Cubs Notes: Game Recap and Trade Rumors

Cubs Notes: Game Recap and Trade Rumors

There's been so much news that there's hardly been time to wind down.  Well do a quick game recap and then rundown as you scroll down, a couple of trade rumors I'm hearing.

Game Recap


  • Chris Volstad got hit hard today but it wasn't as if he was throwing meatballs up there.  He showed good stuff once again, throwing between 91-93 mph sinkers, changes, and a slow curve.  He was working on changing eye level a bit, going with some 4 seamers and perhaps left the ball up a bit too much.  It's something he's working on but the Cubs think it will give him another weapon and make him better in the long run.
  • Kerry Wood made an appearance and got Volstad out of the 5th.  He only pitched 1/3 of an inning.
  • Shawn Camp is trying to make the team and is locked in a battle with Rodrigo Lopez, Manny Corpas, and perhaps Lendy Castillo and Rafael Dolis, although the latter two have probably made the team.  He didn't fare well.  He pitched 1 1/3 innings today and was hit hard, giving up 3 runs.
  • Most of you know I'm a big fan of Alberto Cabrera but today he showed why he's still got a long, long way to go.  He's been working on some big adjustments this spring and when they've worked, he's looked great, but when they haven't he has days like today, when he gets hit hard.  He pitched 1 2/3 and gave up 4 hits and 3 runs to blow a late lead for the Cubs.

Position Players

  • Darwin Barney went 4 for 4.  He's not supposed to be hitting .450 with extra base power.  But he is.  It's a small sample size, of course...but maybe, just maybe Barney's added strength will do more for him during the season than just keep him from wearing down and help him wear out some opposing pitchers instead.  Odds are this won't happen, but it'd be pretty cool if it does.  He has put the work in, so it's hard not to root for him.
  • Veteran role players Jeff Baker and Reed Johnson each had a pair of hits -- and each of them homered.  Baker also had a double.
  • I wonder if I should just start telling you when Joe Mather doesn't get a hit or two. That would seem to be bigger news.  Today he had two more, including a ringing double.
  • Geo Soto must be hearing the footsteps of young catchers pattering behind him because he continues to sting the ball.  A couple more doubles for the Cubs starting backstop.  Nothing like a little incentive from young players to keep your regular guys focused.

Trade Rumors
I don't have a ton of information here and I was unable to confirm, so take it for what it's worth and speculate away...

  • I  was told that the Cleveland Indians have contacted the Cubs, presumably about Marlon Byrd.  The Cubs may be seeking relief help and/or a prospect in return.
  • Was also told that an AL Central team has called the Cubs about Randy Wells.  There are two choices here.  One is the Detroit Tigers and the other is the Minnesota Twins.  The Tigers have said they would look for a 5th starter type, particularly with Jacob Turner's struggles this spring and the Twins are a bit worried about Scott Baker's elbow.
  • Speculation here but saw that David O'Brien of the AJC is saying the Braves are interested in a couple of "lesser" Cubs than Marlon Byrd.  The obvious fit here is Jeff Baker.  He can play 3B for Chipper, kills lefties (a big need for them), and can return to a supersub role when Chipper comes back.  The other guy may be Reed Johnson with Martin Prado coming into play 3B until Chipper returns.


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  • Wouldn't the fact that Campana is still up with the big club be a tip off something could happen with Marlon Byrd.

  • In reply to Cliffy46405:

    Maybe...can't say for sure. Could be just wanting to have a few extra bodies around.

  • If teams realy want them, then trade them. As long as we get
    good/great prospects in return. If teams have an injuried
    player then trade now.

  • In reply to emartinezjr:

    As always, the return on the deal will determine whether the Cubs trade a player like Byrd or Wells now.

  • I love trade rumors! For some odd reason I always thought the Indians would go for Byrd, this seems like a good fit. As for Wells to the Tigers, this what the Tigers get by such hardasses about not allowing Turner to be in the Garza talks. I'm sure Theo and Jed are smiling now

  • In reply to Steve Flores:

    Cubs may have dodged a bullet with Turner if it turns out to be something serious. Lately seems Detroit is looking more for a Randy Wells type. We'll see if this has legs.

  • Hoyer stressed that Wells is important for depth and sounded as if they intend to keep him - and I believe him. The new brain trust has been consistent with this line since day 1. I think someone is going to have to come big if they want to get Wells.

  • fb_avatar

    Wat people dont realize is that theo n company are very smart. They wont trade byrd just for sake. They will wait till may so they have 2 more years of control for bjax. I can live withiut bjax fir a month cnon guys

  • In reply to Ramin Benyamin:

    Agreed. No rush to trade these guys.

  • I'm getting concered about Castro in the three hole. He's had a bunch of chances the last few days (bases loaded) and done nothing with them. Here's my lineup:

    Byrd (for now)

  • In reply to JayPea:

    Could be pressing a bit. I like him in the two spot more ABs, and more ABs with less than two out.

  • fb_avatar

    Indians on verge of trading for bobby abrue. Jon heyman just tweeted.

  • In reply to Ramin Benyamin:

    Just saw that. They must be getting him dirt cheap.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to John Arguello:

    They will be paying most of his 9m salary this year. Btw this is my nee favorite cubs site.

  • In reply to Ramin Benyamin:

    Thanks! Appreciate that.

    I imagine they probably won't need to give up much of a prospect either.

  • Just added a new possibility here based on something in the AJC...Braves also interested in "lesser" Cubs (than Byrd). Guessing it's Reed Johnson and Jeff Baker.

  • The Reed Johnson rumor makes sense, as he has less use if they carry Mather and plan to get Mather in a bunch of games in the OF (which Sveum keeps saying). Plus, Johnson, unlike other expendable Cubs, is both coming off a good season and is signed to a cheap contract. He's 35 and if they like Mather it makes sense to deal him while he has some value.

  • In reply to SVAZCUB:

    Baker makes sense too since he's a FA and Cubs won't return. He's the more natural fit, but Reed probably cheaper for them.

  • In reply to SVAZCUB:

    And Reed can backup in CF which is another need for them. Both guys make a lot of sense for them if they don't want to give up a better prospect.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Mather really makes both Baker and JOhnson expendable. He also seems to have more upside than either of them. I wouldn't mind seeing the Cubs ship out one or the other if it meant that mather gets a little more playing time.

  • In reply to supercapo:

    It'd be nice to save that roster spot for an RP too.

  • fb_avatar

    Omg it never ends, theo compensation not over cause of carpenter surgery.

  • fb_avatar

    Indians close to trading of trevor crowe, mite not be included with bobby abrue

  • In reply to Ramin Benyamin:

    That deal would make some sense if it were Crowe for Abreu. Crowe a good prospect once, but more athlete than ballplayer.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to John Arguello:

    It would make sense since angels are eating most of his salary. Crowe is not involved un deal

  • fb_avatar

    Iam sure indians asked for byrd but the declined. Byrd is cheaper than abrue

  • fb_avatar

    Two AL central teams asked about wells

  • In reply to Ramin Benyamin:

    Is that from this article or did you read that somewhere else?

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to John Arguello:

    From this article, thought it was on twitter. Iam wrong. Whete did u hear this from jon

  • In reply to Ramin Benyamin:

    One of my sources...has given me some decent stuff in the past.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to John Arguello:

    Is it crane kenney haha

  • In reply to Ramin Benyamin:

    Haha...You know I can't answer that kind of question :)

  • fb_avatar

    Wat r u hearing about theo compensation

  • In reply to Ramin Benyamin:

    I don't think anything will happen. There was no intent, no prior knowledge. It's just sour grapes from the Red Sox (and probably Lucchino).

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to John Arguello:

    He performed a physical for both teams, plus i think nick cafardo is going to lead this argument like he did before

  • In reply to Ramin Benyamin:

    Cafardo commented on it and said the following...

    "The Red Sox had complete access to Chris Carpenter’s medical records, the pitcher had passed both his Cubs physical and also his Red Sox physical after he was dealt to the Red Sox as compensation for Theo Epstein, according to a source familiar with the situation.

    The Red Sox will likely not receive a different player from the Cubs because everything was up front and out in the open."

  • fb_avatar

    The Red Sox are the biggest cry babies of sports. Insane. They admit the Cubs did not know Carpenter was hurt, but now are considering a complaint? Selig should hang up on Lucchino's phone call. "Here's your answer, Larry." Click.

  • In reply to Just Win:

    You know it's Lucchino too. He hates to lose. Not in a competitive way, but in a creepy way. They don't have a leg to stand on.

  • Darwin's gone from Barney to Bam-Bam.

  • In reply to Carne Harris:

    Ha! He certainly is driving the ball. Have to think that will carry over to some degree.

  • I like these trade rumors except Wells. I don't think 30-60 days would hurt Bret Jackson in AAA, so I hope Byrd goes. I have the impression that Mather can handle 3rd base, so Baker wouldn't trouble me. I want Mather to get at-bats. However, I have not looked at LH batting options. Fill me in! Reed Johnson could be replaced by Campana as a pinch runner and defensive replacement.

  • In reply to Quasimodo:

    Cubs have DeWitt and Clevenger as lefties off the bench, but with Stewart, DeJesus, and LaHair (and soon Jackson) in the starting lineup, that's probably enough for now.

    I think Campana is sticking around in case Byrd or Reed Johnson get traded. Both are possibilities. Have a feeling Braves may be interested in Reed.

  • Is there a reason
    why Dale Sueum
    doesn't shave?
    What kind of example is that for the young kids?
    Where's Epstein? Where are the razor blades?

  • In reply to gposner:

    Cubs are cutting down on razor blades to help pay for Soriano's salary.

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