LaHair, Jackson, Beliveau making their cases for 2012 Opening Day Roster

LaHair, Jackson, Beliveau making their cases for 2012 Opening Day Roster
Beliveau and Jackson

Yesterday we talked about the Arizona Fall League but today the focus is on three lefties who are also playing excellent baseball this fall: Bryan LaHair, Brett Jackson and Jeff Beliveau.

Bryan LaHair is tearing up the Venezuelan League, hitting 4 HRs in 5 games while batting .381 and posting a 1.482 OPS.  While the pitching isn't anywhere near major league quality, the league is an interesting mix of major leaguers, both former and current, and upper level minor leaguers, so it isn't as if LaHair is doing this against kids.

Just a little further north in Panama, Brett Jackson hit .412 with 1 HR for Team USA and displayed the all-around skills that has Cubs fans excited to have him in the lineup.  His slash line in 34 ABs was .412/.462/.588.  He also stole a base.

Lefty Reliever Jeff Beliveau also impressed for Team USA.  Beliveau was 1-0 with a 2.08 ERA.  He had one walk in 4.1 innings versus 7 Ks.  Teams batted just .188 against him.

Depending on what the Cubs do this offseason, all 3 players have excellent shots at making the 2012 Cubs opening day roster.

LaHair and Jackson would provide the Cubs with some sorely needed OBP and slugging from the left side, particularly if Carlos Pena departs.  If Pena stays, it's possible LaHair could join Jackson in the OF, giving the Cubs three lefties who can provide them with some much needed patience and power.

Beliveau has to be the favorite to take John Grabow's spot as the 3rd lefty in the bullpen behind Sean Marshall and Jeff Russell.

It appears that from AZ to Panama to Venezuela, Cubs prospects are beginning to deliver on the big stage.



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  • Does Brett Jackson have Carlos Gonzalez potential? He reminds me of him a bit. If he gets 600 AB's, I can see 20-25 HR, 30+ 2B's, 10 3B's and 25 SB's. I like the fact he's been consistent in numbers at all levels. My goodness he's going to be a major upgrade over Soriano.

  • In reply to dgedz27:

    He's not as good a hitter as Gonzalez and it will be a stretch for him to match him in HRs and SBs.

    To me he might be a bit more like a less ornery version of JD Drew. Good all-around skills, solid OBP, good athlete but doesn't stand out in any one particular category.

    If he can be healthier than Drew, I'll certainly take it.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    No doubt. JD Drew could have been great had he stayed healthy. At worst, the Cubs will have two can't miss AB's for me every game...Castro and Jackson.

  • Do you think Theo will be forced , by the fans, to resign
    his own FA's. Or should he give the kids a chance to start.
    We should our young guys a chance, before we trade or
    cut them.

  • In reply to emartinezjr:

    Don't think so. He's not going to cave to fan pressure. He knows what he's doing. If he thinks re-signing any of them will help the club he'll do it, but it wont' be because of what fans think.

  • I've been talking about Beliveau replacing Grabow on the 25 man roster since the middle of the summer. Would be a great way to break him in. If he plays well it makes Marshall and Russell more expendable and perhaps improve the roster through a trade.

  • In reply to Cameron Macpherson:

    You've like Beliveau for quite a while. He just keeps on doing it over and over again. At this point, he has to be for real. Cubs could have the best lefty side of the bullpen in the league next year. Plus they have Gaub and Maine.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Righty side ain't too shabby either. Samardzija,Dolis, Carpenter, possibly Cashner if he starts in the pen...and if Marmol can regain his form...that's nasty.

  • In reply to dgedz27:

    Bullpen could be quite nasty if it holds together. Marmol probably not here for the long haul, Shark and Cash could be starters...It's one place where the Cubs have great depth. Why can't we give Boston a relief pitcher instead?

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    We may have to approach games like the Angels when they won. You don't need lights out SP's if your pen is fabulous. You can shorten up those games. 5-6 innings out of your starters, and hopefully Garza and maybe one other guy can eat innings and save the pen on their days.

  • At some point when a guy keeps producing like Belliveau and LaHair , you have to take them seriously. I have always been a bit cool on LaHair because of this age, but the dude keeps hitting. Is a star? No, but he seems like he can hit a legit 25-30 homers in the majors, the man keeps producing, not matter where you put him.

  • In reply to Steve Flores:

    I think we will see plenty of both of them. I had huge doubts on LaHair, and he's proved me wrong so far. Happy he has, hopefully he'll continue to do so.

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