Watch Cubs pick Dan Vogelbach's Prodigious Power Display, including his 508 ft. Homer (6:38 Mark)

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  • unrelated question for ya, do you think Ryno is a possibilty somewhere down the line, or were there bridges burnt?

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    I think it's still a possibility that Sandberg comes back. There may have been some disappointment but I don't think there's anything that can't be fixed. Will do some research. Sounds like a good idea for an article.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Prince Fielder IS a good comparison....similar build and power. I don't care if it's metal or wooden bats, power is power and this kid HAS power.

  • I told you John, he's like a young version of Greg Luzinski, strong like bull.

  • In reply to rodeosteve:

    I'm going with Prince Fielder because of the size and lefty bat.

  • metal bats, not impressed, this guy will be a good 16 inch beer league softball player, tho... might see him crack a few extra base hits down at Grant Park on a Sunday morning lol

  • In reply to Kyle Trompeter:

    Amateurs use metal bats all the time. Using your "evaluation", you wonder how any of them ever turn pro and why they're all not hitting 500+ foot home runs as amateurs. Tell me you recognize a hitch in his swing or a lack of bat speed, or lift in his swing...but don't tell me he can't hit homers as a pro because he uses metal bats at this point in his career.

    Tim Wilken, the man who has actually scouted and drafted one major leaguer after another with Toronto, Tampa, and now the Cubs has pretty good judgment. And he's impressed.

    So if he's impressed, then I'm impressed.

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