Cuban player Adonis Garcia drawing interest, but apparently not from the Cubs

As we still wait to hear word on Jorge Soler and his residency status, another Cuban player has started to draw some attention, Adonis Garcia.

The attention is reportedly coming from the Oakland Athletics and the New York Yankees, according to Jorge Ebro of the Nuevo Herald (link in Spanish) who have been rumored to have offered $18M and $16M respectively for the 26 year old player.

Garcia played mostly OF in Cuba and I wrote this about him back in January,

Despite his first name, Garcia is just 5'7" and he's already 26 years old. He's a good hitter for his size with some pop but not enough to play a corner OF spot, his position in Cuba. There were some issues as well as he is banned from signing until about February because of fraudulent residency paperwork. Just a hunch, but I wouldn't bet on the Cubs being in on Garcia.

Garcia has also played some 3B and 2B and the Athletics are viewing him as an infielder, most likely at 3b, though his bat and size may profile best at 2B. The Yankees are looking at him as an outfielder.

Garcia is expected to sign as soon as next week and should start in AA or AAA with a chance to be in the big leagues sometime this season.

He looks to me like he can be a nice little player who can help a team, but he's not special and possibly not even a starter. I'd rather spend the extra money and make a run at Jorge Soler. Soler may have less of a chance to make the big leagues, but if he does make it, he's far more likely to be an impact player.


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  • According to MLBTR, the A's denied this rumor in the "stongest possible terms," which I interpret to mean that they called the rumor complete bullshit (although that may not be the strongest possible term, it's close). Here's the link -

  • In reply to RSBeast:

    I did read that as well. Not sure how much it means. It may be that they're just afraid to encite a bidding war with the Yanks, a war they'd have no chance of winning.

  • I have to agree. Just the thought of having Soler, Baez, Rizzo, BJax and Castro in the lineup in the future gets me giddy.

  • In reply to lokeey:

    Nothing new on Soler at all. Hopefully it kind of sneaks up on everyone like the Concepcion signing.

  • Is anyone sure that Concepcion has been signed by the Cubs?

  • In reply to Hagsag:

    It's not been officially announced and he hasn't been added to the 40 man yet, but the Cubs haven't denied the reports.

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