Cubs showing interest in Grady Sizemore

Cubs showing interest in Grady Sizemore

According to ESPN's Jerry Crasnick the Cubs are one of 8 teams showing some interest in outfielder Grady Sizemore.  The other teams are the Phillies, Rockies, Red Sox, Indians, Rangers, Giants and Yankees.

That's some pretty good company.

Sizemore is looking for a one year, make good deal and there is some hope amongst interested teams that he can bounce back and provide solid defense, power and perhaps some OBP from a corner position.

We speculated about this possibility a couple weeks ago on this site.

What do you think?  Should the Cubs take a flyer?

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  • Wow. This is a "depends" question. Too many things need to happen before we should consider.

    I mean, I am assuming that Brett Jackson will be starting with us next year. If that's the case, where does that leave Marlon Byrd and Soriano? If one or both get traded, then yeah, I wouldn't mind going for a one-year deal.

    But there needs to be a lot of other things happening first...

  • In reply to pkm613:

    I would hope he could replace Soriano in LF. I think I'd rather keep Byrd since he can play some D.

    Hard to say, though, they could try and buy Jackson some time in the minors for a couple of months, then trade Byrd or Soriano later.

  • i think we should definitely sign him for one year, as long as its underneath his option price of 9mil. if hes healthy he becomes an asset to us that we can use at the deadline. if hes not, we arent trying to win next year anyway and he would just be a placeholder for prospects moving up the system.

  • In reply to jshmoran:

    Agreed on all points...nicely said.

  • In the end, I'm not so sure he's going to be worth it. If he really is gaining that much interest, then the price will go up. There's no reason to commit a ton of money to Grady if all we want to do is take a flyer on him.

  • In reply to elusivekarp:

    If the price gets too high it's probably a good idea to back off but on a one year with incentives I'd do it.

  • fb_avatar

    I'm with pkm613.
    If we still have Soriano and Byrd, then Jackson definitely needs to be playing the other spot. Call me hopeful, but I would like to see Colvin get another shot too. He looked lost this past year, but maybe with a fair shot he can turn it around.
    My problem with Sizemore is this: he's had 3 straight seasons marred by injury, and hasn't been a productive player since '08.
    But there is some upside there - from '05 to '08 he was very good.
    I would definitely want Sizemore over Soriano.
    So I guess my answer is, maybe?

  • In reply to brober34:

    I'd take him over Soriano if he can hit .260 w/20 HRs which isn't too far of of what Bill James projects if he has a healthy season. The better defense and OBP skills would give him the edge.

  • He worth a try, but too many questions. Will to be good for a 4-man
    rotation in the outfield. Will any team offer more than I year? Is it good
    for The Cubs to offer an option year (maybe vested) Johnson must go.

  • In reply to emartinezjr:

    It's a good point. If we do get Sizemore, we have to make sure we have 4 good OF'ers. Even if he stays healthy he's going to need an occasional day off.

  • fb_avatar

    Yes, and here is a suggestion on how to do it. Had the Indians picked up Sizemore's 2012 option, he would have made a guaranteed $9M. The Cubs should guarantee him $4.5 with the chance to make up the other $4.5M in incentives. If he doesn't return to form, they're only out the $4.5M, but if he is healthy and he rebounds like Carlos Beltran did in his second year coming off the micro-fracture surgery, then he will be a bargain.

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    That would work for me. At 4.5M you're only asking him to be a 1 WAR player -- basically a backup. If he plays well even at 9M you're only asking him to be a 2 WAR guy, which is your basic starter. If he pulls a Beltran, it's a steal.

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    In reply to John Arguello:

    If he pulls a Beltran, he could be trade bait at the non-waivers deadline, or perhaps, the Cubs extend him up if it's a team friendly deal.

  • John ... You and I have a running, philosophical difference about Byrd. He's overpriced for his value and talent. RJ gives you much better value as a 4th OF ... fairly priced, outstanding vs LHP. Gives you a backup to Jackson vs tough LHP.

    Jackson deserves to be in CF to open the season. Byrd should (IMO) be part of any and every trade package.

    I'm not crazy about Sizemore b/c of the injuries ... but he might be worth a low cost, incentive laden 1 yr deal with a CLUB option. BTW, Karp makes a very good point ... if there is market-driven interest that drives up the price ... FUGGETABOUTIT.

  • In reply to MoneyBoy:

    I don't mind Reed Johnson so much as you'd have to trade Byrd to make it work. If that's possible to do without eating salary, then I'd be okay with it. My problem would be that if Sizemore got hurt, you really don't want Johnson playing every day. He's strictly a backup.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Agreed !!!

  • In reply to MoneyBoy:

    MoneyBoy, I know you do not like Byrd. But I do not understand why you claim he is overpriced. His WAR for 2011 was 2.0, even with his beaning. His contract according to Cot's is $3mil for 2010, $5.5mil for 2011, and $6.5mil for 2012. From everything I have read on this site, that is a bargain for a 2.0 WAR player. Yes, he has his faults, but "overpriced", no way.

  • In reply to CubsFanInNorway:

    Agreed Norway. Byrd's deal is more than fair. His solid defense and ability to hit for average make him a solid, but not great regular. His contract so far has been a very good one for the Cubs.

  • John,

    I haven't seen this anywhere, but I would assume that any trades that the Cubs might make will be put on hold until the whole issue of compensation is settled. Have you heard anything about this?

  • In reply to supercapo:

    It's a good point, supercapo. It's possible there are some players that aren't in the discussion that would be fair play for a trade. It's hard to know without knowing the specifics on which players may or may not be involved.

  • It really does sound unusual for 8 teams to be pursuing a player with the intention of giving him a one year contract. Grady's agent has to be thinking a 2nd year will narrow the competition down a bit.

  • In reply to elusivekarp:

    According to Crasnick, it's Sizemore seeking the one year deal on the hopes that he can cash in and get a better contract in 2013. If he thinks he can bounce back, he may not want a 2 year deal and risk losing the opportunity to negotiate one last multi-year contract.

  • I say go for it, if the price is reasonable. If he's healthy again, you have a good everyday outfielder who can do everything well, if he's not healthy you did not spend that much.

  • The risk would have to be really REALLY low for me to be interested in Sizemore. 1 year, low base salary with a ton of performance incentives. I just don't see why there is so much interest in a chronically injured, below average outfielder. His last great year was 2008, and he's subsequently fallen off a cliff.

  • In reply to Eddie:

    I think any flyer on Sizemore would have to include extensive medical research that show he has a good chance to be healthy. It took Beltran some time to recover from a similar injury, Sizemore and some team will gamble that history can repeat itself. The good thing is that Sizemore is a great athlete and that should help his chances of bouncing back.

  • fb_avatar

    Sizemore reminds me a lot of a player on the California Angels (at the time) that was injured much of the 1999 season and was traded to the Cardinals. That player spent 8 very productive years with them. He is, of coarse, Jim Edmonds. Sizemore could very well have the potential to put up big numbers for the next 6 to 8 years. If his medical charts check out and he remains injury free, he could turn into a great pick up; for the right price.

  • In reply to Nick Johnson:

    I was just saying something similar but I used Beltran as an example. I'm in the corner that says at a good price I'd do it, for me that would be a one year incentive laden deal based at least partly on games played.

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    In reply to John Arguello:

    I was comparing Sizemore and Edmonds because, watching them play, they are very similar. I would like to see an incentive deal with a second year mutual option and third year team option with both options at market value if he performs at or above his pre-injury numbers. I hate to give a player a chance only for him to leave after one year. I'd rather give that year to a developing youngster, but if we have the opportunity to bring Sizemore back if he has a good year, that makes it worth the chance.

  • In reply to Nick Johnson:

    I used Beltran only because they are both athletic CF'ers who have had micro fractures in their knee...

    Anyway, I'm not sure Sizemore will take a deal like that. He looks like he wants a one year Adrian Beltre type deal to re-establish himself and then go on the open market again. I think he'll get what he wants because there are so many teams after him right now.

  • The question shouldn't be whether G Sizemore or any other player can help the Cubs win in 2012. It's who can help us win in 2014 and beyond. We should be doing the opposite of "going for it" in '12. We have a bad parent team and also a below-average farm system with too few prospects in the near-ready, upper ranks. The whole emphasis should be on acquiring and developing young players. Build something special that's sustainable.

    The idea of not trading Byrd is insane. Good, young OF's are not hard to find. Let's go get at least one and let him play. Along with CF B Jax. Byrd definitely isn't a part of those next Cubs winning teams, and he's totally non-Theo with his incessantly hacky at-bats.

    Folks, I repeat, this has to be about building a great, new foundation with an influx of good, young players. NOT who might help us win a meaningless 80 games in 2012. I think far too many Cubs fans are still stuck on the same ol' next-year hopes and mindset, and simply are not grasping the current situation and how much it obviously cries out for a deliberate, aggressive-in-its-own way, forward-thinking, youth-replenishment plan. Theo should package every single aging M Byrd he's got

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    In reply to michaelc:

    Based on the pitches seen per AB Marlon Byrd does not fit the Epstien mold. How many times last year did Byrd swing at the first pitch with runners on, and ground out? Too many times!

  • In reply to Nick Johnson:

    This might not be seen, but I want to go on the record anyway.

    I am not advocating keeping Byrd. In fact, I think he is eminently tradeable because he is NOT overpriced, ala Sori. It should be relatively easy to deal him to another team for a building block. It should not be necessary to kick in money unless it brings us back a better building block.

  • Hell, yes!

    No need to over-think this. He's still in the prime of his career and we're talking about taking a flyer. If he's not 100% next season, all he has to do is show he'll be 100% by 2013. This is exactly the kind of player you build teams around.

  • In reply to KillerK:

    I"m for the deal but I'm not sure he's in his prime anymore. Not after the injuries. I think he'll bounce back somewhat but he probably won't ever regain the speed he once had.

  • I grant you the injuries; however:
    1) the above example of Edmonds is a valid comparison;
    2) given the options of Byrd and Sori, I'll go with Sizemore;
    3) a bit of a bounce back is just fine, given the examples in #2
    4) another example of injured players bouncing back to help their new teams - Vlad Guerrero. In 2003, with Dusty "the manager that will bring in the players!", Vlad was available, Rolens was available, Thome was available! You telling me any of them would not have been an improvement over Sammy & Alou?

    So yeah, I roll the dice.

  • In reply to KillerK: question. Edmonds is a valid comparison. Also an athletic player who overcame some big injuries. If Sizemore can make that kind of comeback, I'd be ecstatic.

    I'm with you man...roll the dice.

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