a confession...

Saturday night I tweeted about dinner with Pam.  I was home with the girls, and while I had made them dinner, I chose to wait.  I was tired, and frankly had my hands full with K and PG.  Once I got them to bed, Pam was already on her way home.  I didn't feel up to cooking and neither did she...so she stopped at Taco Bell on the way home.

My first taste of fast food in seven months and I won't lie, it tasted pretty good.  But fairly shortly after eating, I got queezy.  While part of me missed the junk, my body didn't.  At all. 


You know when you feel nauseous and you just know as soon as you puke, you'll feel 100% better?  Yeah, I was there Saturday night, and I was right.  My system rejected said Taco Bell.  And I decided, no more fast food for me.  Ever.

I stumbled and I'm not making excuses.  Like this whole process, I'm learning what I can and continuing to move forward.  Some folks questioned my sanity, some were supportive and others said I'm needlessly freaking out and that moderation is ok.

Sure that's true with sweets, but not with fast food.  Not for me.  I can't do it.  If you would have told me seven months ago, my body would reject fast food, I would have laughed as I was chewing and then promptly shoved more garbage into my yapper.

Now though, I know I made the right choice to get my act together, get in shape and be healthy.  Yeah I stumbled and ate like crap, it happened and now I move on.  This stumble validated to me what I'm doing is right.  And it showed me I can't and don't want to go back to the way I was.

More later.



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  • There is nothing wrong with the occasional Taco Bell or White Castle. All in moderation. I eat healthy too and enjoy this on occasion. Taco Bell isn't the worst you could have done. Wendy's, McDonald's or Burger King are far worse.

    I think you hit on a key point though. Once you start eating well your body can't fathom the idea of eating fried crap. It really becomes easy and addictive once you consistently eat your vegetables and eat healthy.

  • There actually is nothing RIGHT about occasional Taco Bell, White Castle, McD's, etc. Sorry, but the amt of chemicals in that food WILL make you sick & unhealthy - even if only 'once in a while'. There's 46 ingredients in the chicken breast at McD's - 46! There should be 3 at most, chicken, salt, pepper. Just my opinion, & I don't want to start a war on Cubicle Dad's blog...I'm just SO glad you got that lesson down-pat now...your healthy body does not deserve to be fed icky stuff & neither does anyone else's body.

  • No war - to each their own! I just don't find that having something not as nutritionally sound is pretty meaningless in the big picture of someone who runs, works out and eats healthy 95% of the time. It's more mental that you are failing yourself than anything else.

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