Meet the Cubs Rookies

In the spirit of Quade deciding to play some rookies, here's a group photo from Kerry Wood...


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  • Unfortunately Andrew Cashner is somewhat blocked in the back. He's supposed to be MC Hammer.

  • Not Fair! I cant recognize anybody haha except for three or four of them. Your going to have to tell us who's who John, that is, if you even know yourself..tonight's lineup is refreshing by the way thank goodness for a change.

  • In reply to brentcarmona:

    Alright...These are the ones I'm pretty sure of...

    From left to right...

    The guy in that white and red thing is Darwin Barney
    The guy in the orange jump suit is Casey Coleman (Hannibal Lecter)
    The guy in the skin tight blue animal print piece is DJ LeMahieu
    The little guy in the neon green tinkerbell dress is Tony Campana
    Behind him is Cashner as MC Hammer
    Red Polka dot dress is Rafael Dolis
    Red Minnie Mouse Dress is Tyler Colvin
    I THINK the guy in the blue polka dots with the heart is Steve Clevenger
    The guy on the far right in the blue ruffled dress and cowboy boots is John Gaub

    I'm not sure on Bryan LaHair, but I think he may be the guy in the ref's suit...hard to see.
    Lou Montanez may be in there somewhere...though the guy laying across the middle could be anybody!

    I understand that 3 of them are non-players, so I'm hoping I got this right.

  • Congratulations, Cubs. You've reached that 90 loss plateau. Well done.

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    I'm curious as to why Colvin is in this picture. He isn't a rookie, but maybe he liked dressing up from last year and wanted to do it again.

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    Colvin couldn't make the last road trip because of the incident where the bat stuck in his chest. The vets never got the chance to make him dress up.

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    In reply to John Arguello:

    That's right. I completely forgot about that.

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