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Apply to help CTA test the new Ventra app

The CTA is looking for a few good testers to put its soon-to-be-released Ventra app through its paces. Apply here. And read about what the app will look like. I think the CTA has learned its lesson on mandating thorough testing after the botched Ventra card rollout ————————— If you like this post, please like my... Read more »

Reapply by Sept. 30 for RTA free ride permit for disabled

The Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) is reporting that 10,500 persons with disabilities have yet to renew their free ride permits. They have until Sept. 30 to apply for the State of Illinois Benefit Access Program (BAP), which will qualify them for the free ride permits. Also, senior citizens have until Nov. 30 to renew their Senior Free Ride... Read more »

CTA Ventra card: Anatomy of a botched rollout

Tuesday, July 1, marks the day when only Ventra cards will be accepted for fare payments on the CTA – except buses, where cash payments still will be allowed. It has taken almost a year to roll out this new RFID contactless payment system. And quite a botched rollout it has been. Let’s review what... Read more »

The end is near for old CTA fare cards; Ventra is the way

It’s starting to get real. The CTA Ventra card transition, that is. Starting today, you can no longer use your trusty old Chicago Card/Chicago Card plus. And if you bought a magnetic stripe card to get you through for just this occasion, I hope you loaded it with lots of cash, because also beginning today... Read more »

Snarky - and irate - CTA riders hijack #AskVentra Twitter chat

Be careful what you ask for. Perhaps the folks behind Ventra’s Twitter feed should have taken those six simple words into account when they announced an #AskVentra hour on Twitter, where they would answer all Ventra questions posed them. Except, many of the questions were not Ventra-related. How does it feel to be less popular... Read more »

CTA responds on "insufficient funds" message from Ventra card reader

In my post from Monday (CTA bus driver explains why he must ask for cash fare after 2 Ventra fails), I started out by noting that “there are two sides to every story.” Now the CTA has asked me to give their side of the story: The Ventra reader screens were upgraded earlier this year... Read more »

CTA bus driver explains why he must ask for cash fare after 2 Ventra fails

There are two sides to every story, of course. In a post last week about the switch to Ventra, Cheryl commented that “now the bus drivers are started to ask people to pay cash if they can’t get their Ventra cards to work.” A CTA bus driver replied to the comment, and I wanted you... Read more »

First CTA Ventra card transition deadline looms on May 1

All of you Ventra holdouts now have just over a week to load up buy your magnetic stripe cards or load value on your Chicago Cards. That’s because on May 1, you won’t be able to do so. That’s the first big Ventra transition date. On May 1: CTA customers will no longer be able... Read more »

Balance transfer events aim to ease transition to CTA Ventra card

We’re now just one month away from May 1, the first Ventra transition deadline when riders can no longer buy magnetic stripe cards or autoload/reload their Chicago Card/Chicago Card Plus. The two other critical transition dates are: June 1: Customers can no longer reload magnetic stripe cards or use Chicago Card/Chicago Card Plus July 1:... Read more »

The final transition begins: CTA to accept Ventra cards only by July 1

CTA riders have three-and-a-half months to get a Ventra card and begin using it. The CTA announced Friday that on July 1 only Ventra cards will be accepted for fare payment. Of course, bus riders will still be able to pay with cash, but forget about the magnetic stripe cards and the Chicago Cards. Here’s... Read more »