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News roundup: Metra vs. CTA at Sox Park; CDOT seeks input for South Side transit study

In other news: Architect’s rendering of new Metra station at 35th Street and the Dan Ryan on the Rock Island line. Metra’s Opening Day for Sox Park station. Metra this week opened its newest station at 35th Street, just east of the Dan Ryan Expressway and White Sox park. Since Metra and the CTA are... Read more »

St. Patrick's Day CTA antics -- a runup to baseball badness?

I’m really not anti-St. Patrick’s Day. Really, despite what you may have read here. In fact I’m 100% Irish-American, a direct descendant of four grandparents whose families all were natives of Ireland. I have marched in St Paddy’s Day parades as a kid, I’ve been known to drink Jameson on and around March 17 (though... Read more »

A Red Line study in contrasts: Bible reader and imbibers enroute to Sox Park

On the super-crowded, delayed Red Line train en route to the Sox game Saturday, we saw a study in contrasts. A 40-year-old guy studies the book of Leviticus in the Bible. While a few feet away, two 20-somethings imbibe Miller Lite tall boys encased in brown paper bags. Next to them, a mom and teenage... Read more »