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Red/Purple Line vision study comments show wide variety of ideas

So I was poking around the CTA website recently, looking for post ideas. I came across a huge Excel file with hundreds of public comments from the North Red and Purple Line Vision Study. Fascinating stuff. You can download it here. (Flickr photo by I attended the first visioning session late last November. They... Read more »

The Onion details rail stations that Chicago could do without

Last week I wrote about the CTA visioning sessions on the north end of the Red Line and the Purple Line. We were asked to give our thoughts on what those lines should look like in 10 or 20 years. Well, The Onion’s A.V. Club has its own ideas about that: 5 CTA stations the... Read more »

CTA packs vision sessions with info, solicits ideas on future of Red, Purple lines

I admit, I was skeptical of the format for the “vision sessions” on the Red and Purple lines — an open house rather than giving formal presentations. But it works. And I urge those of you who live north of the Addison and use the Red and/or Purple lines to attend the three other sessions... Read more »

Coke "incentivises" London Tube musicians, asks them to play jingle

Coca-Cola has signed a deal with the London Underground to sponsor 33 mini-stages for performers. Coke will provide singers and musicians with sheet music and CDs in hopes they will sing the company’s “Holidays Are Coming” jingle. But not all “buskers” are buying into the idea. “Not in a million years will I play some... Read more »

Share your vision for the Red and Purple Lines with the CTA

The CTA next month will sponsor four open houses for riders to share their ideas for future improvements for the Red Line north from Addison to Linden on the Purple Line. The CTA is looking for the public to provide feedback and input on existing conditions and issues facing the two lines. Wow! I’m thinking... Read more »