Chicago band delivers new Cubs WGN song

Allow us to exude a little ChicagoNow pride for our co-blogger Joe Martin.

His Chicago based rock band The Fold have delivered the winning song for 2012′s WGN Radio Cubs Song Contest. You can download the song or watch the video here.

“Let’s Go Cubbies” will be the official WGN Radio Song of the 2012 season and played during the introduction to every Chicago Cubs broadcast on WGN Radio! Plus, The Fold will perform the song live during Jonathon Brandmeier’s Opening Day broadcast on April 5 from the Captain Morgan Club at Wrigley Field.

George Castady, the key songwriter for the song, received a call from Jonathon Brandmeier on the morning of March 16th to announce that “Let’s Go Cubbies” received nearly 50% of over 8,000 votes, and will take the airwaves of The Cubs official station WGN, beginning opening day and continue to be played before every game throughout the 2012 season. [more information]

I wanted to ask Joe (who handles promotional duties) my award winning “5 Questions” about this song and the band.

TL: How many entries were there in this contest?

 JM: Over 300 from as far away as Ireland.

TL: How long has your band been together?

 JM: Over 7 years.

TL: What was the goal with the song?

JM: The goal was to write a song that could pump up the fans and of course the Cubs! We wanted to give a new tone to this season. We have a lot of new energy in the makeup of our team and hopefully this song reflects that. We're very excited for 2012 season!

 TL: What other performances/perks have come along since?

 JM: WGN has been wonderful and in addition to this coming performance at Wrigley April 5th we'll be performing at a Blackhawks event April 9th on Michigan Avenue right outside the Tribune Tower.

Perhaps the biggest perk has been to meet and talk with some of the on-air personalities at WGN that we've been listening to for so long. Jonathon Brandmeier, Garry Meier, Mike McConnell. It's been really cool!

TL: Lastly, are you all Cubs fans?

JM: Yes, all Cubs fans!

So there you go, a new Cubs song at the dawn of a new era in Cubs history.

Let’s hope they can write a song about a World Series championship sometime soon.

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    How many players are the Cubs over the 25 man roster?

  • Ray, you got me. I thought someone was actually commenting on the song/band.

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    Sorry, Tom. It looks like the Cubs still have a few moves to make before the first pitch tomorrow.

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    Interesting photo, how old is that exactly? Sorry, should not expect quality when involving an article on the cubs...

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