6th Round Pick RHP Trey Lang signs; Mesa, Boise set rosters; update on Puig

Some quick notes for you including an update on Yasiel Puig, who I first wrote about yesterday.  It's curious that there's not a lot of information out there...

  • The Cubs signed 6th round pick Trey Lang, according to his Twitter account.  Lang is a 6'3", 235 lbs, hard-throwing righty who has touched 96 mph and sits at 92-94.  His best pitch, however, is his slider.  Lang is relatively new to pitching, which means a fresh arm.  It also means he has more of a learning curve, but the Cubs are building a great organization that includes a renewed emphasis on development.  Lang is a late inning relief prospect, possibly a closer.
  • The official @Cubs twitter feed announced that Pierce Johnson has officially signed, although no amount has been disclosed at this time.  He signed for the assigned pick value of $1.196M.  Carrie Muskat has a host of Cubs signings, most are just official announcements of picks that were already rumored to have signed.  Johnson and 5th round pick LHP Anthony Prieto ($200,000) headline the signings.
  • 2012 draft picks assigned to Boise: 2B Stephen Bruno (7), C Chadd Krist (9), and C Lance Rhymel.  They also picked up knuckleball specialist Joseph Zeller from Daytona, while C Justin Marra, who had a solid day in his only appearance, was assigned to Mesa.
  • Boise has their home opener and will be on MiLB.com tonight.  Yes, I'm that obsessed.
  • Here is your Mesa Cubs (AZ Rookie League) roster.  Notables include RHP Dillon Maples, who has been rehabbing what has been termed as a minor injury and 1B Dan Vogelbach, who struggled a bit in extended spring training and failed to make the Boise roster.
  • 2012 draft picks on the Mesa roster include: RHPs Pierce Johnson (1s),  Paul Blackburn (1s), Josh Conway (4), and LHP Anthony Prieto (5).    Click the link above for complete rosters.
  • Other names to watch include toolsy OF Trey Martin; OF Garrett Schlect, who has an advanced approach at the plate and a chance to hit for average and some power; C Neftali Rosario, who I consider to be the Cubs highest upside catching prospect still in the minors; 1B Trevor Gretzky, and SS Carlos Penalver.  I'll have more detail info later and in the minor league recaps.
  • I have not been able to find out anything about Yasiel Puig despite corresponding with a few baseball insiders.  One especially connected industry member told me that he has never seen Puig play, nor has any scout or exec that he knows.  He's an international man of mystery right now.  Meanwhile, Kevin Goldstein was just asked on Twitter about Puig and his response was, "Good, but not beast tools like Soler....Scout notes on Cuban free agent OF Yasel Puig: Physical, plus runner, avg bat, avg power, decent in CF, not a lock to stay there."  My random guess on Puig is going to be the Atlanta Braves because A) they need a RH hitting OF'er and B) they were the rumored runners-up for Soler.


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  • Hi John: Thanks for the info. I'll be taking a few trips down the hill to Mesa. Excited to see all those young players. Thanks for all your work to keep us posted on everything. CUBS26 is my AZ plate #

    Gary AZ

  • In reply to Cubs26:

    Nice! I hope to make it down there myself very soon. Let us know what you think. Some pretty big names down there to start.

  • Hey John, I thought J. Conway was still recovering from TJ surgery? Is he just on the roster working with a trainer in Mesa?

    Also, how much should these pitchers that just got drafted be pitching anyway? Shouldn't most of them be shut down for the summer like P. Johnson and P. Blackburn? Haven't they already thrown close to 100 IP? It's one thing to work on mechanics and improve technique, but I don't want these young pitchers overused/abused especially with the earlier signing deadline.

  • In reply to I miss Ron Santo:

    I'm sure it will be something like that. Conway is probably going to be on the DL for the season, rehabbing with the Cubs staff.

    Agreed on these guys not throwing much. I'm guessing their pitch count will be very limited. They could even pitch in relief (or start and pitch a couple of innings).

  • This Puig business seems pretty straightforward: We will offer something close to market value but a more desperate team (like the Braves) will probably over-pay.

    That's a mighty interesting lineup in Mesa, especially if / when Almora joins.

  • In reply to Taft:

    I'd guess the Braves, Sox, and Yankees will be in on Puig. I think it's more likely the Cubs sign the 23 year old closer prospect Armando Rivero, that I talked about yesterday. Rivero was a teammate of Concepcion's in Cuba.

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    Hey John, as usual, awesome job keeping us informed on everything Cubs. Today is the first time I remember you talking about Trevor Gretzky. Can we expect anything from him?

  • In reply to Robby Rae:

    Thanks Robby Rae.

    As you might expect, he's a good athete. He's much taller than Dad at 6'4" but he's lean right now. The hope is he grows into a good fielding, power hitting 1B, but he's a long way away right now, of course.

  • Trey Lang (6th round pick) just announced that he signed. Closer prospect. Not official but probably will be soon.

  • Guessing Puig gets something closer to Concepcion money, if that. But definitely not Soler money.

  • In reply to Cubswin4harry:

    I can see that.

  • How much did Trey Lang sign for? Overslot? Underslot?

  • In reply to cubs finatic:

    Just a twitter feed, players don't announce their amount. It should become official soon as the Cubs probably want to get Lang started in AZ.

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    Non-thread related: John, I assume you've heard the Emilio interview on MiCubs, and I've heard him quite a bit on MLB Radio this week. He seems pretty down on what going on the DL has done to Dempster's trade value. I also think it threw a monkey wrench into the FO's plans. It seems logical that they wanted to trade Dempster sooner, and then use what they for him as a floor for Garza.

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    I'm assuming you mean Memolo. I'm sure it hurts somewhat, but not much they can do. Teams would have liked to have traded for him early and get an extra start or two, but that's pushed back a bit.

  • Lets hope, very hard, that we sign all of the top draft picks and
    at least 1 great/good Cuban player. Please keep up the great
    job your doing keeping us up-to-date on signings.

  • hahaha
    i love how everyone made such a big deal about starlin castro forgetting how many outs there were in that one inning against the giants. it happens to every player whether they will admit it or not. earlier this year it was ichiro, castro and today the entire white sox defense! i know when i played in college i periodically forgot how many outs there were. the people clamoring to trade castro need to forget it. sorry for the rant but i needed to get that out there.

  • In reply to Charlie S.:

    No need to apologize...that rant was spot on!

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    In reply to Charlie S.:

    Trade every White Sox!

  • So the thought that the DL for Dempster was just the Cubs keeping him from getting injured was not what happened. He actually has an injury?

    If so, bummer. I like the conspiracy theories better than a tight lat.

  • One of my favorite Yogi Berra stories was about Mickey Mantle catching a fly ball and trotting in with his head down while Yogi Berra was desperately trying to block the place as runners were coming into score. Mantle thought there were three outs, but there were only two.

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