1/2 Madness recap, a new PR...

1/2 Madness recap, a new PR...

After not sleeping the night before the Chicago RnR1/2 and not sticking to the planned pacing I was determined that I would stick to the race plan for 1/2 Madness.  Well, as best as I could...I'd do my best to control what I could control.  I made a conscious effort on Saturday, my rest day, and it was fairly uneventful.  The girls and I went to a christening in Aurora, but other than that we laid low.  I hydrated well, ate according to plan and stayed off my feet as much as possible.

K helped my pick my pre race playlist for the drive to Batavia and PG helped me lay out my gear...by helping me lay out my gear I mean she'd relocate what I laid out and we played "where's daddy's stuff?"  It's a fun game!  I packed my race bag, including my lucky safety pics (I've used the same pins for every race since the Halloween Hustle last October), post race food, extra contacts and filled my Fuel Belt bottles.

I even got to bed early, about 9pm.  I got up around 3:45 to eat and get ready and got on the road at 4:30.  It took about 45 minutes to get out there so I was early.  Holy crap, it was effing cold.  I went and scoped out the start/ finish, picked up my packet, timing chip and shirt, debated on whether I should wear my new compression leggings, stretched and waited for Dave.

Dave and I haven't raced together since the Soldier Field 10!  This summer Dave has been on a quest to race 500 miles for Pathways to Hope!  Help him out and make a donation to show your support!  Finishing 1/2 Madness yesterday got him to mile 440!  Bad. Ass!

We chatted with a few runners, took in the scene and then went to warm up.  Our timing was great, we finished and got in line mere seconds before the national anthem started.  I really like smaller races, as the start goes really, really fast.

We got going and after we tackled the initial hill, we settled into a slow pace.  I checked my Garmin, checked it again and noticed we were pacing at 11:32 and I was in low zone 2!  Holy cow!  We tried to slow to a 12:00 pace and my heart rate would drop to low zone 1.  Dave and I pulled an 11:23 pace for the first mile.  I decided to keep it there, and try to slow down a bit, to conserve for the second half of the race.  We clicked off the miles with ease...mile 2 we paced at 11:29, mile 3- 11:28, mile 4- 11:34 and mile 5- 11:36 which included a bathroom break.  Wowza!

The middle of the race was fairly uneventful, we did decide we'd try to come up with a new slogan for Batavia.  I'm sure Dave will mention some, but the ones I remember are:
"Batavia- it's better than going to the dentist."
"Batavia- it's nice and shit."
"Batavia- if you find us, you'll enjoy it here."
"Batavia, Batavia, Batavia- it's so nice we said it thrice!"

We also discussed the herring lunch sign we saw...mmm herring.  Yes, it was a random day for discussions.

We clocked off mile 6 at 11:31, mile 7 was out slowest at 11:42.  We decided to take miles 8 through 10 about that pace and then hit it for the last couple.  Mile 8 we paced at 11:31, mile 9- 11:27 and mile 10- 11:38. 

On a side note, both Dave and I noted that the mileage seemed to be off a little.  About .17 miles.  Both our Garmins were hitting each mile mark before we'd hit it on the course.  Not sure what happened, if they mismeasured, or there was a satellite off target, but we were off.

We decided to pick it up and finish strong.  We had run smart, conserved and felt good.  Mile 11 we race at 11:29, mile 12 at 11:06 and 13 we ran sub 10...I clocked it at 9:59, Dave had 9:55, though he was leading the charge at this point.  We made the final turn and I felt like I was falling apart.  My legs were shaking, I started to get tunnel vision and I felt nauseous.

Funny now that it's over and I'm not injured/ could have been dangerous story.  As we crossed the finish line Dave jumped to hang on the clock, I thought that was a cool idea.  While I wasn't going to hang, I thought I'd jump to slap it.  Good idea I thought, my legs disagreed and gave out...as I was still moving at a good clip, I went down like a load of bricks.  As I went down I tried to play it off like I was diving across the line.  Graceful I am not, so I hit on my hands, right elbow and landed on my right shoulder.  I knocked the wind out of myself and almost panicked.  I was worried I was hurt.  I was ok.  Today my shoulder is a little weak and sore, but nothing major. 

Dave picked me up and showed me his Garmin...2:29:34!  A new PR, by almost 12 minutes!!!  My chip time read 2:30:30...either way, it's a new PR and I'm ecstatic!  To be able to shave that much time off since June feels effing awesome and is a HUGE confidence boost!

passed on the pizza and beer.  I was still trying to fight the nausea
and breathe again.  O opted for the Clif Bar and banana in the
car.  I headed for home and grabbed an ice bath and stretched.  My legs were sore, and still are today.  Coach Jen has me down for a rest day today, which I'm grateful for!

The weather was absolutely awesome!  Nice and cool, sunny, little wind.  The course was great!  Slightly hilly, shaded in just the right spots and around a pretty awesome city!  Nu
trition wise during the race, felt fine.  I think I've found a good plan of attack and am 99% sure I'll go with what I'm doing for the marathon.

It was a great morning followed by brunch and a craptastic afternoon.  After brunch we headed for Meijer in Rolling Meadows.  We had a flat...doh!  I dropped Pam and the girls off and drove across the street to the tire place I shall not name.  After looking at the tires, the tire shop guy and I determined we had an alignment issue.  We could have gotten away with just 2 tires, but I decided to just buy 4 and get the alignment fixed.  I was told it would be 1 to 2 hours...I dropped the car off around 2:30.  I get back there at 5:00...with K.  Pam and PG went and started getting our frozen and cold stuff.  We waited for the car until 6pm.  K was fine, PG was cranky, Pam and I were angry...my beef wasn't so much it took that long.  It's the fact we were told one time and then they blew by that, by a lot.  If I had known it would have been that long I would have put the donut on and dealt with it today, or called my FIL to pick Pam and the girls up and I would have just waited.  In hindsight I should have just done the latter.

Oh well, we made it home safe, the car is fixed and we were fine.  Over all I still give the day a thumbs up!

Today we're going to grab brunch when Pam gets back from her jog, yes her jog!  She's doing awesome!  Friday she hit the 50lb loss mark!  She's kicking ass and taking names, I'm so proud of her!!!

I've mentioned my love for my new Brooks Addiction 9s, but after yesterday, I really think I need a bigger size.  My tips of my toes are all sore, a couple are black and blue and I have a couple of blisters forming.  I could feel them rubbing the front of the shoe during the race.  So I'm going to run out to Runners High n Tri to take care of that.

Other than that, we're laying low today.  Tomorrow I get back to it, I have a 45 minute walk scheduled followed by runs on Wednesday and Thursday, and the gym on Friday.  Saturday and Sunday I have Sandwich run 2.0...3 hours Saturday night, 2 hours on Sunday.

Be on the look out later this week for a guest post from a fellow AHA marathoner!  I'm excited and you should be too!

More later!

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