upton is not involved in trade negotiations with Matt Garza


  • It looks like the Diamondback are on Garza as well

  • Now saying that Dempster deal is off with Dodgers and Cubs have brought in Yanks and "mystery team"

  • In reply to John Arguello:


  • In reply to Break The Curse:

    Could be. Maybe D'Backs? Nats?

  • fb_avatar

    Are the Blue Jays still interested in Garza? Getting one or two of their pitching prospects would be really nice!

  • In reply to Gabe Hauari:

    As far as we know, yes, they're still interested...and agreed would love to get some young SP prospects.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to John Arguello:

    What would the haul for Garza be? One top prospect, two mid-tier guys? Do you think the Cubs can squeeze two top prospects from them? Acquiring any combination of Aaron Sanchez, Noah Syndergaard, Justin Nicolino, and Anthony Gose would be incredible for the Cubs.

  • In reply to Gabe Hauari:

    Maybe two if one of them is Nicolino. His upside is lower than the other two.

  • fb_avatar

    RT @ESPNBruceLevine: Toronto and Texas had scouts watching Garza's side session on Monday.

  • fb_avatar

    RT @JimBowdenESPNxm Matt Garza deal to Diamondbacks will not include Upton if they can come to an agreement according to a source

    RT @Joelsherman1 #Cubs getting out strong word #Yankees involved on Dempster, but no 1 coming close to coping to that on the NYY side.

    RT @Kevin_Goldstein Cubs still scrambling on Dempster,it seems pretty clear that LAD have no inclination to include Allen Webster in a deal

    RT @JimBowdenESPNxm: Serious game of chicken between LAD& Cubs on Dempster right now...Cubs believed to have found another team..LA blin ...

  • fb_avatar

    RT @Ken_Rosenthal Sources tell me, @jonmorosi #Yankees have indeed contacted #Cubs about acquiring Dempster.Teams not talking seriously,yet

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    Thanks, Michael.

    Also, Check my (and Tom's) twitter feed on the right hand rail for those who don't already follow or aren't on Twitter That tends to update quicker.

  • I think Dempster + LaHair to Yankees would make sense with Teixeira's injury...

  • fb_avatar

    RT @JonHeymanCBS: source says dempster told the #cubs he will agree to a #yankees trade

  • fb_avatar

    Levine is reporting that Dempster personally told him he would waive his 10 and 5 rights to go to the Yankees or the Rangers.

  • One hour to go...

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Do I have time to run to the liquor store?

  • fb_avatar

    Hearing Garza and Dempster or Upton and prospects on MLB Radio.

  • fb_avatar

    hope egg is all over coletti's face at the end of the day! I am thrilled that the Cubs did not blink and walked away from the Dodgers offer!

  • Rosenthal saying that the Dodgers won't give up any of the top 7 prospects in their mediocre system. I guess they're really enjoying the leverage that Dempster has given 'em.

    When Demps said he wanted to "do whatever's best for the organization," was he talking about the Cubs or L.A.?

  • In reply to Taft:

    I would love to play hold em with Ned , He would stay all in with a pair of 9's

  • Kaplan says Cubs and Tigers struggling to come to agreement on $$$ for Soriano trade.....

    Translation: Theo isn't getting the players he wants? We keep hearing Chi will pay nearly all to get better players, seems like the only explanation, if "rumor" is true......

  • fb_avatar

    Non-Cubs Related: Interesting move by Pittsburgh for Gaby Sanchez, who still has four years of control.

  • Kaplan says Tigers and Cubs in serious talks for Soriano...

  • fb_avatar

    I'd say we see about 3 trades last minute for us.. See who's gonna offer the most for who..

  • Am I the only one basically hitting refresh like every 15 seconds just to see if the # of comments has changed???

  • In reply to Steve4cash:

    i'm not getting much work done today, to say the least.

  • In reply to Steve4cash:

    No, you're not alone.

  • In reply to Steve4cash:

    not a chance cash ol' boy!!!

  • fb_avatar

    Bowden says Soriano will not get traded before deadline, but possibility for August deal still exists.

  • I'm happy to see the Cubs stuck to their guns with the Dodgers. I'll be happy to see L.A. and Boston miss the playoffs too.

  • Oh dear, has someone told Soriano that he could be headed to Detroit? I'd hate for him to wake up from a nap and then learn about it from Twitter.

  • In reply to Taft:

    And then have to think about it for a week and wreck the whole deal.

  • Half an hour to go. I get the feeling this is the time when teams are facing each other, hands two inches from their guns as a tumbleweed blows by.

  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but if the Cubs don't trade Soriano b4 3:00, they would hold pretty decent leverage if someone claims him on waivers later. My thinking is that if a team claims him and they don't work out a deal, the Cubs can just let them have him and gain salary relief. Meaning the claiming team would really want to consumate a trade, assuming the Cubs are going to kick in some cash. I also realize the Cubs may percieve Sori as having more value than just dumping salary, and the claiming team realizes the risk(although the white sox inherited Rio's salary this way lol). Am I understanding that correctly?

  • In reply to Bill:

    You are 100% correct.

  • Thanks Ray. I'm having brain overload at the deadline and am starting to doubt some things I thought I had a grasp on. Lol.

  • Soriano not going...They'll put him on waivers in August and see i anyone bites.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    I have to believe a lot, if not all, teams would not put a claim in on Soriano.

  • fb_avatar

    Ray, not at that salary. Sori probably traded in August through the waiver wire. Probably best way also.

  • In reply to Hal McCarty:

    Isn't that what I wrote.

  • Dempster to Yankees per Bowden , waiting for confirmation .

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Bryan Craven:

    Just saw that too. John who do we want from the Yankees?

  • wait now Scott Niller CBS says Dempster to Rangers LOL . Probably means He pitches in Wrigley tonight LOL. Fun stuff .

  • If we can Sanchez, I would be very happy!

  • LOL, never mind

  • fb_avatar

    There any chance we got Martin Perez from Texas?

  • fb_avatar

    What would the potential package from the Yankees be for Dempster? Would Gary Sanchez or Mason Thomas be in it?

  • Bowden just has so little credibility. I have been watching ESPN's Trade Deadline Live and he's all over the board. He's like tabloid sports, all sensationalism no substance.

    One guy did write that around 2:45 Dempster was seen leaving the park. I hope he packs Volstad in his bags. That'd be one rather large packing bag. I hate to see Reed Johnson go, but I understand.

  • Dempster traded to Rangers. Waiting on return.

  • fb_avatar

    B list prospects

  • I hear Dempster to Rangers per WSCR

  • fb_avatar

    Tepesch was scheduled to start for Frisco tonight. He's been pulled.

  • Olney tweets that Dempster's headed to Texas!!

  • Bichette Jr. or Gumbs?

  • fb_avatar

    `2 Class A pitchers coming back for Dempster reported by KR?

  • fb_avatar

    Demp to Texas... Really suprised no garza deal..

  • MLB rumours say its the rangers

  • fb_avatar

    Phil Rogers speculating Russell also a part so we could get back Robbie Ross? Why would he speculate on this?

  • fb_avatar

    2classA pitchers

  • In reply to Michael Canter:

    1 class a pitcher 1 position player , I hope Sardinas the SS is pos player ,

  • fb_avatar

    Class A pitcher and position player..

  • on their live trade feed is announcing that Dempster has been traded to Texas. No other details except that Dempster approved the trade.

  • fb_avatar

    Christian Villanueva and Kyle Hendricks r the players we got

  • Kyle Hendricks who originally pitched for Philadelphia?

  • Villanueva, 3b, .20 years old,
    CAR .285 375 45 107 19 1 10 59 24 83 9 9 .356 .421 .777

    Kyle Hendricks
    5 8 2.82 20 20 2 130.2 123 49 41 8 6 15 112 1.06

  • Hendricks is 22 and pitched at Dartmouth I think. He is in High A as is Villanueva. Someone at MLB said Villanueva should be a top 20 prospect, is a top defender, has some pop, and has speed, 9/9 SB

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