Cubs take another good gamble/upside play in RHP Josh Conway in 4th round

There's no question what the Cubs theme is here...upside, upside, upside. Specifically with arms. The Cubs have passed on a lot more polished arms or sure things to go for guys with high ceilings. The system lacks impact arms and it seems the Cubs would rather hit the jackpot with one or two than get a lot of 4th/5th starters and middle relievers.

I like the strategy.

The latest pick...

Josh Conway

  • RHP
  • 6'0"
  • 175 lbs.
  • Coastal Carolina

Josh Conway had a 2nd round grade for a lot of teams but Tommy John surgery caused him to slide a couple of rounds here.  It shows the Cubs would rather be patient and potentially find an impact guy than just get low ceiling, useful players.  Before he got hurt, some had Conway sitting in the mid-90s, while others had him in the low 90s but peaking mid-90s.  His best pitch is a hard, sharp-breaking slider with two-plane break.  He's probably a reliever, but he could be a late inning guy if he recovers well and reaches his potential.

He lacks command but has the athleticism to improve that in time. Here's the MLB Video, but they have different information than I do.

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    John, how much of that strategy was dictated by an ownership determined to maximize profits by keeping signing bonuses down? Is it possible Jim Hendry and Tim Wilken would have drafted differently had Ricketts bought the club 10 years ago?

    BTW, I like this pick too. Conway is one of a number of college pitchers who slid because of injury. Had he remained healthy, he would have gone a lot higher, possibly even in the first round.

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    Ownership had a lot to do with it. They didn't value the draft all that much and it showed.

  • im ok with the picks thats have been popping up getting later in the draft to where some of the harder to sign player with more upside just arnt going to sign got to go with names we havent heard as much to get them signed now

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    5th round pick, Anthony Prieto, LHP, Texas high school.

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    Well, they finally took a left handed pitcher in the fifth round. I don't know much about Prieto.

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    Quick write-up just posted. Intriguing guy. Small but throws hard.

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    Preito is from El Paso, and he attended Americas HS. Isn't that the same high school Frank Castillo went to?

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