No-Weigh Challenge update

A couple of weeks ago I started the No-weigh challenge with Steve and invited readers to join in on the fun. The rules are simple, we weighed in on the 12th and won't or shouldn't weigh in again until November 24th! We're doing this on the honor system. So if  one of us caves and weighs in, we should fess up and admit it.

Before I share how I'm doing, I thought I'd share updates from a few other No-Weigh challengers.


In short, I'm struggling when I see the scale but I haven't weighed in. I'm surprised at what a crutch it is to dictate if I should eat better or I'm ok to splurge. My clothes are fitting ok but I'm going to be bummed if I gained. I feel like if I'm monitoring, I can stop things before they get out of control.


I miss my scale... I look at it longingly and almost stepped on it yesterday. How many more days till Thanksgiving?

Peter says...

I have been very good at not weighing myself. Just not very good at working out consistently. Oh wellYou may find it funny that the first thing my wife said when she saw my tweet about committing to the challenge was " I have been telling you to stay away from that scale for months, but you listen to a stranger on the Internet."


I think it's going okay. I did weigh in once (Nov 1), but I stopped myself from stepping on the scale several times-trying to remember it's about how I feel and how clothes fit rather than a number. I'm a large bit of a perfectionist, with all-or-nothing syndrome, and it gets me in trouble more times than I can count.  Hoping to let some of that go and start moving in the right direction.

It looks like it's going fairly well for folks! Back when we started I joked about moving the scale closer to Pam's side of the bed! It's back to where it was in our room. And I have to admit, I have come darn close to weighing in. In fact, I've had a toe on the scale. So I've come close, but haven't caved to get a number.

I think I've stayed about the same. My clothes didn't suddenly get tighter, the world didn't end, I didn't start eating McDonald's everyday again and the sun is still rising and setting. Sure, maybe I had a bad case of the shakes from withdrawal for a few days but it wasn't the end of the world. While it's been tough, I'm happy because I feel like I'm breaking my scale obsession. In theory, in three weeks, I'll see I've at least maintained if not lost some weight and not have gained.

With that, we do have three weeks to go. If anyone wants to join in, leave a comment below!

More later!



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