Cubs Rumors: Did Soriano reject a trade to Baltimore?

According to a source, the Cubs and Baltimore had a deal in place but Alfonso Soriano used his no-trade clause to nix the deal.  This certainly coincides with the recent public information that Soriano would only accept a trade to a contender.  After saying last season he'd do whatever it takes to help the Cubs, Soriano has had a sudden change of heart.

According to the source, Soriano is less concerned about becoming a DH or losing playing time than he is about his preference to play for a team with a chance to win.  That would rule out a lot of the teams we've talked about, including Baltimore and Oakland.

One team that would fit the criteria is Detroit.  They need a DH after the loss of Martinez and they are certainly expected to contend.  They're the odds-on favorites in the AL Central.

The Cubs have had conversations with Detroit about a deal and are willing to pay 75-80% while receiving little in return.  It seems that the goal is more about clearing the payroll and some roster space than it is about adding another prospect right now.  Even still, there has been little progress made on that front and certainly nothing is imminent right now.

UPDATE: Heard from another source that is denying the rumor.

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  • Baltimore has a better chance at winning than the Cubs!

  • In reply to SFToby:

    Maybe, but in the AL East they would have to win a lot more games than the Cubs would. Too many good teams to pass up.

  • fb_avatar

    Grrr Argh

    Co'mon Soriano, Please just go away!

    (and good point, SFToby)

  • John,
    What do you think about Garza abritration number of 12.5 million? Does this make him harder to trade?

  • In reply to Paris:

    I think it cuts down what you get in return because teams are always trying to calculate the "surplus value" a player gives you. The more he makes, the less that surplus becomes not just this year, but next year when he gets another raise through arbitration.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Not sure how what he is asking for, will decrease the return. He has very little chance of winning, if they go to arbitration, as he has asked for way too much money. The Cubs number in arbitration is a realistic number, just a little low, which is why the Cubs will win...if it gets that far. So, he will make just under $8M if they let it go that far, which is about $1M or $1.5M below what he should get, if they compromise.

  • All the Cubs have to do is sit Soriano on the bench once the regular season starts. If he wants to play, he'll waive his NTC.

  • I'd be worried that would kill his trade value and he'd take up a roster spot that could go to a more useful bench player. If they're going to sit him, they may as well just release him, imo.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Release him and lets see what "Winning team" picks him up.
    With Floyd and Edwin still available what is Garza's trade

  • In reply to emartinezjr:

    I think if that happened a lot of teams would be interested. They can always take a flyer and release him if they basically only have him for 1 yr and the minimum salary. He'd provide very good value at that point.

  • If he rejected a trade then I am so down with this.
    He'd be making a whole lot of friends with the bench splinters.

    As far as trade value... pray for someone's DH to get hurt while he sits.

  • In reply to eaton53:

    Can't agree here. I don't think benching Soriano out of frustration and then praying for the misfortune of other teams is a reliable plan.

  • If true, this undercuts ANY leverage the front office might have had in trading Soriano and not assuming the entire contract. Bad news.

  • In reply to Eddie:

    Very limited when all you can do is trade him to a contender and there's really one one team that could use him in the Tigers...maybe the Yankees, but I doubt it. They'd want the Cubs to pay the whole thing the way they've been so frugal.

  • Just heard from someone else that it did not now, who knows?

  • Wow, what a shocker , Soriano acting a big baby, it's not like he has acted like this be.....oh wait he ALWAYS acts like this. I say offer him with Garza to the Tigers, maybe that will entice him.

  • In reply to Steve Flores:

    I hope they can make that sort of package. Not sure it's as easy as it sounds, but that would be an ideal scenario.

  • Soriano and Garza to the Tigers for 4 of their top 3-10 prospects
    (not Turner or the 3rd baseman)

  • Also including lots of cash

  • In reply to emartinezjr:

    LOTS of cash! That would be great for the Cubs but not holding my breath yet.

  • fb_avatar

    If he can't be moved by spring training just release his ass..He's an albatross and regardless of what everyone says I think he's a bad influence on Castro...He was a great mentor for Pie huh??? From 5 tool to 5 fool!!! Mark Grace, Ryno, Andre Dawson, Greg Maddux are role models not an a hole who can't run out of the box just so he could admire the distance

  • In reply to Luigi Ziccarelli:

    The one thing I can say is that if he does stay, he'll be accountable for stuff like admiring his warning track flies -- but I totally agree it's time for both sides to move on.

  • Fine. I'll say it. I wouldn't want to go to Baltimore either. And if I had a clause in my contract that allowed me to dictate where and when my employer can relocate my life, I'd use it every damn day of the week and twice on Sunday.

    I know Chicago fans have a huge problem with players that make a lot of money but who knew the rabbit hole went this deep. Now we're blaming him for being a negative influence on Castro? Really? Really? We're this petty? Someone please point to me the teammates that find Soriano to be a problem. Go on, I have the New Elmore Leanord Novel and I'll read the whole damn thing because you won't find one. Every teammate he's played with has loved him. Every manager too. Oh by the way those managers are named Torre, Showalter, Robinson, and Pinella. They all like him too. Someone quick remind me where Soriano sulked about hitting seventh last year? Anyone? Anyone? Arguello? Arguello? Bueller?

    Look, we're in "the McDonough years" of Soriano's contract.
    ( McDonough has openly bragged about adding years and dollars to Soriano's contract offer and yet everyone loves to blame Hendry....Ahh Cubs fans.) So I don't expect much. But Magoo should have had him higher in the order last year. And since it looks like he's staying at least to start the year, my biggest concern is whether to hit him 5th after Lahair or 6th. Someone needs to hit the ball out of the park.

  • In reply to felzz:

    Don't think I've ever said he's a bad clubhouse guy. I've mostly defended him in that respect. He's very well-liked. The worst I've heard said about him is that he's a bit of a prima donna, but we could probably say that about a lot of athletes these days.

    No argument that players have every right to utilize whatever clause the teams decided to give them. They obviously played well enough to negotiate those things into their contract and we can't expect that they'll drop that asset at the first opportunity. Players invoke that clause all the time from Lance Berkman to Derrek Lee.

    I'm not too big on thinking we need him in the lineup, though. Sure he hits 25 HRs, but he hits them in bunches and makes a ton of outs in between. I haven't even mentioned his defense. I have nothing against him personally, he's just not the same player other than the HRs.

  • fb_avatar

    Felzz, i neve rblamed Hendry for Soriano's contract..That was McDonough's and Crane Kenney's joint venture..It was Hendry's death knell as Cubs GM as well..It's obvious to any of us that look at this objectively, the guy at this point of his career is an American League DH..nothing more nothing less and I believe if he just hit he'd be better off because he has ZERO desire to improve himself defensively and he IS a bad influence on any young player especially the Latin players who look up to him..He is not a fundamentally sound player and one could venture that he's squandered a great set of tools he was blessed with...

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