2015 Chicago Cubs Lineup Projections and Carlos Zambrano's Broken English

2015 Chicago Cubs Lineup Projections and Carlos Zambrano's Broken English

Putting it bluntly, the Cub's  major league club is bad. In fact, former Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano said it best a few years back with this gem of a quote "We Stinks!" ( You can see the video below.)

With the Cubs chances of being competitive in 2014 looking bleak as well,  let's look at 2015. Keep in mind, this is a rough idea of what the Cubs could look like. Many things can and will happen within the next year. I  will do position players today and pitcher staff  tomorrow.

2015 Projected Linup

CF Albert Almora
SS Starlin Castro
1B Anthony Rizzo
3B Kris Bryant
2B Javier Baez
RF Jorge Soler
LF Junior Lake
C  Wellington Castillo

That lineup is scary. The infield has the potential to hit for a lot of power.

It is important to understand that inevitably, not all these prospects are going to be superstars.  Even in the the event that a couple of these prospects are complete busts, the Cubs would then supplement any holes via the free agent market. Theo has said multiple times that the front office is open to spending on free agents when the time frame makes sense.

Another thing to consider are second tier prospects not mentioned.

Mike Olt
Arismendy Alcantara
Dan Vogelback
Brett Jackson
Christian Villanueva
Jeimer Candelario
Matt Szczur

Hopefully in a couple of years the Chicago Cubs will garner more attention than the Boise Hawks or Tennessee Smokies. The future is bright.


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  • Notable here is that the only 3 returning are Rizzo, Castro, and Castillo, and Castro could be trade bait if he doesn't improve, and Castillo seems more like a back up. Junior Lake has only a cup of coffee in the majors. So, unless there is quick development, this doesn't indicate much.

  • In reply to jack:

    Many seem very dismissive of Castillo. Defensive is where Castillo's value lies. He had a top 3 defensive war among all MLB catchers. Offensively he is growing. The cub's front office is very high on him.

  • He didn't look "like a back up" to me. He wasn't a superstar, but he sure played & hit consistently better than most on that team. I think he'll get even better.

  • I will say by July, Cubs fans will wan to see Vogelbach take over first base........

    2015 lineup looks good....but Bryant will be in RF......and Lake may be traded by then.

  • You know what's scary about that lineup? The 1, 4, 5, & 6 hitters are all at or near rookie level. Hard to win with 4 rooks in your starting line up. Not a whole lot of precedent for that. The pitching needs to be lights out.

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    Cubs will not trade castro. ...he's one of the better shortstops in the game at 22-23 years old...why the hell would u want to trade him...get off the crack....Vogelbach? WHAT? ..No thanks Rizzo is just fine....anyone on here know what there talking about?..Trade Junior Lake? ...you're nutz...why would we get rid of Lake?.. I say play him everyday....why do you think trading our young players before they have a chance to fully develop and mature at this level is the thing to do...who the F you gonna replace him with? And why can't 4 rookies in the starting lineup be successful. ...4 players in the MLB top 15 prospects I think could do very well...yes there's a learning curve but when you got players at that caliber ...they'll do just fine...they been playing this sport their whole life.. ..and you think trading them is the thing to do...not everybody starts out like Trout .....ok? Give these kids a chance... you DONT trade young prospects..especially before they even got a full season under their belt....everyones lack of common sense on here is pissing me off... VOGELBACH? wow...Rizzo had over 20 homers through July and you say Vogelbach. . that would probably be a very stupid thing to do.......good thing your not the GM....we will be drastically better in 2015..(without having to trade our future stars...because there not hitting .400 with 60 home runs their first season) Really? trade them ...??? Get a clue...and we will be dominant in 2016 and for several years after....and one more time how old is Castro and he has over 800 hits already....so you want to trade him......ya that makes a lot of sense. ...stupid

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    As of now Bryant expecting to stay in AAA at the beginning of 2015 ....so how do you get that he will be in RF then...where do you get your info?..you may want to find a new source...just saying..so you don't sound like you have no idea what your talking about....it's a possibility he could start in 2015 as a 3rd baseman OR an outfielder ....but as of now in 2015 he will be the starting 3rd baseman for AAA..He's 6'6" which may put him as the tallest MLB 3rd baseman ever but that doesn't matter.. He plays excellent defense at 3rd..that's a fact jack....try looking at mlb.com or cubs.com to get your facts and quit going to makingstuffupinmyhead.com... don't get your own opinions mixed up with what's really going on....you will sound a little smarter maybe if you just stick to the facts and quit making shit up......Vogelbach to replace Rizzo? Trade Castro? Trade Lake? Some of the stupidest shit I'v ever heard....how bout we let our prospects become MLB players as Cubs so we can dominate in the near future...and for you Vogelbach fans expect him in the outfield if he is still a cub by 2016....Rizzo not going anywhere so Vogelbach won't be the 1st baseman sorry.... Sheirholtz..Valbuena..Olt....... Ruggiano...not in cubs near future...Castro..Lake. .Baez..Bryant..Rizzo. .Almora..Soler..Russell. ..are the future of the cubs...you don't trade prospects when you are rebuilding ..... why would you?that is gonna be one badass lineup in a couple years...everyone needs to be excited with what's to come and stop talking about trading our future stars....who would you want on your team instead of 20 to 23 year old top prospects that we have coming up....Please someone tell me why you think we need to trade our young players when they are in their development stages...give them a couple years and we just might go 162-0....ok..ok...we might lose 10...haha. ..Go Cubs

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    Sorry so harsh...must've been a bad day...idk?....but seasons over now and I pretty much feel the same way...except Bryant may be the starting 3rd baseman(or outfield) for MLB cubs in 2015. Our starting pitching seems alright ...Arrieta, Hendricks both looked like they could do well...Wada too.... Also I think Travis Wood will make a run for comeback player of the year in '15 (he just didn't do well because he didn't want to be traded like Samarjiza did.... haha) also we'll probably add a no.1 starter this winter.....Lester? Sherzer maybe?

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