my sponsors

I'm grateful for the following people helping me this year! Go check them out! They rock!


Coach Jen led the way.  I'm so grateful for her guidance!  Through the ups
and downs, the tough runs and small victories, Coach Jen put
together an awesome plan, answered every question and helped keep me on
track!   She's a great motivator and is flexible with the schedule.  No
matter how many questions I had, she took the time and answered each

She never doubted if I would be ready, even if and when I did. She is
awesome! I'm super excited to continue working with Jen this year!

Mark & Pom, have been there every step of the way.  I
remember my first trip in, telling Pam as we were walking in how
nervous I was.  I felt so out of place, but as soon as I started
talking to Mark and Pom I was at ease.  They always answered all of my questions and
have been awesome!  I am thankful for all their help!  Check out their website or give them a call...847.670.9255.


Ashley Bond (Body by Bond)

This year one of my big goals is to get stronger.  Coach Jen and I thought
it would be good to bring some extra help for some extra focus/
attention. Ashley and I met this week to talk about the goals and I have
to say I'm looking forward to working with Ashley this year!


Beth Shutt, RD, LDN, CNSD

Beth and I worked together last year, and she helped give me guidance on nutrition as I lost weight and trained for the marathon. Beth is responsive, helpful and insightful! She help was invaluable and I'm happy to be working with her again!

Healthy Performance.jpg

FRS Healthy Energy

I'm happy to announce that I'm working with FRS this year. I've been trying their products and am a fan. Especially the FRS Healthy Protein. I've been using that after my gym workouts with Ashley. It's a good source of protein (25g), good for post workouts and it's darn tasty!

Dave Wallach @paceofchicago

Dave writes Pace of Chicago. Go read it, get inspired. I did, and emailed Dave.  He took me under his wing and was my mentor.  I will
forever be grateful! When we met, I was intimidated
and scared shitless. He saw something I didn't.



I'm proud to know and call him a friend. I feel lucky to have had Dave as my wing man this past year and a half.