Guest Post: Scouting Report on Max Fried

Here's another scouting report from Kevin Gallo (Wickit Cub), a contributor from the west coast.  As you may remember from the piece on Mark Appel, Kevin is an aspiring scout and avid fan of amateur league baseball.  There were quite a few scouts and baseball men there, including Jed Hoyer.  Of course, Hoyer wouldn't talk about his thoughts on Fried, that's privileged information -- but we did learn that he's read Cubs Den! 

In his scouting travels, Kevin has had the opportunity to talk to and learn from professional scouts and then gives us his own great first-hand information.  Here is his personal scouting report on Harvard-Westlake High School (CA), left-hander Max Fried.  There's some mixed opinion on Fried and from Kevin's report, you will probably be able to see why...

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Scouting Report by Kevin Gallo

Pitcher name:  Max Fried

HT: 6’4

WT: 174lbs


This report is based on 2 outings, one of them being at the beginning of the season (Feb 25th) and the other being his last outing of the regular season (May 9th).

Body Type:  Fried is a highly projectable 6’4 and 174lbs with long limbs and a slender body.  He looks to be able to add about 30 to 35lbs because of his broad shoulders without losing any athleticism.  The addition of this weight would add a few clicks to his fastball and help with his endurance.

Mechanics:  He throws from a ¾ arm slot and has good arm action on all of his pitches.  He hides the ball well in both the wind up and stretch.   The biggest difference I saw between the two starts is his ability to repeat his delivery.   In his start on Feb 25th his mechanics were smooth and he had no problem repeating them on every pitch.  On the May 9th  outing his mechanics seemed in and out of sync and it showed on the radar gun.  There was a 4 to 7 mph difference in his fastball from pitch to pitch.

Fastball:   During the Feb 25th start his fastball ranged from 90 to 94mph but was sitting comfortably between 92 and 93 with sinking and tailing action away from right handed batters.   I would rate his fastball during that start as an above average to plus pitch because of movement.  During his May 9th outing he was very consistent in the 1st inning keeping his fastball between 91 to 93mph with good movement.  In the 2nd inning his mechanics were out of sync his fastball between 84 to 92mph.  He went from an 84 to 91 mph in two pitches.  I believe it was just a mechanical problem and is very fixable.

Secondary Pitches:  Fried has 2 secondary pitches:  a Curveball and Change-up.  I will start with the Change-up, his change-up ranges between 80 and 81 with slight sinking action.  His command of the pitch needs work but his arm action is very good.  He shows a good feel for the pitch and it has potential to be an average to above average pitch.

The Curveball is the best in the draft that I have seen and have heard about from other scouts.   His Curveball ranges from 72 to 77mph with a good hard 1 to 7 o’clock break.  The command needs some work but has the possibility to be a plus plus pitch.  The most impressive part of his curveball is that he learned it watching old film of Sandy Koufax.

Summary:   If I was going off of the 1st outing I saw I would have said his floor was a #4 starter, but now I would say he could be a setup man in the pen.  His ceiling would be a front of the rotation starter most likely a #2 starter. Fried is highly projectable.  If  he gains the 30 to 35lbs his fastball could average as high as 94 to 96mph and touching 97mph at times which would put his Fastball as a plus pitch.  His endurance should improve as he fills out.   He has the potential to be a very good pitcher.


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  • I would go with a bat with the 1st pick, then pitchers with the 2
    suppl picks

  • In reply to emartinezjr:

    They'll take the guy who's the best available player, regardless of position.

    That said, there's a pretty good chance that player will be a hitter.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    If I a choose of any position it would be Zunino

  • In reply to WickitCub:

    I think there's a small chance he could slip. I think if he gets by Seattle, it becomes a real possibility.

    At one time, I thought there'd be no chance of that happening, but Zunino's recent slump and the feeling that Buxton and maybe Appel will be among the top 3 picks, makes it almost Seattle or bust. O's have Wieters, KC wants a college arm.

    One scenario would be Seattle taking Correa for the Cubs to have a shot. In that situation, the draft could go something like this...

    1. Appel
    2. Buxton
    3. Correa
    4/5 Gausman/Zimmer

    And then you have the Giolito in the top 5 wildcard...

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    so does this mean that if seattle does take zunino that we'll probably take correa?

    or is correa just the guy with the most potential to jump into the top 5.

  • In reply to jshmoran:

    Correa guy with most potential to jump into top 5. He's intriguing enough to go #1 -- I don't think he will, but in a volatile draft....who knows?

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Should they gamble on a pitcher with a history of injuries, if
    so which pitcher?

  • In reply to emartinezjr:

    Giolito would be the only one worth gambling on in that situation.

  • I don't remember ever being this excited. Are we winning yet?

  • In reply to gposner:

    Calm down!

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