Who wants an entry to the Shamrock Shuffle?

Who wants an entry to the Shamrock Shuffle?
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I mentioned Tuesday that Bank of America, in their awesomeness, has given me an entry to give away to the SOLD OUT 2011 Shamrock Shuffle! Here's one of the last chances you have to join the 40,000 people running in the 32nd Annual Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle! And you can run it for free!

My only "stipulation", you run with heart and run for the American Heart Association's Start! Running Team.

So here's what we're going to do!  To enter to win, leave a comment below and tell my why you run with heart.
Do you run in memory of someone who had heart disease? Do you run with heart to be healthy? Do you run to honor someone who is fighting heart disease? Tell me your story of running with heart. Next Friday, I'll choose one of the entries and you'll win the free entry to the Shamrock Shuffle.
I think this is going to be fun!

This is one of the last chances you'll have to run the 2011 Shamrock Shuffle presented by Bank of America. Good luck and remember to tell me why you run with heart!


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  • Hey Dan - I enjoy running because my Dad had heart disease and also Type II diabetes. So, I run to honor him and keep myself fit and healthy. I would love to run the Shamrock Shuffle!

  • Dan,
    I run to keep my own heart healthy and try to use myself as an example in my workplace. I work in a wellness center and I can't be telling people to be physically active without doing it myself. (Also just celebrated Go Red Day at our gym a few weeks ago)
    Hypertension runs in my family and I know that I need to keep running to help maintain a healthy reading.

  • I run with heart so that I may be able to live healthier and longer. I run with heart for my relatives that have died of heart disease! I run with heart because I do not want to be another one of my family members that dies from heart disease! And like everything else I do with my heart, I run!

  • I'm already registered for the Shamrock Shuffle but just wanted to tell you how much I love your story... I started running after doing the Hustle Up the Hancock last year and my long term goal is to run the Chicago Marathon in 2012! I do it because I can and because it reminds me appreciate every breath and every step I take. Keep on keepin' on running!

  • AHHHHH it finally worked!!! I have not been able to get registered!! I run with heart because I need too!! I am currently at my highest weight and the doctor told he to change or I will be diabetic...It scares the crap out of me. I have been friends with Danny Boy for years and I am truly proud of my friend for saying he would change his life and doing it!! I am tired of saying I am going to do it...I NEED TOO!! Sham was going to be my first run and we ran into some financial issues and did not get registered in time...Please let this be the moment I change my life!! And my HEART...

  • Checking your site now and then, will have to to say I am salivating for a crack at a free entry. I usually sign up, however out of work and short of funds. One must set priorities. Thank God we can still train for free. At least until some politician brainiacs an idea of a usage tax for running on the lake path. Hopefully there not reading your blog.
    Run with heart you say! I would imagine that all the above runners run their races with heart. The trick is how long can they start with heart and sustain it. Ahhh that's where the training comes in. For some, the passion of the heart will be at the beginning with all good intentions of sustaining, but only to run out of gas and barely hanging on, only to run for another day.Then there will be the leprechaun that has trained with heart and a goal, and undoubtedly will find their pot of gold at the finish line.
    For me, I run with heart because I have a condition called PAP (pulmonary alveolar proteinosis. A weird condition that triggers your lungs to produce protein, thus filling the air sacs not allowing blood to get oxygenated.
    My lucky disposition is that I have it, looks bad on x-rays and tests, but as of date, don't exhibit the symptoms. So I plod on, running as if I never knew I had it.
    My heart goes out to the heart foundation runners. not enough credit is given. I've run along side of them in many races, and I can attest to the fact that they run with passion of the heart. lastly I would say that I indeed would have a joyful heart with an opportunity to run with your bib. I wouldn't let you down.

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