Cubs All-Time Worst Draft Decisions

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  • You missed the entire 1982 Draft.

    Cubs took Shawon Dunston #1 overall. Dwight Gooden went 5th
    Cubs took Tony Woods at 17 overall. Todd Worrell went 21st.
    Cubs took Stan Boderick at 21 overall. David Wells went 30th.
    Also drafted in the 2nd round (but didn't sign): Barry Bonds & Bo Jackson.
    Cubs took Juan Velasquez 55th. Jimmy Key went 56th, Mike Greenwell went 72nd.
    Cubs took C.J. Sciacca 81st. Will Clark went 90th.
    Also picked in 1982 were Alvin Davis (138), Terry Pendleton (179) & Vince Coleman (257).
    The best name other than Dunston selected in one of the deepest drafts of the last 35 years? Gary Varsho.

  • In reply to the1tab:

    Hey your stuff on the Hawks, by the way. First place I check for Hawks news...

    I agree that '82 draft could have been remarkable if the Cubs had the foresight to make those picks, however, that wasn't my only criteria. Part of the deal was the Cubs had to choose a pretty bad player too.

    My thought is that Dunston was at least a very solid player for many seasons, even an all-star one season. Not only that, he was the consensus #1 pick. The Mets themselves said they would have taken Dunston (but then changed their tune later).

    The players on this list were complete whiffs, with the possible exception of Harkey (who was actually good until he got hurt)

  • In reply to the1tab:

    Every team would have taken Dunston first, including the Mets, and Dunston was a fine MLer so that's not really the same as Ty Griffin or Luis Montanez.

    The Cubs draft history is awful but again, every player taken in the 2nd round and after was passed up by every team at least once.

  • In reply to the1tab:

    Boy do I remember the Cunningham pick! The irony is that a lot of people thought Frank Thomas was too safe of a pick and that Earl Cunningham had a much higher ceiling. It's funny to think that the White Sox got bashed for picking Frank Thomas , a lot of scouts thought he was overrated . A lot of teams blew it in that draft, the Cardinals picked a guy named Paul Coleman right ahead of the Cubs and everybody thought he was going to a home run champion ...he was a bigger bust than Cunningham.

  • In reply to rodeosteve:

    Very true. I also remember Thomas was criticized because he didn't have a position. It turned out that his position was mashing baseballs.

  • They also took David Kelton 4 spots in front of Adam Dunn in 1998.

  • In reply to the1tab:

    Ahhh...Kelton, another one of the Cubs attempts to replace Ron Santo as the next great Cubs 3rd baseman. Tony Woods, Gary Scott, Kevin Orie, and David Kelton. Now that could be an article in it of itself!

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