forward by David Wallach

Every journey we take in life has to start with the decision to move
forward.  At times it can be an easy decision, other times the simple
act of deciding to make a change in your life can be so debilitating it
can shut a person down, drain them of hope and keep them from ever
reaching their true potential in life.

Daniel Malinski was
headed in this direction.  At 325 pounds, with a family history of
heart disease, he knew that he needed desperately to make a change, to
take a step towards a healthier life style, for himself, for his two
young daughters for his wife.

At two days old his daughter had
open heart surgery and it terrified Dan,  but not as much as deciding
to take that step.  He was moving in the wrong direction, despite
knowing what he needed to do.

Then in October, Dan read the story of Lauren Kaminsky,
and her journey through the Chicago Marathon. Dan had planned to run
the 2009 Bank of American Chicago Marathon, but didn't sign up. Lauren's story
triggered something deep inside Dan and in an instant Dan did something
he had only dreamed about doing for years, he moved forward.

Dan turned his back to the demons that had held him back for so long and  asked for help by way of a letter to Chicagonow.

"I want to grow old with my wife and I want to be around and see my girls grow up.
email you?  Well, I chickened out; I didn't register, didn't run and
now regret it.  After reading about Lauren's day, I feel inspired again

Chicago endurance rallied around Dan and showed him the direction he
needed to go.  In late October Daniel Malinski aka Cubicle Dad, made
the decision to change his life forever, he gave up everything that had
become comfortable, stopped listening to the people who said "you can't do this," and Dan began to run, forward, one step at a time.

hard months later Dan has never stopped moving forward, he is 60 pounds
lighter and has never looked back at what was, but only forward to what
can be.

Dan is running for the love of his daughters, to save
his life, to be a role mode to those who have forgotten that anything
is possible if you believe in yourself.

I invite you to travel along with Dan in this blog, on the streets of Chicago as he trains, and by donating to the American Heart Association.  He is not fast, but he knows that forward is a pace and will never take another step backwards to the life he once lived.

people know him as cubicle dad, Marathon Dan, a father, a son, a
husband, I know him as a hero, who inspires me every single day.

Enjoy The Adventures of cubicle dad.

David Wallach
The Pace of Chicago.

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  • Thanks Lauren! Group run Saturday?

  • Yes indeed! Name the time and place.

  • In reply to LittleRunner:

    Saturday, 9:30am...lake front?

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