Carl Lewis is going to run a marathon...

Yes, Carl Lewis is going to run a marathon. In an interview recently with Rodale's David L'Heureux Carl broke the can check out the interview below.

Carl says the farthest he has run is four miles, but that's not going to stop him. "When I get to the end, I'm going to find someone who looks worse than
me and say, 'It's me and you.' And I guarantee I can outrun them."

He didn't say which marathon he's going to run though.
Carey Pinkowski, Executive Race Director for the Bank of American Chicago Marathon has put out an open invitation to Carl. Yesterday afternoon, Carey posted this picture on facebook...


Oh look Carl Lewis, there's a #CM11 bib with your name on it! What do you say?

Carey said, "There's no better event on earth for Carl to run his first marathon than the Bank of America Chicago Marathon because the race is popular with first time marathon runners (like Lewis), world-renowned for its fast, flat course and is successful in raising millions for charity each year."

Say, maybe Carl would want to run for charity. I might know of one who would welcome him with open arms!

So, Mr. Lewis, the ball is in your court...are you going to run the Bank of American Chicago Marathon on October 9th?

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