Cubs Prospect Watch 2: A Walk-Centric Edition

Another blowout loss means it's time to look toward the future again.  We can talk about how Cub pitchers once again started their merry-go-round of walks (10), while only taking 3 walks themselves -- but that would be going in circles.  We talked about that here.  Instead, here's an update on how the best of the Cubs prospects are doing.  This isn't a list of the top 10 prospects, but rather a look at which of the Cubs prospects are performing well now.  Two things about this week's list:

1) It has more players who could help this season

2) I purposely included more players that could help the Cubs in the area they need most: Hitters who'll take a walk and pitchers who don't walk hitters.

Dropping off the list this week: Josh Vitters, DJ LeMahieu, Dae Un Rhee, Michael Burgess, Matt Szczur

Note: I previously called this the Prospect Hot List, then realized I had subconsciously pilfered that title from Baseball America.


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  • Where are they gonna play Jackson? None of the outfields are playing badly enough to warrant sitting him for a minor-leaguer - YET.

  • In reply to fossilhippie:

    I think Soriano and Byrd are playing pretty poorly right now. Soriano's propensity for swinging at pitches outside the strike zone is catching up to him after a good start and Byrd is hitting for a decent average, but has been unproductive overall. Too many singles and not enough big hits.

    A lot of it depends on how the team performs overall. If they slip out of contention early, we could see an outfielder traded by mid-season. It won't be Soriano because nobody wants his contract, but it could well be Fukudome, who's in his last year and is off to a great start, or Byrd who has a relatively low annual salary for 2011/2012. Of course, if the team ends up doing well, then there's no reason to change anything and Jackson will stay in the minors -- he's just in AA, so they could still promote him to AAA to keep him from getting bored.

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