Almora officially signs, will report to Mesa; Alcantara rising up prospect charts

Almora officially signs, will report to Mesa; Alcantara rising up prospect charts

According to the Cubs official website, Albert Almora has passed his physical and the Cubs and Scott Boras have put the finishing touches on his contract, which was reportedly for $3.9M.  The Cubs top pick in the 2012 draft will report to Mesa, the Cubs Arizona Rookie League affiliate.  You can get updates on his play right here in our Minor League Recaps, a daily source of in-depth info on Cubs prospects, including scouting info and statistical updates.

In other prospect news, Baseball America called Anthony Rizzo the Cubs best midseason minor league player (no suprise there).  The also named Arismendy Alcantara as the player who took the biggest leap forward and Ronald Torreyes as the biggest disappointment so far. Alcantara has always been on the Cubs radar, we first mentioned him on April 6th as someone to watch, but back then I didn't expect him to get this good this quickly.  I mentioned him as a good utility infield prospect, but 3 months later, Alcantara looks like he can become more than that. Alcantara is a switch-hitting shortstop with equal proficiency from both sides of the plate.  He's a line drive hitter with surprising pop for someone with his build (listed as 5'10", 160 lbs).  He has slugged .453 in the Florida State League, considered to be a strong pitcher's league because of the bigger ballparks.  Alcantara adds good speed, stealing 24 bases in 28 attempts and has the athleticism to play the middle infield, which greatly increases his value.  Whether Alcantara can remain at short depends on whether he can fix the mechanics on this throws, which have led to a whopping 35 errors so far this season.  He also needs to work on his plate discipline, as he's walked at just a 5.1% rate this season, though he does have 6 walks in his last 5 games. He has likely surpassed Ronald Torreyes for now on the Cubs prospect list.  Torreyes got off to a horrific start, but has hit .304/.380/.473 since the end of May, so there is still hope for a strong second half.


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  • Arismendy Alcantara - Santo would have loved pronouncing that one.

  • In reply to Cubswin4harry:

    He is in MiLBs moniker madness tournament along with Rock Shoulders, Taiwan Easterling, and Jae-Hoon Ha.

  • I really enjoy these minor league updates and player profiles.
    Can't wait to read your player profiles on the prospects we
    are going to get in the various trades made. Please keep
    us updated on the various (real) Cub trade rumors

  • In reply to emartinezjr:

    Thanks. Will go with some interesting rumorsspeculation as it comes. Should start to pick up this week.

  • I am much more disappointed in Brett Jackson and Trey McNutt than I am with Torreyes; who is one of youngest in his league.

  • In reply to Norm:

    Less was expected from Torreyes too. It may be that because Jackson has still been productive and McNutt has been decent. Torreyes, up until June, was terrible.

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    John first of all can you explain to me exactly how long is the contract for rookies when they first sign. 2nd of all how long till he reached the majors. 3rd. I have seen a lot of people dissing Dan Vogelbach and i just saw a few pictures of him and he doesn't look as heavy as Prince fielder and i would think that is somewhat a good thing.

  • In reply to Larry:

    As far as Vogelbach goes, I think it's more about his limitations. He has limited value unless he mashes his way through the minors, which is possible, but it puts a lot of burden on that bat.

  • Wikipedia your first question. It's kind of complicated, and therefore a long explanation. In short, they are under contract for roughly five years in the minors, then the club gets roughly six years of control if they make it to the major leagues.

  • In reply to Cubswin4harry:

    Thanks for answering, will also add that it's also age dependent when it comes to minor league control. Players 19 or over are under control for 4 years before they have to be put on the 40 man.

  • Contracts - Use Josh Vitters as an example.
    Drafted in 2007.
    Put on the 40 man after the 2011 season (5 years, including '07)
    Option used in 2012, 2013, and 2014.
    HAS to be on the active, 25 man roster in 2015.
    Will be arbitration eligible after the 2017 season.
    Free Agent after the 2020 season.

    I think that's right.

  • In reply to Norm:

    That's worst case though. Needs 6 years of Major League service time for free agency.

  • In reply to Norm:

    That looks right to me.

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    In reply to John Arguello:

    Well thank you to all who was able to answer that question. Didn't think it was that complicated.

  • In reply to Larry:

    Yeah it's a crazy amalgamation of rules. Signing "major league" vs a normal minor league contract, Rule 5, roster rules, arbitration rules, Super Two status, etc.

    The Vitters example is an excellent one of a high school player who takes the "slow" road to the Majors.

    But it gets goofy for a long time minor league vet. I'm not sure that the Cubs could control a guy like LaHair for 3 years at the league minimum salary, and then get 3 years of arbitration. I seem to remember there are funny rules about this.

    I'm also not exactly sure how a contract like Soler's plays out. He signed a "9-year" deal. But if he unexpectedly made the big league club next year, for example, and then achieved "Super Two Status" the other rules would seem to make him a free-agent after just 5 years. But perhaps that's why they built in the option for Soler to choose arbitration over the stated contract terms....

  • In reply to Larry:

    Haha... there's plenty of stuff in that MLB rule book. I'm not sure many people have it 100% figured out. I know I don't.

  • Looks like the Mets will soon be desperate for a starter:

    Looks like Garza and Dempster just got more valuable.

  • In reply to SFToby:

    Yeesch...lots of injuries. The plot thickens!

  • Don't expect Dempster or Garza to be traded before the last week of July. Dempster should go before Garza.

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