A Cubs Opening Day History Lesson

The Cubs open at Wrigley tomorrow against the Pittsburgh Pirates.  The logical part of us know that it's just one game but it's still that first game.  It's the one some of us have been waiting for all winter; our first glimpse into the new season.  But is it telling?  Are opening days a window to the soul of each season or even a new era of Cubs baseball?  What does history tell us? Let's look at a sample of 10 of the most important Opening Days in Cubs history and find out...

Bonus for trivia/history buffs: Look at the 1935 picture and see if you can recognize who is sitting in the front row as Gabby Hartnett signs autographs.


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  • When was the last year the Cubs opened up at home?

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    It was 2008 when they played Milwaukee. I guess it was going to be cold either way ;)

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