Update on Cubs draft signings

Well, according to Baseball America, the Cubs haven't signed anyone.  That may or may not be true as the Cubs may just be waiting to announce several signings rather than doing it piecemeal.  They'll save the individual releases for top picks such as Albert Almora.  Here are a few guys who are either already signed or very close according to various sources (h/t Wes)...

  • Anthony Prieto, LHP, (5th Round, H.S., TX): Undersized (5'11") lefty who nonetheless has reached 95 mph in the past.  Has struggled to regain that velocity since minor injury. Also has promising curve, change.  Clean delivery, good command.
  • Chad Martin, RHP, (10th round, Indiana). Huge (6'7", 250 lbs) pitcher who can hit mid 90s, potential for good breaking pitch. Question with Martin is competitiveness and command.  Doesn't perform as well as stuff indicates, but great arm strength to gamble on.
  • Corbin Hoffner, RHP (14th round, St. Petersburg, FL CC): Projectable pitcher, big 6'5" 235 lbs. frame, good numbers in CC
  • Carlos Escobar (6'3, 200 lbs), 15th round pick out of Nevada also plans on signing.  Good catch and throw skills, long swing at the plate, projects as a backup.
  • Nathan Dorris, LHP, (17th round, SIU): Low 90s fastball, curve, good command...but somehow doesn't perform to his ability. An intriguing pick to watch.
  • Lance Rymel, C, (27th round, Baylor):
  • Izaac Garsez, OF (30th round, College of Idaho)
  • Ben Carhart, 3B (35th round, Stetson): Undersized 3B with good bat, gap power but probably lacks the power to stick at a corner.  Solid pick at this point.

Also had a tip that 19th round 3B-RHP Damek Tomscha  is also expected to sign.  I thought Tomscha might be a tough sign because he likes to hit (.446, 15 HRs) and many teams see his long term future on the mound, where he can hit low 90s on the mound.  Some teams like him at catcher, where his arm strength can be a plus and where his bat will project better in the pros.  Tomscha has an offer to play at Auburn but my guess is that his willingness to sign quickly means the Cubs are one of the teams who view him as a hitter.  And it wouldn't surprise me if they're looking at him as a catcher where he can make an easier transition to the mound if things don't work out as a hitter.  We know the Cubs have had great success with that transition in the past.

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    Tomscha will sign if the Cubs agree to let him DH some on days he isn't pitching. I'm just kidding, but if he likes to hit as much as everyone says, it might give him incentive to sign. On a more serious note, the Blake Hickman situation is making me hate Jerry Reinsdorff that much more.


  • John any idea what these guys are signing for? One would hope that Martin goes way under slot, like way under slot...

  • In reply to JR Cubbies:

    Prieto signed for 250K, which is just a hair under slot (257K)

  • Saw that. I'm getting cautiously optimistic now.

  • Cubs got Jorge Soler!!

  • Just signed him.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Never mind...same link. Ugh. So much repetition out there :)

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    As ol' Mr. Dylan would say...." oh the times they are a changin' "

  • Joel Sherman is reporting that the Cubs got Soler.


  • Where do u rank soler with cubs top prospects and where do u project him to fit in with the Cubs in the future

  • In reply to Chicago Cubs Fan 24:

    I'll rank him 5th (Rizzo, Almora, Baez, Jackson, Soler)...but those are 5 impact prospects there. When's the last time you could say that. Soler would have been first or second last year.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Bright future for Cubs

  • i would rank them rizzo, almora, beaz, solar, jackson and if we sign alot of our op pick with the upside and with the trades comeing i think the cubs are in the top 5 systems with the possiblity being nnumber 1 im so excited right now

  • In reply to dakota cubs fan:

    Could make a strong argument to put him ahead of Jackson, but that's as far as I would go right now.

  • i was just going on upside there with those 2 and have jackson strikeout as much as he has

  • In reply to dakota cubs fan:

    The Ks are the big concern with Jackson. No question. It's the one thing that could keep him from fulfilling his potential

  • Just saw John's Tweet about Pierce Johnson signing...any word on the money yet? Since the Cubs may have to find some extra for Almora, they need to be counting the pennies in their draft pool.

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