Sources: Starlin Castro will remain a Cub and a shortstop

Sources: Starlin Castro will remain a Cub and a shortstop

Sorry this post got pushed back a bit, but I had the pleasure of talking with one of the game’s most decorated scouts the other day.

We went over just about the entire Cubs roster. However, John and I thought the Starlin Castro stuff we compiled lately was worth its own space.

John was also able to talk to two of our sources including ESPN baseball guru Keith Law.

Here is what they said regarding the recent rumors and long- term future regarding the Cubs star.


My source says Castro is and should remain a shortstop. He firmly believes that a gifted hitter like Castro should continue playing the position just as long as he doesn’t continue making blatant mistakes. Although, he thinks the position requires a bit more concentration than Castro has sometimes devoted.

He then drew a comparison to a young Derek Jeter who committed 56 errors when he was coming up the Yankees pipeline and believes Castro can make all the routine plays coupled with an occasional spectacular one sprinkled in.

“He is only 23! (actually 22) He will be fine” he said.

As far as the issue of Castro’s availability, he says no chance. He was adamant the Cubs front office expressed that Castro and Jeff Samardzija were the only two players off the table for any potential deals.

MLB Exec:

As far as Starlin Castro goes he said it really made no sense to trade him and that he didn’t think it will happen. He says the Cubs never shopped him, and, even if they said they would listen, they would have to be completely overwhelmed to do such a deal. He compared it to the situation when  the D'Backs were supposedly willing to deal Justin Upton a few years ago.

They never intended to trade him and nobody offered anything resembling fair value, but sometimes letting this info out publicly reminds a player that everyone must perform to expectations and nobody is untouchable.


“Absolutely insane and that's why they were never trying to trade him, bogus rumor.”

So there you have it, three trusted MLB sources that all belive Starlin Castro is staying put in Chicago. Furthermore, a top talent evaluator believes he will stay put at shortstop to boot.

I truly believe the Cubs could have leaked that bogus rumor to get Castro’s attention. It is much more likely that it was just a desperate attempt to create some column/Twitter buzz.

I will have more to post tomorrow on the rest of my discussion with a top scout.


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  • Good to know. And good job in snaggin that bit of info.

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    Good stuff Tom! I can't wait to read the rest of it.

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    In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    Totally with you Michael, good stuff Tom...I'm just jonesn for some trades and some more youth and talent on this team, can't wait to hear what you have for us!!

  • In reply to Luigi Ziccarelli:

    Yes the rest is pretty interesting too, I will have it out soon.

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    Thanks Mike, we are lucky to have good contacts.

  • Why aren't the Cubs playing Baez at 3rd? From everything I've read that sounds like his eventual position and with Castro at SS it would seem to make sense to get him comfortable playing there.

  • In reply to Larry H:

    Any time you have a guy who has even a small chance of playing SS, you leave him there because there is so much more value there. The transition to 3B is one that can be done fairly quickly, over an offseason if necessary. That way if something happens, Castro gets hurt or the Cubs decide he's ultimately better at 3B, you still have a guy who's taken a lot of reps at SS. It also adds to his value to the team -- maybe Baez can still play SS in a pinch at the MLB level.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    That is a good strategy.

  • One thing I like about this FO is that when some rumor gets floated that is completely idiotic, such as the Cubs dangling Castro as trade bait, it gets quickly put down.

    In terms of building blocks, it doesn't get much better than a 22-year-old shortstop who hits and runs the bases like Castro. Who cares if he commits the occasional error? This isn't the year we need him to be a Gold Glove winner. By the time the Cubs have surrounded him with better hitters and pitchers, Castro's defense will be just fine.

  • In reply to Taft:

    Yes! Couldn't agree more. And Tom and I have been beating this drum for a while. These highly respected baseball men all think it makes no sense.

    Sometimes when I think about these types of Cubs fans, I think they'd have been clamoring to trade Lou Brock because he just wasn't reaching his potential with the Cubs. Trading Castro could potentially end up being an even worse decision.

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    In reply to John Arguello:

    John, it's how a lot of Cubs fans are conditioned..They all want instant gratification, instant results..In regards to both the organization and individuals like Castro, you got to give him some time..It's taken years to destroy this franchise, the culture can't be remedied in 6 months and in regards to Castro he is only 22 and brimming with talent, he stays..I agree with Tom, I see a lot of Jeter in him, a lot!! Theo, Jed and Jason MacLeod aren't dumb, they'll build it properly and we will all be eternally grateful one day and it won't that far off, especially if we can net Soler and get good returns on Garza and Demp.

  • In reply to Luigi Ziccarelli:

    Agreed on the need for instant gratification of Cubs fans these days (but not on this site!) It always seems to me too that once some fans decide they don't want to like someone, they hyper-focus on every little thing they do wrong.

    Now Castro needs to improve. I agree wholeheartedly with what the first scout says in that his position demands he keep his head in the game at all times. Shortstops are in on so much of the action on every play. But trading him is such a huge overreaction, it's completely ridiculous to me.

    Thankfully the front office aren't going to let the reactionary fan segment make their decisions for them.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Agreed, John. Listen, I am likely the oldest Cubs fan on this blog ( I first started following and pulling for them in about 1958 or 59), and believe me, I'm sick to death of losing. I've been through it all, so it seems, and I would love to not live through this agony we have right now, but I also know that this FO's method HAS to be done to stop the bleeding we've endured over the years. You can't please the fans both ways, and I wish some of them would THINK instead of knee-jerk react. I also wish some of these sportwriters would get behind this method instead of squawking about ticket prices, etc. The fans have had the money all throughout the mediocrity, so they have the money for this work in progress, too.

  • In reply to cubs1969:

    Good points cubs1969. Very well said.

  • That is pretty much what these types of guys think. The comparison to Jeter is something I have always had in my head and it was echoed by some of the opinions I have had come back to me.

  • Good news to hear. Just dreaming of the day we have an infield of Rizzo, DeVoss, Castro, Baez and Castillo to go with an outfield of Soler, Almora and Jackson. Vogelbach, Clevenger, Vitters, Scuzer and Lake can keep the bench potent. That's my dream. We'll see.

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    In reply to Moonlight:

    I think Torreyes will be the 2nd baseman though

  • Did I forget anyone of importance?

  • In reply to Moonlight:

    No that sounds good. Hope we sign Soler first!

  • I also want to apologize for a typo that had me talking to 2 of the sources. It was I who talked to the scout and John the other 2 including Law. Either way we are both working together on this stuff but I want to give proper cred.

  • It would be nuts to trade a young so talented ss or to expect to not have a learning curve in his development, but it would be remiss to overlook or minimize a 'mind set' issue that would make him far attractive.

  • In reply to 44slug:

    Exactly...I think people forget that if this kid was in AAA, he'd be their top prospect easily, higher than Rizzo, Almora, Soler...whomever. He's one of the few potential impact talents they have and he's cost controlled. Let's not expect him to be a Hall of Famer right now...he's already an all-star at 21. Let's be patient with the kid and it'll pay off.

  • It drives me crazy. 21 years old and he led the NL in hits. Anybody who watches a couple games can see that he is really becoming a good fielder(one error in 25 games) and emerging as a leader on the field(he wants every pop fly, like a good ss does). Only the crazy division of Cub fans would talk about getting rid of a player like this.
    See the Nationals fans talking about trading Strasburg or Bryce Harper? It is utter lunacy.
    Repeat after me Cub fans. Keep your good young players, and get rid of the aging crummy ones. It ain't rocket science.

  • You never saw Yankees fans wanting to get rid of Jeter after all his early errors, or Yount after his. It is nuts.

    And I'm not sure where we'll get a SS? Slide Barney over? Lake can't play there. Baez might be able to, but probably won't. Even if he does, he probably won't be a better SS than Castro.

  • First of all, to anyone who is open to trading Castro, you are trading a proven mlb star for a couple of prospects we hope can be stars. Castro is the age of most of the prospects the Cubs would be likely to receive for him however he has already been an all-star AND led the league in hits. One thing I know is that you never give up a proven entity for any amount unproven ones.

    Also, if a Garza deal were to happen, what kind of prospects might the Cubs get in return? Is Castellanos of the Tigers considered untouchable? How about young Will Middlebrooks in Boston? Would Dempster be able to net some high level prospects? Thx for the recent updates guys, they are very appreciated.

  • In reply to charchar95b:

    Especially when the star is just 22 years, inexpensive and has several years before he reaches free agency -- and plays the most premium defensive position in baseball.

    The Cubs may only be able to get Turner or Castellanos, but not both -- unless they throw in another quality player or two. I think Middlebrooks as to be part of the deal.

    I think Demp will get a surprisingly good prospect in return.

  • If the Cubs wanted to strategically leak a rumor, who would be their mouthpiece? The Muskrat is only used for things that have been made official. Bruce Levine seems to make the most sense to me. Your thoughts?

  • In reply to elusivekarp:

    Levine was the big one for awhile. I'm not sure if he still is.

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